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Thermostatic Mixer Showers

Thermostatic Showers offer a comforting showering experience with a high level of safety. These showers feature thermostatic shower valves which regulate the temperature and keep it stable, usually within +/- 1°C of the pre-set levels. You can adjust the water temperature manually and personalise your showering experience by pre-setting the water temperature with optimum flow speed and other features. We stock a range of products with the latest technologies and functions under this category. Besides efficiency, these are economically priced and save water and energy bills throughout use. You can read our guide here to learn more about Thermostatic showers.

The Thermostatic mixer showers we offer are integrated with different types of shower heads, such as handheld or fixed. The heads optimise water flow and provide a satisfying showering experience using different spray patterns, such as rainfall, massage, or combination sprays. Their quality build and reliable utility are top-notch thanks to materials such as ABS, Brass, metal, plastic and more to meet varying needs.

The showers are easy to install when you follow the manufacturer's instructions or consult a professional plumber. Our showers are compatible with most standard plumbing systems, easing their installation process. Our Crosswater, Joseph Miles, and Bristan collections are a few of the top-selling brands at our online store. Find the most appropriate one at competitive rates designed to keep the temperature constant so you won't suffer scalding or freezing accidents in case of a sudden change in water flow. If you want to buy a complete set, you can look at our shower set range, where you can purchase thermostatic shower valve and shower rail kit from the same brand and same range, so it gives a consistent look and performance.


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