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Although Duravit as a brand has been established since 1960, its association with sanitary products goes back as far as the early 1800’s. The company was founded in 1817 by Georg Horn at Hornberg, Germany as an earthen ware factory. An earthenware pot manufacturing plant was established in the Black Forest, Germany, in 1817. In 1842, the company saw its first venture into sanitary ware, when chamber pots were introduced to the production process.

By the early 1900’s the company was concentrating wholly on sanitary equipment, and pots were fazed-out. 1956 saw its biggest change, when production went from earthenware to porcelain, and in 1960, the company began using the trading name Duravit. By the 20th century, their products portfolio had expanded to include exclusive porcelain bidets, WCs and basins, and bathroom furniture and accessories Available in 100 countries worldwide, the company has 7 manufacturing units in as many countries, technical centers in Turkey, India and China, besides a dedicated Design Centre at Hornberg, by noted designer Philipe Stark. The company also collaborates with other top designers, such as Sieger Design, EOOS, Phoenix Design, Frank Huster, Sergei Tchoban and Matteo Thun for a beautiful range of bathroom products. Embracing a progressive history, the brand has consistently sought to reinvent sanitation throughout the home by offering stylish and unique design options. Having taken this mantra well into modern times, the company now works with no less than five thousand employees throughout the world. Duravit products are a premium offering in terms of design, manufacture and performance. The brand touts its bath designs as a living experience. The company’s dedication to eco-sustenance means it uses materials that are natural and regenerative for its products. Combining these with latest technology and meticulous quality control measures is the hallmark of brand Duravit.

The company continues its quest for excellence in providing customers dynamic bathroom solutions to match contemporary times. Designed by renowned designers, sanitary ware and accessories from this brand speak quality construction and elegant profiles. Listed below is the entire range, offered through our site. With a wider range of attractive styles and features that are certain to impress, you’ll find exactly what you are looking for – a bathroom element that performs beautifully and looks perfect.



FROM £978.60
P3 Comforts

P3 Comforts

FROM £101.76
D Code

D Code

FROM £4.20

Starck 1

Starck 1 From £121.80

Starck 2

Starck 2 From £104.64

Starck 3

Starck 3 From £73.92

Ketho From £115.92

Vero & Vero Air From £113.76

2nd Floor From £97.44

X-Large From £85.68

Foster From £135.36

Durastyle From £72.00

Blue Moon From £1407.00

Open Space From £2317.56

Cape Cod From £252.48

2 x 3 From £633.36

Daro From £315.84

Starck Baths From £243.60

L Cube From £164.64

1930 Series From £191.52

Inipi From £5874.18

Darling New From £84.48

Fogo From £212.52

Me By Starck From £87.72

Architec From £111.36

Dura Plan From £328.44

Delos From £68.88

LUV From £0.00

Durasquare From £0.00

Aesthetic Solutions for Every Need

The Brand create innovative and truly beautiful products, which are designed to suit a wide range of sanitary needs. For those who desire only the best in form and function, these amenities are certainly not to be missed when setting up your bathroom. Ceramics from this brand add style and essence to your bathroom with subtlety as the key. We are an authorised stockist of Duravit Bathrooms, and we stock toilets, basins, bidet, enclosures, furniture and baths from their versatile ranges, and offer them at unbeatable price.


Duravit Vero White 600 x 380mm Grinded Washbowl - 0455600000

Duravit Vero White 600 x 380mm Grinded Washbowl
£165.48 ££236.40 QS-V45479

Rectangular shaped, Vero Ground Wash Bowl is made from high quality ceramic material and finished with vitreous glaze for a coat. This ceramic ware is scratch and scrap proof; it can also withstand stains that occur from highly concentrated chemical solutions used to clean bathrooms.  One can comfortable wash their hands and face within its large surface area. A basin-waste finished with chrome polish and a design angle valve are available as optional purchases. Duravit places a 5-year warranty on this produce.

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Duravit Delos 1 Compartment Unit With D-Code 1200mm Basin
£877.80RRP: £1254.00QS-V61818

Enjoy maximum convenience with this superbly designed Storage solution incorporated with your Washbasin. This perfectly matching set of Delos Furniture and D-Code Washbasin with White finish will provide a comforting wash and the convenience to find all your toiletries and bathroom essentials at one place. Your bathroom will be self-contained with this magnificent combination. The D-Code basin comes with tap platform, overflow and one tap-hole and is warranty for five years. The furniture unit, available in excellent finishes, it makes an impressive display and an excellent acquisition.

