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Plumbing Articles

"Plumbing"- the word represents not just pipes and valves but speaks of the persistence of humankind in achieving hygiene and convenience. Plumbing has evolved over the years and has a glorious past, starting with the ancient aqueducts of Rome. Our series of blogs covers the incredible history of plumbing, the evolution of home and commercial water systems, and everything in between. We'll explore the technological innovations that have transformed plumbing from a basic necessity to one of efficiency, comfort, and sustainability.

Through the blog, we help simplify the basic terminology for the technologies, products and tools used in the bathroom. We discuss the materials and components that make up modern plumbing and the tools that are needed for installation, repair and maintenance. Anyone, whether a professional plumber or a homeowner, can benefit from this section of our blog. It's so much more than just about the water circulating through your homes and bathrooms.