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Modern Toilets - Close Coupled WC's

Close coupled toilets are the most popular toilet style in the UK. They take up less space than many traditional toilet styles, they are easy to maintain, they blend in with almost any types of decor, and they are available in a huge range of shapes and models. If you’re exploring the possibility of adding a close coupled toilet to your bathroom, there are several things you’ll want to keep in mind. With so many great options out there, you can easily narrow down your choices from the options below.




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Know More About Close Coupled WC

If you want to create the pinnacle of luxury and sumptuousness in your bathroom, then you should select a close coupled WC that is functional and evocatively stylish, and with so many choices and options, its quite possible that one can be confused. Here are a few questions to help you on your way and select the right toilet.

Cistern Capacity

Roca Meridian Toilet

Many (but not all) close coupled toilets are sold with the cistern included. Modern toilets have a maximum cistern capacity of 6 liters, though some compact toilets, like this Meridian-N Compact Back To Wall WC Set, often have a maximum cistern capacity of 4.5 liters. Generally, higher the cistern capacity, the stronger the flush, and the lower the cistern capacity, the more eco-friendly the model.

Do you want a compact toilet?

Speaking of compact toilets, if you’re outfitting a cloakroom or other very small bathroom, you need a toilet with a small footprint, and the smaller the projection distance (in other words, how far it sticks out from the wall) the better. A compact toilet is the answer! They’re generally as tall and as comfortable as a full-sized toilet, but with a slimmer, shorter shape. This VitrA Layton Close Coupled WC With Corner Cistern is a great example. The clever corner cistern helps you save even more room while holding us much water as a standard cistern, and the simple styling would compliment any decor.

The benefits of a dual flush system Pura IVO Close Coupled WC

Your toilet takes up about 30% of the total water used by your household. Having two flush buttons on your toilet is an excellent way to save water (and money!) Here’s how it works: each button activates a different flush from the cistern. One empties the whole capacity of the cistern, while the other triggers a smaller amount of water. You choose which flush is appropriate for the situation, which can save hundreds of litres a year.  In a full sized close coupled toilet like this beautiful Pura Evo model you’ll often see a 6 litre flush and a 4 litre flush, while many compact close coupled toilets have 4 litre and 2 litre flushes. This varies quite a bit between models, so you might want to pay attention to these numbers when you’re shopping.

Inlet and waste pipes

You’ll need to consider the current plumbing in your bathroom when you’re choosing a close coupled toilet. All the pipes are hidden by the conjoined cistern and toilet pan, but the way they plumb into the wall and the floor are important. The inlet pipe is what refills the cistern after a flush, while the waste pipes carry the used water away. For close-coupled and traditional toilets this is fairly straightforward. The waste or soil pipe will be connected to the soil stack,the larger outflow pipe which carries sewage away from your house. There are several different ways that this connection can be made: horizontally, vertically, or to the left or right. You need to check the position of your soil stack against the position you’re planning for the toilet. This will help you to decide which type of connection is best, which will further narrow down your choice of toilet.

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Really stylish toilet, slightly higher than average for comfort without looking too big! Easy to fit with clear instructions and an excellent dual flush with slider buttons to alter water amounts. I paid a bit more to get a good quality item and have not been disappointed. Prompt and helpful delivery team did not leave me waiting and toilet and accessories well packed. I would recommend this to anyone thinking of replacing or buying new, take at your own convenience!
Overall Rating:   4 StarReview Left by: Stewart Smith on November 27, 2017
Quality : 4 Stars
Value for Money : 4 Stars
Style : 5 Stars

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This pan and cistern was part of a larger order I placed in October now fully fitted and working fine. Great service with good quality parts delivered on time at a great price. Can't fault the service on this company.
Overall Rating:   5 StarReview Left by: Gilbert Deacon on November 15, 2017
Quality : 5 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 5 Stars

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Excellent quality product, competitively priced and promptly delivered from QS Supplies. Have replaced both bathroom and en-suite existing "Heritage" units for these which are more contemporary. The 4/2.5 litre flush combined with the aquablade system is very water efficient. Looking to replace the cloakroom unit next.
Overall Rating:   5 StarReview Left by: David Brock on November 15, 2017
Quality : 5 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 5 Stars

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There were so many problems with this order. To cut a long story short after the third toilet and seat being sent, still the seat was incorrect. Had the staff listened to my husband we would have got it right first time. It took a month to eventually receive correct toilet and wrong seat. Plumber fitted it whilst out so it's to stay. It cost us three lots of postage so it became very expensive. I've shopped before and was fine but disappointed this time. They only needed to confirm with suppliers which my husband did in a two minute call in the end.
Overall Rating:   3 StarReview Left by: Donna Lilley on October 28, 2017
Quality : 4 Stars
Value for Money : 1 Stars
Style : 5 Stars

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