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Duravit Delos 1 Compartment Unit With D-Code 1200mm Basin - White Matt
Duravit L-Cube 800 x 480mm White High Gloss 2 Cut Out Console

Duravit L-Cube 800 x 480mm White High Gloss 2 Cut Out Console
£188.16 ££268.80 QS-V63760

The Duravit L-Cube 2 Cut Out Console takes on a simplistic form yet is elegant in appearance. It works on the concept of space and openness to create a real alternative to the typical basin pedestal. Designed to play host to countertop or built-in basins, as a matching unit when combined they provide an exquisite and functional wash area. This double basin console allows you to create a his, and hers feel for your bathroom.  Finely crafted material forms the basis of this console, as a range of modern and natural colour finishes come together to create a stylish and tactile platform. It comes with a five-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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Duravit X-Large 600 x 548mm 2 Drawer Cabinet For Console
£475.44RRP: £679.20QS-V59571

You can never go wrong with Duravits X-Large Floor Cabinet For Consoles. Sleek and sensational its contemporary design by Sieger belies its huge storage capacity. It features two well-proportioned and easy to operate drawers that offer easy access to all your immediate requirements. Designed for floor mounting, it is simple to install and come with a simple to maintain Matt White finish or various other optional finishes. With contemporary styling, it is a visual delight, comes in a wide range of sizes and just right for modern settings. Covered by a five-year warranty against any manufacturing defect, it can be procured from our online store at a very special price.

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Duravit X-Large 600 x 548mm 2 Drawer Cabinet For Console
Duravit L Cube 800 x 480mm White Matt 1 Cut Out Console

Duravit L Cube 800 x 480mm White Matt 1 Cut Out Console
£164.64 ££235.20 QS-V81908

The Duravit L-Cube 1 Cut-Out Console is a wonderful piece of craftsmanship, its sleek style adding a touch of genuine class to the interior space. Featuring a brilliant blend of contemporary materials and a smooth, tactile form, this console makes a stylish addition to the bathroom aiming to infuse a sense of opulence and grandeur. Designed to be combined with a countertop or inset basin, this model which is supplied in range of stylish White Matt, High Gloss White or Black and American Walnut finishes, the pair creates a beautifully crafted basin and surface unit combination. Finely sculpted, this piece designed by Christian Werner adds a cool dimension of modernity while providing much need counter space.

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Duravit SensoWash e Seat With Starck 2 Wall Mount WC Pan Brand Review Star
£1617.84RRP: £2311.20QS-V43398

Luxuriate your private moments with sublime opulence called the Duravit Starck 2 Toilet fitted with SensoWash Starck e Toilet Seat. This technologically premium offering comprises of a washdown model, water-saving 4.5 litre flush. The power actuated lid and seat come loaded with individually adjustable features, night light and 2 wash options. This premium presentation carries a 5 year warranty on the toilet and 2 years on the SensoWash seat from its manufacturer.

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Duravit SensoWash e Seat With Starck 2 Wall Mount WC Pan
Duravit Paiova 1700 x 1000mm Left Slope Bath With Frame For Panel - 700218

Duravit Paiova 1700 x 1000mm Left Slope Bath With Frame For Panel
£876.96 ££1252.80 QS-V43700

Make a stylish statement in your bathroom with this Paiova Corner Left Bath by Duravit, the reputed bathroom company. This enticing creation is spacious enough to provide you a comfortable and relaxing bath, every morning. Carrying a pristine white finish, this bath suits both modern and classic bathroom settings alike. Thanks to its 5mm thick sanitary acrylic construction, this bath is sure to serve you for a long time into the future. Buy it at a bargain price from QS Supplies.

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Duravit Delos 1 Compartment White Matt Unit With Vero 800mm Basin
£687.12RRP: £981.60QS-V61832

Enjoy a refreshing face wash with this dual unit comprising of Vero Washbasin and Delos wall mounted Furniture Unit from Duravit. Designed by the manufacturer in collaboration with EOOS to provide easy access to your bathroom toiletries or other essentials, this fantastic combination is practical and convenient and will do wonders for your bathroom aesthetics. The vanity unit comes with an option of finishes and a pull-out compartment with tip-on technology that eliminates the need for handles. The Vero washbasin with a high-grade finish comes with one tap hole and overflow. Crafted from the superior material using the latest technology, it is extremely dependable and comes with a warranty of 5 years.

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Duravit Delos 1 Compartment White Matt Unit With Vero 800mm Basin
Duravit Starck 1900 x 900mm Freestanding Bath With Panel And Frame - 700012

Duravit Starck 1900 x 900mm Freestanding Bath With Panel And Frame Brand Review Star
£2658.60 ££3798.00 QS-V52895

Designed by Philippe Starck, this elegant bath comes to you from the house of Duravit. The flawless white finish completes the overall elegant look and feel of this luxurious tub. This bathroom beauty provides enough space for two people to enjoy a luxurious bath. Designed by Philippe Starck, the curved interior, and exterior lines provide a calm ambience in the room. The white finish Starck range product is made from high-quality sanitary acrylic, achieving enormous strength and long-term durability. Compatible with built-in or panel installation, the sanitaryware is backed by a 5-year manufacturing warranty against any defects.

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Duravit Happy D2 1000mm Ground Furniture Washbasin Brand Review Star
£531.84RRP: £664.80QS-V24814

Ideal and classic, the Ground Furniture Basin from the wide Happy D.2 range of Duravit will enhance the look of your interior. The stunning white finish basin comes with a single tap hole and a tap platform for hygiene and comfort. Made from high-quality material, this product assures of a long term durability. The overflow feature helps to stop the running water from overflowing. This masterpiece is also available with three tap holes or without any. Grab this white beauty with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. It is also available in different sizes at a competitive price.

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Duravit Happy D2 1000mm Ground Furniture Washbasin - 2318100027

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