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Air-infusion Technologies And Their Advantages

Published on: 12/07/2023
Last Updated: 12/07/2023
Air-infusion Technologies And Their Advantages

In simple words, the introduction of air into the showering water is referred to as Air-infusion. Air infusion technology is commonly found in showerheads or shower fittings which is geared towards enhancing the showering experience. Showerheads or fittings with air infusion technologies have specialized mechanisms which mix air with water to create the desired effect without the need for any additional fittings.

Fixed or Handheld Showerheads, Rain Showerheads, or Shower towers, and even taps feature air infusion technology in specific models for an invigorating showering experience. If you're looking to upgrade to a model with this feature or looking for specifically one which incorporates this technology, then you need to check the product specifications or consult with one of our staff who will guide you to all the brands and models which come with this feature.

How this works:

How this works

At a fundamental level, this technology mixes air with water to create larger, fuller water droplets that enhance your showering experience with the use of less water, making it perfect for those looking for water-saving functionality. With this process, there is no need to look for other ways for water conservation such as cutting short on longer showers, that may take away from your experience.

Under this mechanism, the water flowing into the showerhead creates a suction effect that draws in air which mixes with the incoming water flow. This air-infused water then flows out from the showerhead as droplets instead of a full stream. These air-filled droplets are lighter and softer than regular water droplets. So, they feel light and silky on the skin and give you a wondrous, spa-like feeling when showering. Besides, it brings peace of mind that despite the lengths and refreshing showers, you use less water. There is also minimal splashing, and therefore, there is no wasting of water too.

Factors Which Impact Efficient Working of these shower fittings

Several factors may have an impact on the performance of air infusion technology in showers, such as:

Water Pressure

Water Pressure:
Your home's water pressure is a key factor that determines the efficient working of most fittings, including how well any feature or technology works. High water pressure systems will see a more efficient mixing of air and water, giving more power to the outflow from the shower. This mechanism may be less pronounced or all-together not possible in low-pressure systems. Manufacturers will specify if the particular fitting would need high water pressure for optimal performance.

Water Quality

Water Quality:
The quality of the water supply is important. Hard water has a high mineral content and can result in mineral buildup or clog the shower head. This can cause the showerhead to become less efficient over time. Therefore, cleaning and regular maintenance is needed to stop any such problems from happening.

Shower head Design

Shower head Design:
Just how well the model will mix air into the water will be decided primarily by its design. The placement and arrangement of nozzles can significantly impact the air infusion mechanism. Most manufacturers will design Showerheads with specialized nozzles or chambers to bring you the best results.

Air-to-Water Ratio

Air-to-Water Ratio:
How much air infuses into the flow is determined by the all-important factor which is the showerhead design. The more the air the lighter the flow with almost no-splashes. Some models may allow you to control this ratio through a switch mechanism to get a customized outflow.

Size and Shape

Size and Shape:
Variable shapes and sizes may create various outcomes as they distribute air and water in their own unique way. So also, each may provide unique water patterns and sensations on the body. Fittings are available in large sizes and with multiple spray settings that will infuse the air in different ways than smaller or single-mode heads.

Brands and their unique technologies

By developing and implementing such innovative technologies, manufacturers are giving the customer more value for their money. They are also going the extra mile to contribute to worldwide water and energy conservation efforts. As the scarcity of water and energy stares at the world very soon, it is critical to adopt such technologies to judiciously use our resources.

AirPlus from Villeroy & Boch

AirPlus from Villeroy & Boch

AirPlus technology from Villeroy & Boch brings you a smoother, lighter, water saving flow by mixing air with water. The small air bubbles become full of air to give you economical showers which are equally satisfying. Villeroy and Boch use AirPlus in its brassware and showerheads to enhance your pleasure of use while lowering your bills by reducing your consumption of water. Saving water is good for the environment and good for your wallet.

In taps, AirPlus draws air into the water stream, creating a bubbly and aerated flow. The introduction of air bubbles into the water stream improves the flow quality as well as brings water savings. As air mixes with the water, the flow gets fuller, giving the user a satisfying experience while reducing the use of water. Moreover, the dense, bubbly stream has almost no splashes, so it won't create a mess or waste precious water at the sink. The soft flow feels gentle on the hands when washing or rinsing. When used together with other water-saving technologies such as the flow-limiting AquaSmart, you can easily save up to 60% water per tap without sacrificing comfort.

