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Rimless Toilets

Modern toilets come equipped with so much more than just the basic functionalities. Did you know that there is a toilet that minimizes germs and bacteria? That means you don’t have to think or worry about those little microbes. Cleaning your bathroom just got much simpler with the Rimfree toilets. Most toilets have a rim around the bowl. The rim is also the reason why toilet bowl brushes have that extra loopy piece for getting up underneath there for a thorough cleaning. Usually, water flushes from the rim area of your toilet, but you can’t see what is actually under there. What the Rimfree design does is eliminate the guesswork and the scrubbing under the rim area. A rimless toilet has a design that doesn’t feature a rim around the inside of the toilet bowl, and this is the one advantage that boosts its hygiene quotient. It prevents any possible build-up of disease-causing bacteria and limescale. Most models use a direct flush technology that shoots water around the basin of the toilet, unlike the traditional rimmed toilet. The direct flush cleans the entire pan thanks to its powerful jets. Many brands have joined the bandwagon of manufacturing these popular toilets and include names like Roca, Twyford, Duravit, and Armitage Shanks.


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