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Instant Boiling Water Taps

Boiling Kitchen Taps are a reality and spell the most recent revolution in kitchen tap design. The new kitchen innovations employ the latest technical knowledge to dispense boiling water at about 98 degrees Celsius. These taps take away the hassle of separate boiling, saving you hours in the kitchen, and are highly safe to use. You can purchase these taps from our store in modern, attractive designs and finishes that keep your kitchen decor stylish while giving you the benefits of their unmatched functionality. These taps don't use much energy and provide outstanding results in boiling water. Generally used with a tank that stores water and certain accessories such as filters, these innovations are ideal for instant hot or boiling water.

Our range of Boiling Kitchen Taps includes brands such as Bristan, Rangemaster, and Grohe. You can enjoy the benefits of these innovative taps from £250 and the choices of finishes from silk-steel to rose gold. Most options in our range include water filters that offer an extended use. Unlike Kitchen Mixer Taps, these taps allow you to make yourself that cup of coffee or tea immediately, which is especially useful for hard water.

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Hot Water Tap Reviews

From: Garry
Four months after installation, the boiler thermostat failed, and the internal temperature reached 103 degrees centigrade. Hot steam and boiling water were ejected under pressure from the tap, which all seemed pretty dangerous. QS Supplies, the retailer and Sterling, the manufacturer, have been very good and replaced the boiler under warranty (though I have to fit it myself.) I do wonder, though, why the boiler can be allowed to fail in this way. I dread to think what might have happened if I hadn't been present when it failed. I would expect it to have some failsafe to prevent overheating. My confidence in the product (and the replacement boiler has been severely dented. The tap itself otherwise works well, and if it weren't for the boiler issue, I would have given it 5 stars.
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From: raza
Prompt delivery, Packaged well and secure. Easy to fit. All instructions are self-explanatory. Great product. Looks sturdy and it works exactly the way it should. No issues 6 months on. Would definitely recommend the product. Would definitely recommend QS Supplies. No issues here. Got my vote.
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Instant Hot Water Tap FAQs

  • Do Boiling Water Taps Need a Hot Water Supply, and are they worth the cost?

    No, they work from a cold water supply. These taps save water and energy as the instant flow of boiling water uses less energy. As it comes straight from the tap, you can be far more accurate with how much boiling water you want.

  • What is a 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 boiling tap?

    Different manufacturers offer different features in their 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 Taps. But a few standard features a 3-in-1 tap includes are instant hot water between 700C to 980C and regular hot and cold water, temperature adjustment settings and an anti-scalding feature. While a 4-in-1 tap offers regular hot and cold water, instant hot water between 700C to 980C and filtered cold water, and a temperature adjustment setting controller with digital display and anti-scalding features. But all of these features may vary, depending on the tap brand you select.

  • Does a boiling water tap cost a lot to run, and should you turn it off during the night?

    Hot taps cost about 5.27p per day and a total of 37p per week (prices may differ due to rising energy costs), which is almost the same as a kettle, and yes, you can turn it off during the night as it would prevent heat loss and help conserve energy. It would also help to improve the overall efficiency of the tap.

  • Which instant hot water tap is best, and what to look for when buying a new one?

    InSinkErator 3N1 and the Grohe Red Duo. Get these at a competitive rate from our store. Tank Size, Temperature and filtered water options are things to look out for when buying a new hot water tap. Tank size - a larger tank allows you to use the hot water more often. Read our guide on 5 Reasons To Buy An Instant Boiling Water Tap.

  • Can You Install a Ceramic or a Granite Sink with a Boiling Water Tap?

    Yes, both ceramic and granite sinks can be used with boiling water taps which dispense water at 980C as both these materials can withstand much higher temperatures.

  • Do Boiling Taps Need Electricity, and how long does it take to heat up?

    The water from a boiling water tap comes from a tank where the water is heated by electricity. The tank needs an electrical connection.

    It depends on the model's wattage and capacity, and it usually takes 8 to 15 minutes to heat up.