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The Bathroom Suite Makeover - Concepts by QS Supplies

Published on: 15/03/2018
Last Updated: 27/08/2019
Bathroom Suites Makeover

Breaking Away the Traditional White

What better source of inspiration than from those designs that have the potential to influence a generation of followers. Designers and innovators are the movers and shakers that can make or break a brand design, some gaining an unprecedented following due to their superior design, look and quality. Who doesn’t want a luxury bathroom suite, one that defines and makes the rules for all to follow—classy, elite and difficult to miss? Our bathroom suite concept patterns have been created to offer the ultimate balance between traditional sentiment and modern innovation, relying on handmade exclusivity and excellent artistry. Exclusive and exceptional, most owners will be proud to own such a unique assortment.

Cappuccino Bathroom Suite

There are bathrooms, and then there are grand and splendid spaces. Applauded by style critics and homeowners alike is the Vogue-ish chic and high quality design that adds finesse and success in bathroom decor. The rigid lines are moulded to perfection into unique carvings that are a class apart. Set upon a neutral base, the pattern achieves extravagance and class.

The WC, tub and sink synchronise perfectly to create a one of a kind exclusive space. Putting on their best creative caps, our designers have come up with these masterpieces, which are influenced by heritage classics and come together to make a cool set. Limited edition and top of the range, the suites are bound to be an instant success with family and guests alike.

E-Wave Bathroom Suite

Luxury doesn’t follow the rules but invents its own. Our fascination with geometrics continues used together with curves to come up with a one-of-a-kind pattern in this space. When its about luxury lifestyle product patterns, our concepts are better than the rest. Taking in contemporary design influences and transforming it into this awesome combination of basin, WC and tub, we aim to make an attractive proposition in the bathroom. Matched with designer, hi-end accessories, as per your decorating scheme, they make for a space that redefines wet-room aesthetics.

Synonymous with sumptuous living, this tub and sink combination continues to wow and inspire. Its iconic white and black pattern is sure to bring ecstatic exclamations of pleasure and awe from the onlookers.

Candy Struck Bathroom Suite

Introduce happy elegance in your bathroom with this attractive set in bold pink. This ensemble is both yummy and cheery as candy floss. Pink and white inclined lines create a charming, warm flavour. Curved forms and fluid pattern dominate and make a unique statement. The pale wooden floor offers the perfect organic contrast in this forward-looking modern bathroom space.

Fluid lines are the hallmark of the Basin and WC design that seem to bring these accessories to life. Keeping the rest of the space neutral gives it a cosy, relaxed vibe. If you love busy prints, pick out this lively combination, with splashes of white and pink.

The vibrant tub is a worthy contender for centre of attention with its generous soaking capacity and vibrant pattern. Bold Pink and white do a fine job of enhancing the joyousness of the tub that stylishly accomplishes its goal of an offering luxurious and pleasant soaks, bereft of the worries of the world.

Zebrano Bathroom Suite

A perfect bathroom space for those with a fascination for the wild is presented here. This huge, inspiring room presents an adventure in shades of white and black. The striped design takes influence from the formidable and fast Zebra with its regal stance and striped gait. Modern and majestic in outlook, it is a fine example of a minimalistic approach and opulent styling. Go ahead and experiment and explore your wild side further with few nature-inspired knick-knacks.

Majestic and stunning, the central bathtub makes a bold and striking presence in stripes. High quality taps perfectly offsets its visual splendour for a grand finishing touch. The geometric theme extends to the wall with square solid coloured tiles carving the perfect background to hold nature-inspired artwork. Flanked by bolsters and rug, this space is sure to draw sighs of wonderment from the users.

When you are looking for exclusivity, opt for this designer duo of WC and Basin created with an eye on beauty and functionality. The smart zebra inspired striped design is backed with an equally fascinating format that will stand the test of time.

The Fusion Bathroom Suite

Dramatic in approach and influenced by squares and stripes, the tub and sink set brings a sense of rejuvenation and balanced design. The aristocratic looking tub is supplemented by the winning colour combination of red and blue. The geometric pattern has taken over the minds of the populace and continues to create hysteria like none other. Red squares with blue lines are enigmatic and uncharacteristic for a bathroom accessory.

Realised in top quality materials and rendered in a classic, boldly patterned formats, these vibrant elements are certain to create a cheerful outlook in the bathroom. The floor standing large basin ably matches the sink and tub to create a fabulous trio. The tub is testament to the many fabulous and warming soaks it can deliver to the users. Blissful indeed! If you are looking to purchase a brand new suite, don't forget to read our buying guide on bathroom suite.

Sarabeth Asaff

Sarabeth Asaff
Sarabeth Asaff is a former kitchen and bathroom designer who now works as a home and garden industry writer and expert. She has a working knowledge of all areas of the home improvement industry, and specialises in functional design and material advice.