Grab Bars

Visiting the toilet can pose a problem for elderly and disabled people due to restricted mobility. The bathtub, toilet seat, enclosures can all be problematic areas for older or disabled people to use. Shower stalls, with their low edging that has to be navigated, can be extremely dangerous when wet and slippery. Sitting and standing up on the toilet seat as well as getting in and out of the bathtub are all difficult. Here, we have displayed a range of Grab Bars to assist the elderly or children for easy movement in the bath area.




Benefits of Grab Bars

  • When held, they provide balance for those who are unsteady on their feet while bathing or using the toilet
  • Eliminating the dangers of slipping on the wet floor, by providing something to hold on to if the person begins to slip
  • They help significantly to reduce the dangers of accidents in the bathroom

Important things to consider when purchasing these items. Bathrooms are damp, so choose a material that will not rust, such as stainless steel or brass, or some other durable, rust-resistant material. Make sure to buy the right size bar for the area where it is to be used, and if standard sizes don’t suit your specific needs, then consider having them custom-made. Weight rating is important when purchasing these bars, which should be able to take the weight of at least 250 pounds with ease. Help to make life easier and safer for your loved ones, by having grab bars installed in the bathrooms in your home.

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