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Ensuring that the basic functionality of bathroom products remains seamless and excellent in performance are the unseen mechanism of pumps from Saniflo. Part of the SFA Group, the company, has a history of 50 years in manufacturing and are the inventors of the macerating pump system. The company began in France as a designer of water treatment plant equipment and soon revolutionized the industry with its product the Sanibroyeur SFA.

Their unique product allows the installation of a toilet, bathroom, kitchen or laundry room anywhere within a home, without any major disruption. Saniflo macerators are made for both, domestic and commercial applications and used in bathroom, kitchen, boats and other utility facilities across the world. The company has its own manufacturing units, with 20 subsidiaries and a vast export network all over the globe. Maintaining that product are in compliance with regulatory directives, the company adheres to the strictest testing policies for every process. Saniflo has a dedicated research and development center for innovation in technology to save energy and eco-sustenance. Their portfolio consists of external and integral macerators, grey water and twin motor pumps amongst other products.



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Why Saniflo Macerators?

With Saniflo Pumps you can have the comfort of extra wc installed in any part of your room. Take your home to next level by installing Macerators from Saniflo. Simple to use and Interactive, Saniflo manufactures domestic and commercial Macerator Pumps are available at QS Supplies, and we offer them at affordable price.


Saniflo Sanislim Small Bore Macerator Pump - 1054

Saniflo Sanislim Small Bore Macerator Pump Brand Review Star
£406.69 ££813.39 QS-V54382

Sanislim Macerator Pump for a Washroom, Shower Cubicle by Saniflo especially based on slimline sanitary ware. Made from polypropylene and other standard materials, this pump is ideal for use in the basement or loft extension, where large bore pipework is impractical. You can install this unit at a budget price offered by QS Supplies.

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Saniflo Descaler Cleanser Brand Review Star
£17.21RRP: £31.29QS-V54388

Saniflo Descaler Cleanser enables a trouble free maintenance of your sanitaryware, keeping it sparkling and good as new for years to come. Suitable for use with all Saniflo Macerator Pumps, the Cleanser not just cleans the fixture but also prolongs its performance and provides resistant against disinfectants. Keep your bathroom adornments in top condition for a considerable with this compellingly toilet cleaning agent from Saniflo, the renowned toilet care company. It thoroughly cleans and diligently disinfects different elements in your bathroom, while safeguarding the rubber components from possible damage. Available is a convenient 5 liters pack, this cleanser suits all Saniflo pumps and deserves to be deployed as your bathroom bodyguard.

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Saniflo Descaler Cleanser - 1085
Saniflo Original Macerator Pump For WC - 1001

Saniflo Original Macerator Pump For WC Brand Review Star
£275.26 ££550.50 QS-V54374

Saniflo brings strong and reliable Macerator for WC. Created from polypropylene, this small bore macerator is for use with single WC of any style; back-to-wall, wall hung, and close coupled. This macerator can be ideally installed in basement, loft, or any other part of the house. With remarkable features, this macerator is capable of satisfying your daily routine, in grand style

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Saniflo Sanishower Flat Small Bore Macerator Pump Brand Review Star
£253.82RRP: £507.65QS-V72659

Saniflos Sanishower Flat Small Bore Macerator Pump - 1043-3 is diminutive and dynamic. Its best suited for washbasin and shower and perfect for use in the basement, on any floor, loft or attic. Self-activating and quiet in its function its special feature is it low activation level of 25mm allowing the unit to function effectively with low shower trays. Constructed from rust-proof material and components it incorporates an ultra slim shower waste for ease of installation. It requires an electric supply of 220-240V 50 Hz and comes with BBA Certification. Most convenient to use and service, it is guaranteed for 2 years against any fabrication flaw.

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Saniflo Sanishower Flat Small Bore Macerator Pump - 1043-3
Saniflo Sanipro Small Bore Macerator Pump - 1006

Saniflo Sanipro Small Bore Macerator Pump Brand Review Star
£378.60 ££757.20 QS-V54380

The Sanipro Small Bore Pumping System by Saniflo is specially designed to dispose waste and water from domestic bathroom and kitchens. This macerator can absorb the waste from WC, shower cubicle and washbasin, and pump it quickly and quietly through small bore pipework, to a remote soil stack or sewer. Sanipro macerator proves to be economical and comes with a 2 year guarantee from Saniflo.

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Saniflo Saniaccess 3 Macerator Pump
£460.34RRP: £920.68QS-V72657

If you are looking for excellence in material and flawless functioning, then Saniflo Saniaccess 3 Macerator Pump – 1902 is just right for you. Designed to offer optimum ease of use with single WC, washbasin, shower and bidet it comes with easy access to cleaning and servicing. Certified by BBA, it is perfect for domestic use and in commercial locations such as libraries and boutiques. It is constructed from special high-grade material with components that do not corrode. It features 2 separate chambers for motor and pressure switch and is automatically activated. It requires Electric Supply: 220-240V 50Hz to function and is guaranteed for 2 years.

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Saniflo Saniaccess 3 Macerator Pump - 1902
Saniflo Sanicom 2 Heavy Duty Dual Motor Lifting Pump - 1046-2

Saniflo Sanicom 2 Heavy Duty Dual Motor Lifting Pump Brand Review Star
£980.27 ££1960.54 QS-V54385

If it's a quality product you're after then don't go past this Saniflo Sanicom 2 Heavy Duty Double Motor Macerator. This 1500 watts unit is perfect for commercial settings such as hairdressing parlours and cafes and restaurants to name a few. Automatic activation, BBA certified and backed by the manufacturer's 2 year guarantee, you will be pleased you invested in this quality unit.

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Saniflo Sanicubic 2 Pro Heavy Duty Macerator Pump Brand Review Star
£1404.41RRP: £2808.83QS-V43822

From Saniflo comes the Sanicubic 2 Pro Macerator Heavy Duty Pump, a premium macerator suited for use with WCs and other appliances requiring waste and water discharge. Fitted with two alarms, dual motors and Saniflo's 2 year guarantee, you can trust this pump to deliver reliable operation day in and day out. Solve your waste problems quickly and efficiently with this convenient Sanicubic Macerator on offer at QS Supplies at a significantly reduced price.

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Saniflo Sanicubic 2 Pro Heavy Duty Macerator Pump - 1102
Saniflo Saniaccess Pump - 1903

Saniflo Saniaccess Pump
£405.83 ££811.65 QS-V72658

Heres the right solution for easy removal of any blockage from appliances and is best suited for light commercial establishments like bars and cafes as well as the home. Saniflos Saniaccess Pump-1903 will extract the waste from sinks, washing machines, showers or dishwashers vertically up to 5 meters and horizontally up to 50 meters from the sewer line. It comes with vertical and horizontal discharge facility. Meticulously crafted from non-corroding material and components it features 3 inlets and 2 removable panels on top. It activates automatically and comes with BBA Certification. It functions on 220-240V 50Hz electric supply and is designed for easy access to servicing.

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Saniflo Saniwall WC Frame With Concealed Cistern And Macerator Pump Brand Review Star
£529.25RRP: £1058.50QS-V54383

Saniwall is a unique WC Frame complete with built-in, concealed dual flush cistern and macerator unit, all crafted by Saniflo. This system is for use when a gravity fed plumbing is difficult or impractical to install. It is suitable to accommodate all types of suspended WC, providing you utmost solution for your bathrooms. Saniflo provides a 2 year guarantee with this WC frame set.

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Saniflo Saniwall WC Frame With Concealed Cistern And Macerator Pump

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