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Futuristic Bathroom Suites & Sinks - Breaking Away the Tradition

Published on: 21/02/2018
Last Updated: 27/08/2019
Futuristic Bathroom Suites & Sinks

Over the years, QS Supplies have come up with some trendy and innovative design concepts to help you update your bathrooms with the latest conveniences. Visualizing the lifestyles of the future, designers at QS Supplies have brilliantly put together these marvellous fixtures for bathrooms and kitchens. Innovative and thought-provoking, these are also visually splendid. Highlighted here are some cutting edge, racy and out-of-the-ordinary concepts that are ready to adorn your homes in future.

Futuristic Bathroom Suite

This bathroom makes a statement like no other! Grand in its minimalistic approach, it uses fluid and rigid geometric prints that come together to carve this futuristic interior. Fused together as one seamless and highly functional unit, the suite includes a WC, a washbasin, a bathtub, and a shower enclosure. A spectacular vision in white, it has integrated blue LED light for a dash of colour and creativity. The ambience is definitely high tech while the honeycomb-shaped lights on the wall create an aura of beauty.

Taking innovation to the next level, this Bathroom Suite has a seamless design which comes together wonderfully. Integrated together in the design is the transparent tub, made for ultimate comfort in this futuristic haven. Built into the design, it has an unassuming look, together with hi-tech brassware that allows you the best of functionality.

The shower enclosure is brilliantly merged in the design and offers a simple yet opulent look. Built of high quality glass with fluid format, it will captivate with its presence and unpredictable styling. Compact and stylish, it is the perfect setting for a refreshing shower, with the LED lighting offering the ideal backdrop for a one-of-a-kind experience.

This White finished wonder looks nothing short of a bathroom from a sci-fi movie set or a space ship. It superior build quality gives it long lasting ability. An ideally space saving concept, it is also visually striking!

The Massager Bath with a Seat

This radically different and smart bathtub is what every homeowner would love to bring home. Representing the best of functionality and stylish form, this bathtub is designed to take relaxation and rejuvenation to new highs. The timber-framed wonder has a built-in profile with a massager bed located within its interior. The massager works with a digitized control that allows you to preset all the features such as time, massage pressure, water temperature, vibrations etc.

This highly functional bathtub integrates a massage bed with the tub in a truly modern, truly futuristic concept. The idea takes an ordinary tub and revamps it into this awesome creation that will win the hearts of homeowners and designers alike. Also built-into the bathtub is a hi-tech Jet System with 8 high pressure jets, 3 each long the sides and 2 at the legs. These strategically placed jets inside the bath target specific parts of the body for a stimulating massage. The intense massage experience in the tub will dissolve all tension and stress.

The tub is constructed from a high quality composite material with a base of the sanitary acrylic layer while the massager bed is moisture resitant PVC. Both are coated with an anti-bacterial layer to keep the tub hygienic.

Kitchen Sink With Jets & No Taps

Have you heard of a Kitchen Sink without any taps? Well, QS supplies have now created a concept where taps are replaced by an advanced system of Jets that make your cooking and cleaning activity a breeze.

This inset Kitchen sink has the ability to surprise with its refreshing new take on the standard kitchen sink. Built into the design are Jets of water arranged in such a manner that the spray targets hard to reach areas of utensils that ensure a thorough and quick clean. Old, mouldy pans are also cleaned in a jiffy, no more scrubbing needed! Perfectly planned to ensure the user’s comfort and convenience, this sink is a must-have in every kitchen.

Gorgeous, efficient, it is made from superior grade stainless steel and has an inset installation. What’s more, it has its very own cover that keeps this sink covered and out of sight when not in use. This striking piece melds seamlessly with its surrounding kitchen environment.

Design concepts that boast the ingenuity not known to many, QS Supplies builds these very fixtures to heighten your experience and ease your workload, freeing up time and space.

Diamond Sink

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends and not just in jewellery! This diamond designed sink makes a wonderful central piece in every kitchen. It is just what you want when you are looking to redesign your bathroom with a sleek and sophisticated sink. This matt finished wonder in Black Fragnite is a great way to add an elegant touch to your home.

A sink is the heart of the kitchen, and this innovative design is so alluring the entire space will become appealing. The Black Matt finish interspersed with hints of gloss give it an imperial look. This beauty is crafted from high-quality raw material for enhanced durability and displays an exceptional quality.

It has a very novel and seamless look with the waste being integrated into the base, giving it a smart, uninterrupted design while maintaining the hygiene. A great way to revolutionize your very contemporary kitchens indeed! Matching mixers complete the picture!

Sink With Drawer

This unique kitchen concept by QS Supplies looks like any ordinary kitchen sink but does much more. This is an interesting idea which is both inspiring and admirable.

This stylish sink allows you to cook and clean and also store handy kitchen tools within easy reach. This modern and breakthrough design is certain to carve a niche for itself in the kitchen. Attractively built into the sink design, the storage is inbuilt in the form of 3 drawers towards one end of the sink.

Constructed from high quality ceramic, for enhanced durability, it is finished in a pristine white for elegance and stylishness. Concealed storage system adds to its allure. These drawers are removable for ease of cleaning. The drawers have a soft close mechanism adding to the luxury quotient.

The kitchen offers the flexibility of cooking, cleaning and storing all within the same unit thereby saving time and space. The sink has an inset installation and a rectangular shape, with rectangular extension in design for storage. A stainless steel waste and chrome mixer with swivel spout add the functionality. This can be the most stylish and modern sink that anyone can have in their house.

Sarabeth Asaff

Sarabeth Asaff
Sarabeth Asaff is a former kitchen and bathroom designer who now works as a home and garden industry writer and expert. She has a working knowledge of all areas of the home improvement industry, and specialises in functional design and material advice.