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Compact Radiators for Central Heating

600mm High Radiators


From £30.50

700mm Radiators


From £36.96

Radiator Valves


From £7.51

Designer Radiators


From £124.80

Underfloor heatings


From £12.94

Are you looking for Home heating system?. We have got a flexible solution for UK Home Owners for heating systems. We have introduced new range of Central heating Radiators from QUINN and other manufacturers. Central heating Radiator of a size of 400mm, 600mm, 500mm and 700mm high available at our on-line store. So if you are looking to heat up your room, our collection of Compact and Designer Radiators will definitely impress you. We have got a massive range, from which you can select the right style product for your home or office.

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Taken for granted, but a game changer: In today's modern setting, central heating radiators are taken for granted. The sight of radiators, thermostatic controls and valves in any home or commercial setting will not turn heads; these are commodities that are simply taken at face value. However, the concept of central heating is a fascinating one, and today's systems are both strikingly similar in principle, yet masterfully evolved, from the first central heating systems that were designed.

Why Compact Radiators

Radiator ChartRadiators are available in a variety of sizes and shape to suit your interior decoration. There are many different types of Central heating System available in the market, and Compact Radiator is one of them. These are popular and are the first choice of home owners in UK, because it is capable in gaining heat and emitting its efficiency for a longer period of time. Compact Radiators take hardly few minutes to warm up the room.

But before installing a radiator you should always keep in mind the size radiator that needs to be installed. A correct size radiator will ensure the boiler is not overloaded and it can save a lot of money on gas and electric bills. Central heating radiators should be sized accordingly to the space to be heated and ensure the temperature is pleasant. Radiator is always calculated in BTU British thermal Units per Hour. We have also provided a chart how to calculate your room size and which radiator you require for a better heating result.

For better heating results we regularly update our range of Quinn Radiators. It is a well-known brand in Europe and is one of the leading manufacturers in domestic and commercial radiators. With a variety of sizes now available you can select 400mm radiator, 500mm rad, 600mm radiator or 700mm radiator depending on your room size. Also we have showcased all home heating solution products such as Heated Towel Rails, Designer Radiators and Central heating Cast iron Radiators.

Totally satisfied with the delivery, quality , and the heat in my house. The radiator warms up within seconds. QUINN is definitely the Best of the Best
Overall Rating:   5 StarReview Left by: ROBERT on June 22, 2017
Quality : 5 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 5 Stars

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For years we have put up with a cold bedroom and pulled the duvet tightly up around our ears. Finally, with the prospect of another cold winter we swapped the old radiator for a Quinn double panel plus which has made all the difference. The price from QS was great, the ordering process straightforward and delivery was a matter of a couple of days - what's not to like? The hot water bottles have stayed in the airing cupboard ever since! J&J Lydney
Overall Rating:   4 StarReview Left by: john stephenson on November 28, 2016
Quality : 5 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 4 Stars

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Compact and nice chrome finish
Overall Rating:   5 StarReview Left by: Geoff Harris on November 8, 2016
Quality : 5 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 5 Stars

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Good output, slim profile. A good radiator, just wish I'd bought it somewhere else other than QS, who have been a nightmare to deal with.
Overall Rating:   3 StarReview Left by: Brendan on October 27, 2016
Quality : 4 Stars
Value for Money : 3 Stars
Style : 4 Stars

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