Mira Airboost

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Mira Airboost, the patented technology used by the brand in their Electric showers works by introducing air into the water stream, boosting the speed of water which flows out. Air dissolved in water creates a more powerful flow, with larger droplets. The "aeration" also gives a softening of the water droplets or gives a mist-like effect, thereby enhancing the shower experience. All you need to do is press the button to get the flow of water up by 30% creating a fuller flow without the use of any extra water.

Air boost thus enables a satisfying, full shower by injecting air into the water stream just before it exits the shower head, giving a voluminous and aerated spray. Mira Air Boost technology is a boon for households and areas with low water pressure, as it can impressively enhance the flow even when the incoming water is lacking in pressure.

The Mira Airboost feature is available on a variety of Mira electric showers, including the Mira Sport Max, Mira Jump, and Mira Bliss. You can also add it to existing Mira electric showers as an optional accessory.

Air Burst by Burlington

Air Burst by Burlington

Burlington is yet another brand that uses the concept of mixing air with water in its Airburst Shower Heads. As air incorporates into the water, the pressure of the water in the shower head rises. It then expels the water out with a powerful output but with a 33% percent water saving.

The Airburst feature improves the water by making it larger, softer, and more luxurious as it flows out by mixing air. In this technique, the air is injected into the water stream just before it exits the shower head, so it creates a larger, aerated spray. The outcome is a shower that gently refreshes and uses just enough water. There are other benefits too with the Airburst shower head. It's far more advanced than a traditional shower head, so it gives you all the benefits of one but with lower water bills. The Airburst feature generates a flow so smooth and full that your skin and hair will love its feeling. The aeration provides a gentle massage on the skin and helps to detangle your hair too. In short, your daily showers won't be the same again with the Airburst shower head.

Croydex Aqua Air

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This water-saving technology mixes air with water that improves your showering manyfold. A small vent in the head sucks in the air, which is then mixed with the water as it enters the showerhead. The resulting droplets are larger as they are infused with air, and are also soft in feeling giving you a pleasing sensation upon touch. In addition to being more comfortable, Croydex Aqua Air showers use far less water than conventional shower head models.

Not only are these water-saving wonders excellent for your pocket but also are great for the earth. Croydex Aqua Air shower heads are available in a variety of styles and features, so you can get one that fits your budget and decor. Different designs and spray settings, allow you to customize your shower experience. These shower heads also have other features that work in tandem to give you pleasurable showering. This technology is compatible with most showerheads.

Air-Mix Rainshower by Flova

Air-Mix Rainshower by Flova

The Air-Mix rainshower by Flova is an advanced and innovative showerhead design. Oxygen-enriched rain shower and waterfall laminar flow technology have been designed with the mechanics to take the showering experience to the next level. It not only gives you the benefits of a rain shower and waterfall effect but also saves water by introducing air into the flow.

The rain showers mimic rainfall while an oxygen-enriched water flow adds to the experience. The air-filled water droplets mean that the resulting spray feels softer and more invigorating to rejuvenate and revive. Waterfall laminar flow technology provides a steady, unbroken stream of water that gives an uninterrupted flow under steady water pressure.

The combination of oxygen-enriched rainshower and waterfall laminar flow technology creates a powerful water flow rate that can give you a massage-like therapeutic experience under the shower. It also helps relieve stress and relax the body. The top spray of a modern open-installed shower head adopts the oxygen-enriched rain shower and waterfall laminar flow technology, to give you a water flow pressure that can work like a real massage.

Which ones are the best?

Technology that mixes oxygen or air with water has been incorporated into the design by various brands and each model and manufacturer will give you a different efficiency level. The addition of air to a fluid or water flow can affect and alter the water flow rate in many ways. It can disrupt the flow if the bubbles grow in number and the air ratio is higher than the water, impacting the velocity and pressure of the flow. Further research in this field is ongoing but presents a game-changing possibility for boosting or reducing water flow through fittings such as taps or showers. Such innovations means that there's no need to compromise on the enjoyment and relaxing benefits of showers, just because you're trying to save water.

Leading brands are looking to use such advanced technology to their advantage. Their ultimate aim is to enhance the performance of their products by use of more than one feature for user benefit. Of course these will cost more compared to a standard fitting, but in the long run, will prove to be an important water and money-saving tool. Reviews from customers and past users may be used as a helpful guide to decide on the desired output you need and narrow in on the best model to buy.

Kylie Wall

Kylie Wall
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