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Radiators for Central Heating

Are you looking to update your heating system or install a new one? We have an impressive range of Radiators from market leading manufacturers. At our on-line store, Central Heating Radiators come in different sizes and style. Our Compact Radiators will definitely impress you. Go ahead and make your selection depending on your choice of style and home area.

Column Radiators


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Radiator Valves


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Underfloor heatings


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Calculate Before your Buy!

Our radiator calculator allows a quick and easy method to determine the radiator size/sizes needed in a normal domestic environment. There are many different methods to calculate this requirement, ours is one born out of experience but may not suit everyone. No warranty is offered or implied as to the accuracy of this calculator, and it should be considered as a guide only. Please select from the options below as closely as possible to your room conditions; we have included as many variables as possible, plus an option to allow your preferred heating 'comfort type'.

Radiator Chart

Radiator ChartBefore installing a radiator, you should always keep in mind the size of a radiator that needs to be installed. This will ensure the boiler is not overloaded and can save a lot of money on gas and electric bills. Heating system should be sized accordingly to the space to be heated and ensure the temperature is pleasant. Radiator efficiency is always calculated in BTU or British thermal unit. It is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. It is clear that larger rooms will require more heat to remain comfortable. To make a selection of the ideal radiator easier, we have provided a Chart alongside which shows how to calculate your room size and which radiator would be the correct fit.


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