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Buying Guide for Bathroom Suites

A Complete Buying Guide for Bathroom Suites – Tips and Advices

A synchronized bathroom suite is a comprehensive solution for most buyers; especially if you are not a professional architect or an interior designer. A suite is an integrated set of bath, basin and a water closet that saves you the painful task of tackling each bathroom component separately. Built in themes instil a sense of uniformity and make the suite a convenient and economical option leaving you happy with your decision.

21 Top Food Bloggers

Kitchen Sink Buying Guide By 21 Top Food Bloggers

In today’s fast changing environment, to stay competitive manufacturers need to work closely with users and their feedback is vital to product change and improvement. As we know, all kitchen activity revolves around the sink and those who handle food on a daily basis are the most closely connected to this product. QS Supplies are one of the leading retailers of high quality bathroom and kitchen products. We compiled a list of questions for the best food bloggers from around the globe and asked them to share their feedback on kitchen sinks.

Bathroom Inspiration

QS Supplies Customers Reviews & Feedback - Bathroom Inspiration Ideas

We are overwhelmed by the reviews we receive from our customers daily. Some of them have been generous enough to share pictures with us, giving us a view of how they decorated their bathrooms, kitchens and homes with products purchased from QS Supplies.

History Of Toilet

From History to Evolution of Toilet

Toilets have evolved from holes in the ground to high-tech self-sanitizing entities of modern times. Although this evolution is yet to reach the developing world and poorer parts of the globe, however, most of the first world now has little to complain when they visit the toilet to take care of their daily business. The facilities we enjoy today are largely due to the efforts of engineers, innovators, independent thinkers whose efforts have benefitted all. Present-day toilets and toilet paper are a multi-billion-dollar industry, catering to the whimsical needs of the paying consumers.

Bathroom Help Center

Bathroom Help Center

Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used rooms in the home – and one of the most complex. When designing a bathroom, there are a lot of different components for homeowners to think about, many of which have several different options. It isn’t enough to simply know whether or not a basin tap is needed; the homeowner also needs to know what size the tap should be, what its configuration is, and how it should be installed.

Building & Plumbing Materials Glossary

Building & Plumbing Material's Glossary

This Help Center is designed with the homeowner who needs to understand the basic terminology for the Building & Plumbing Materials. Here, the homeowner can take a look at different components of the Building & Plumbing Materials, from suited fixtures to various types of building materials and get a description of the item and how it pertains.

Innovative Tiles Inspirations

2017 Innovative Tiles Trends & Inspiration

Recent Innovations in tiles design are taking the interior design space by storm. Designers are going all out with their creative ideas and experimenting with designs and styles which were unheard of earlier. Taking inspiration from art and life, these geometric and fluid carvings define the tiles of today, all set to grace your interiors and exteriors. Technical advances in the tiling industry have started a new era that promotes and promises impressive designs which are visual treats.

Taps For Visually Impaired - The BRL Project

Taps For Visually Impaired - The Braille Project

Innovative ideas enable not just new product design but also masterful creations that enhance the quality of life of the users. In the bathroom industry, there is a multitude of products for users with special needs, the emphasis being on safety and well-being. At QS supplies our design team has a focus on bigger and better ideas. Hence, the team has partnered with one of our suppliers to come up with special tap designs that will allow the visually impaired to gain a better bathroom experience. Apart from convenience, these inscriptions ensure users are safe from possible scalding accidents.

Under floor heating invented by Romans

Under floor heating invented by Romans

The earliest known record of an underfloor heating system was in ancient Rome. The Romans built this heating system called hypocaust for heat distribution. It was the forerunner of the present day heating systems and ahead of its time.

Conceptual Wooden Shower Basins Taps

8 Stunning Designs That Will Take Bathrooms Back to Nature

Wood has been the construction material of choice since ancient times, with extensive use in the manufacture of homes, boats and even pipes. It was considered economical harakiri to blend wood and moisture, and hence its use in kitchens and bathrooms was limited to vanities and shelving. The rustic charm of wood is irresistible, and it creates warmth and texture and an unmatched look wherever it is used. Wood brings in the sense of all that is earthy and natural and is a welcome departure from our PVC filled spaces.

Public Toilets around the World - Toilet Types - Local Names & Charges

Public Toilets around the World - Toilet Types - Local Names & Charges

Having experienced the upsides and downsides of using Public toilets at different destinations, we have put together a toilet guide which every traveller can use. The guide includes an Interactive Map, which can help you identify the local names for the Toilet, along with Public Toilet Charges. Sometimes toilets in different countries may be free in shopping malls, food chains or in a particular city while in others they may carry a small fee for use.

55 Blue Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

55 Blue Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

Innovative design, excellent functionality, good ergonomics and ease of use are what make the ideal tap. Exploring new innovative ideas is always on our agenda at QS Supplies. Having in the past come up with some brilliant bathroom concepts, QS Supplies take it a bit further this time around. Our design experts have collaborated with Beo Bathrooms and created taps that will enhance your homes in future and personalize the user experience.

Design Your Custom Tap with Your Name Engraved

Design Your Custom Tap with Your Name Engraved

Innovative design, excellent functionality, good ergonomics and ease of use are what make the ideal tap. Exploring new innovative ideas is always on our agenda at QS Supplies. Having in the past come up with some brilliant bathroom concepts, QS Supplies take it a bit further this time around. Our design experts have collaborated with Beo Bathrooms and created taps that will enhance your homes in future and personalize the user experience.

