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Inset & Undermount Baths

We stock a full range of Undermount and Inset Baths, and we are almost certain to have one that meets your aesthetic requirements in the physical configuration you need. We maintain an impressive stock of baths from leading suppliers such as Carron, Duravit, and Phoenix. No matter what style you need to complement an existing bathroom or to build one from the ground up, you will find the right one and the optional accessories and installation pieces to go with it, all at very competitive prices. You will be pleasantly surprised at the selection available, the quick delivery schedule, and of course, the attractive pricing we offer.




When selecting your bath, there are quite a few variables you will need to get right. Take your time to ensure that the one you order matches the location for installation, in general, configuration, overall dimensions, and drain, supply, and vent locations.

Which material is best?

Steel – Steel – For long-term reliability, it is difficult to beat an enameled steel tub, which can realistically be counted upon to remain serviceable for generations. The enamel finish is glass, applied under extreme heat to the metal substrate. While the enamel is quite durable and scratch resistant, some types can be vulnerable to chipping, and after years of being cleaned with abrasive cleansers can become prone to discolouration by any minerals or dirt in the water. As would be expected, steel baths are quite heavy and usually require a more robust structure on which to be mounted – not to mention more than one strong back to install. It should be noted that steel baths are more likely to feel cold to the touch during the winter than baths made of other materials, but being excellent heat conductors, they do warm up quickly when filled with hot water.

Man-made materials – Baths constructed entirely of man-made materials such as acrylic or fibreglass are increasingly popular. They offer greater flexibility in design and colour, and are much lighter than steel, making them easier to install. They are also not as effective at radiating heat or cold, making them more comfortable during winter months than steel. Some of the less-expensive baths can be somewhat less durable, but the models we offer exhibit a sufficiently robust construction so as to minimise or even eliminate the difference in durability from their steel equivalents. And while both acrylic and fibreglass are more vulnerable to surface scratching, even moderately severe scratches are easier to repair, with better colour matching results than are usually achieved on enameled surfaces.

If you are unsure, let a professional do the job – Generally speaking, it is usually advisable to at least consult with an experienced plumbing installer to get help specifying the correct bath, and better still to retain his or her services for the entire project. One of the biggest cautions is that an improper installation could (and often does) result in leaks that are not readily visible, and can continue unnoticed until the structure beneath the bath is compromised. If this happens, you could be faced with additional expenses far greater than the cost of having the bath professionally installed.

If you have any queries or just want to brainstorm, please feel free to call and talk with one of our design team members on 0116 251 0051. Or if you prefer, you can get assistance online at any hour by contacting one of our Live Chat Operators.

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