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Kitchen Sink Drainer / Baskets & More

When planning for a perfect kitchen, you need to have all accessories that will help to make your daily chores quicker and easier. If you wish to create style in addition to the utility factor than we have all the accessories you need. Here we showcase all types of sinks accessories, such as Chopping boards, Baskets, Drainers & complete Accessory Pack, and we offer these accessories at discounted prices.




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The Cornerstone of Any Kitchen Setup

Good design influences behaviour and kitchen accessories not only enhances the chic look but also overall efficiency of the kitchen.

What Size and Design?

This may sound like the most basic of considerations, but is it suitable to buy, for instance, a shiny chrome kitchen sinks drainer when the rest of the kitchen setup is designed around a more 'rustic' and country look?

Getting a setup that matches what is already planned for the rest of the kitchen, or at least the worktop surrounding the drainer, is integral. For this reason, it's worth considering the purchase of a fully fitted unit; the sink, taps, and drainer will then all match up perfectly.

At our on-line store, we offer matching kitchen sets, with the option to customise all parts so the buyer can get a truly personal feeling while ensuring all pieces look smart. Ready to use sets from reliable manufacturers are also available.


Fitting the drainer should really be left to someone who understands the multitude of purposes that a drainer serves. Not only is the unit intended to collect the runoff from crockery, cutlery and other items, but it should also be able to effectively 'drain' away the water. Incorrectly fitted kitchen drainers very often will just pool the water, causing unsightly and unhealthy collections of stagnant liquid.

However, purchasing a drainer needn't be a long and arduous task. Applying common sense to both the purchase and installation will mean that it becomes a pleasant centrepiece for the kitchen, whether installed by the buyer or a specialist, and whether as part of a fully fitted kitchen or on its own.

Kitchen Sink Drainer

Planning a kitchen setup, whether it’s a new project or a renovation, one important accessory involved is the kitchen sink drainer. It's all very well having the latest taps, shiny sink, and fancy cupboards concealing the plumbing, but if the drainer is not fitted or set up correctly, then the whole unit will suffer. Drainers play an important role in keeping the kitchen area tidy while also serving other purposes such as drying the dishes. Getting the right one needs to be a carefully thought-out decision.

Other Accessories

Whether you’re buying your first house or just trying to revamp your kitchen (and kitchen skills), there are a few basic kitchen accessories that no home should be without. To get the most out of your kitchen, you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on fancy gadgets; our selection of simple kitchen accessories will help you manage your kitchen work efficiently and keep your work space clean and tidy.

Chopping board

A decent, wooden chopping board is an essential accessory for home cooks of all abilities. While some people prefer plastic chopping boards, scientific studies have shown that the sanitising properties of wood mean that they will kill off germs naturally, removing the need for harsh, often toxic cleaners. Invest in a thick chopping board with safety grips on the underside to prevent slipping, or wet a kitchen towel and place it on the board before chopping.

Good quality knives

A nice set of knives is a great accompaniment to a quality chopping board. Most professional chefs will tell you that knives are their most important investment and that spending more is worth it in the long-run. Japanese carbon fibre blades retain their sharp edge for longer, which means there is less hassle when it comes to sharpening and honing the knife.

Kitchen Basket

Kitchen baskets can help to keep your kitchen tidy and allow for effective organisation. There are lots of different types of basket which will suit different kitchens, but by investing in a range of sizes, you will be able to keep all of your equipment and gadgets tidied away. This is especially useful in homes with pets or small children, where keeping items out of the way is a safety consideration.

Stainless steel strainer bowl

A good quality steel strainer is a kitchen accessory which serves many uses. By placing the bowl in your sink you can safely pour hot water from pasta or boiled vegetables away, and if you want ruffled edges to your roast potatoes (which we all do!), you can use the strainer to gently shake the potatoes before adding them to hot oil in a roasting tray. By purchasing a stainless steel strainer bowl, you won’t have to worry about any rust.

Disposal unit

Everyone who cooks will know that kitchens are messy, especially if there are lots of people using the kitchen throughout the day. By buying a disposal unit, you can conveniently scrape away any peelings, offcuts and leftovers, and throw away packaging with minimal fuss.

Stand mixer

If you enjoy baking, one of the most useful kitchen accessories you can buy is a stand mixer. Although a good quality mixer can cost hundreds of pounds, it really is worth spending a bit more money and getting a mixer with a good motor and reliable customer support. The more well-known brands such as KitchenAid offer attachments which can help to make ice cream, pasta, and even minced meat. You’ll be amazed how versatile a simply stand mixer is, and you will even keep it on your worktop because they are so useful.

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Quality : 5 Stars
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I'm getting so many people tell me how much they love this product & how fantastic it looks in my kitchen, so pleased with it!! Thanks again for all the telephone assistance & a great service!!
Overall Rating:   5 StarReview Left by: Tina Halls on July 17, 2017
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Good value for money and excellent service.
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