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Colour Articles

Colours not only paint a picture of the people living in the house but also transform the bathroom from drab to fab. Apart from this, colours affect our mood, making calming colours like blue and green a popular choice for bathroom use. If you are curious to know more then read our blog that introduces different aspects of colours and their use. Be captivated by certain colours, like delicate Pink, muted Grey and White and the trendy Black- shades that have become hot topics of discussion amongst bathroom designers.

We also have a yearly series highlighting Pantone's Colour of the Year, discovering how a dedicated colour can infuse your bathroom with a fresh and trendy vibe. Each hue tells a unique story within your interiors when used with exceptional design within the bathroom fabric. In particular, if you are looking for detailed information on the use of black brassware in the home, check out our article on black kitchen trends.