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Walk-in Baths

Walk-in Baths are designed for the elderly, less-able or people with mobility issues. Also known as accessible baths, they simplify the daily routine for the less-able-bodied populations. Not only do they bring back the ease of bathing, but they also feature a number of safety and comfort features. Typically, these tubs showcase some key features that make them more user-friendly as compared to regular models. We recognise that getting in or out of an ordinary bath isn't simple for the elderly or less physically able. Knowing this, we have curated our collection of baths that offer easy access and low thresholds with no obstacles. These special needs users can now enjoy the freedom of an independent bathing routine all over again within our high-quality, minimalistic walk-in units. Ease of use isn't their only claim to fame; these also bring a feel of luxury bathing.

Our range of walk-in baths comes as Standard baths with single-ended designs, Shower baths, Small baths and Back-to-Wall baths. At our online store, we have displayed a fabulous range of reputed brands such as Trojan. Products displayed below come with a host of comfort features such as an anti-slip surface, low-level controls, remote or touch controls and many more. Many models feature comfortable, built-in seats for hassle-free seated bathing. Some of our models have grab bars integrated with the design to assist in safe entry and exit or to move around inside the tub. When used with adjustable or handheld showerheads, therapeutic water jets, warm water or salts, these baths can be beneficial to calm and re-stress.

Besides offering easy access and a leak-proof, ergonomic design, a few of the products listed below come with fast-flow bath wastes, so they'll empty quicker and stay dry and hygienic. Water efficiency, regulatory compliance, and easy maintenance are the key focus within our product line. These models come in superior-quality steel or acrylic material. If you are thinking of buying one, take a look at our collection to get one that is best suited to your specific needs.


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