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Kitchen Sink Drainer / Baskets & More

Your kitchen sink gets a lot of use each day. Whether you're washing up after a meal, prepping for a party, or just cooking for your family, your sink sees it all. And while your sink likely does a great job at assisting you with all of these functions, you could be getting more out of it with the right accessories. Sink drainers, baskets, chopping boards, drainer bowls, and colanders can all make your sink much more functional than it already is. They enable you to cook, clean, and prep more effectively, saving space and streamlining your operation. With the right accessories, you can store items securely while they dry, minimize puddles from drips, and make prep work simple. We carry a wide range of kitchen sink accessories, in an equally wide range of sizes and styles. These accessories will enhance your kitchen sink and your kitchen's style at the same time. Choose from stainless drainer baskets, real wood chopping boards, or acrylic colanders. We carry them all from top brands like Reginox, Rangemaster and RAK, so you can find the perfect accessory to complete your sink.


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