79 Green Bathrooms Design Ideas

79 Green Bathrooms Design Ideas

In December last year, Pantone Color Institute declared Greenery as “Color of the Year” 2017. Greenery is a zesty yellow-green shade that is symbolic of nature in all its glory. Fresh, real, alive and lush! Colour manufacturers and designers make inspired choices from nature’s palette and the popular sentiment of the masses. When we crave unity with nature but can’t get to the forest, then do the next best thing; bring the forest home.

History Of Heating

History Of Heating Timeline

Most modern-day conveniences are often taken for granted without giving thought to the inspirations, sweat, blood, hours of toil that went into building these wonder gadgets before they evolved to their modern-day formats. Heating today has become as simple a process as flipping a switch, setting the temperature and enjoying the benefits of a warm, welcoming ambience. But things weren’t as easy for our forefathers who braved and battled winters with whatever was available to them. It has been a long journey of continuous human endeavour that has made heating so reliable and easily accessible to everyone.

Concept Taps

Concept Taps by QS Supplies

Innovation and technical excellence are the driving forces in every business and key to staying alive in a highly competitive environment. Plenty of research is carried out by manufacturers to create products that are brilliant in every aspect and also easily recognizable amongst users. QS Supplies is the largest independent retailer of bathroom products across UK and Ireland and have come up with some smart and future-ready tap concepts that have the right blend of ingredients to create a storm in the taps market.

Colours Of 2017

Colour of The Year 2017 - By Top 100 Interior Designers!!!

The season began with a good deal of anticipation about the Colour that will wear the crown this year and adorn our homes and interiors. Pantone has already announced Greenery 15-0343, a refreshing new shade, symbolic of new beginnings as their choice. Dulux declared Denim Drift, a timeless and versatile grey-blue tint, as their Numero Uno choice. Sherwin Williams went with the timeless, classic Poised Taupe, while Shadow—a rich, royal amethyst was Benjamin Moore’s selection and Farrow & Ball named Peignoir, a dreamy, hazy grey-pink, as their favorite hue this year.

Weird Bathrooms

37 Weird & Strange Bathrooms

It is common knowledge that on average a person visits the toilet 2500 times a year or about 6-8 times a day. That’s an unbelievable 3 long years in an average human lifetime, spent in the toilet. And just like all other life experiences, bathroom experiences may be good or bad or in some cases unusual.

Take A Quiz

Images or pictures infuse life into any website which otherwise would be dull and boring. Images and text are used to generate and hold the interest of users visiting a website and possibly bringing them back for more. Pictures enhance the digital experience; users love to experience rather than simply browse and read.

Animals And Their Dropping!

Unlike other bodily processes, “pooping” is rarely written about or discussed, except some discrete mentions in funny anecdotes. However, the reality is that all humans and animals both poop; while humans use a set-up called as the toilet, animals follow natural instincts and use the great wilderness. While human excreta ends up in sewages, animal poop seems to simply vanish off the earth.

Radiators as Works of art!!

A bathroom is a perfect platform to showcase your designer and innovative skills and go beyond ordinary or limited. QS Supplies are popular for their trendy, futuristic, designs concepts and have in the past come up with iconic ideas like the Barrel Basin and the Chandelier Shower. With these radiator concepts, the goal was to create a future-ready appliance that can make full use of its designer potential in any setting, domestic or commercial while performing its basic function of warming up a room.

Awesome & Functional Flush Plates

Flush plates are tiny accessories that complete a toilet flushing system and sometimes are the only visible element in a concealed sanitary system. The flush plate needs to be an ideal combination of looks and functionality. It is equally important that you are able to choose from a variety of different designs, finishes, innovative features, and budgets.

Where Does All The Poop Go?

Why is it necessary to treat sewage or waste water? Untreated waste water can have an adverse effect on the environment. Its effects range from chronic ecosystem damage due to oxygen depletion to diseases through water-borne germs that mix with the water. Large sewage solids can also smother river beds or pose a risk to marine animals that may ingest it. This is how wastewater is treated before being released back to rivers and oceans.

History Of Plumbing Timeline

You use your bathroom every day, but have you ever thought about where all this plumbing hardware started out? If you’re like most of us and take running water and toilets for granted, you might be surprised to know that plumbing has a very long and interesting history…

17 Top Interior Designers Share Their Views on Futuristic Bathrooms

The Bathroom industry has come a long way, and modern-day bathrooms have transformed into masterpieces that tell the story of this growth. What about tomorrow? Is your bathroom future ready?

Poop Calculator

Welcome to our Poop-Calculator—a fun way of creating awareness of how our daily habits affect our environment. It helps put in perspective that using paper, such as toilet paper has a direct impact on number of trees felled.

Conceptual Designs by QS Supplies

As one of the leading bathroom retailers in the UK, QS Supplies continues to innovate and improvise on ideas for bathroom products that they previously presented while also adding to their futuristic bathroom design bank.

Toilet Training for Childrens with ASD

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and autism are disorders of the brain caused during the development stage. In these disorders, children typically experience...

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