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Macerator Pumps for Domestic & Commercial use

These are small yet powerful innovation that helps you to add an extra shower room, kitchen or utility facility almost anywhere. If you have space available in your home and due to plumbing issues you are unable to add an extra wash room, this type of pumps will be the right choice. We stock a full range of products for domestic and commercial use. Feel free to browse our range, if you have any queries please call us at 0116 251 0051.






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What are Macerators?

If you're doing a housing remodel that includes a new bathroom, you might be wondering if these types of pumps would be a good choice. In order that you can make the best decision for your home, we are looking at all you need to know about them. Very basically this is a kind of pump that is connected to a toilet (or in some cases included in the toilet itself if you buy a macerator toilet) that grinds up solid waste so that it can be pumped against gravity more effectively. This kind of system isn't used particularly often in the UK, but it can provide an efficient solution to a certain kind of problem.

When to Use Them?

They are almost always used in the home for basement bathrooms. Because they make waste more liquid that means that it's easier to pump the waste up from below the ground into an existing sewage pipe or outlet. For bathrooms that are installed in a basement or cellar, this can be an affordable and easy solution to getting waste out from under the ground.

What are the Advantages?

The primary advantage of installing this product is simply convenience. If you're installing a new bathroom in a basement and there's no existing sewage outlet then you can either install a macerator, or undergo more serious remodelling and extend the existing sewage outlet down into the basement. Of course, extending the sewage system will be costly and troublesome, whilst installing them is cheaper and a lot easier. Even if there is a sewage outlet in your below ground bathroom you might find that it's not enough to effectively clear the toilet, in which case they will give you an easier method to make sure that your toilet flushes every time.

What are the Disadvantages?

However, installing this is not a perfect solution. You will probably find that your toilet will use more water with this type of pumps when flushing, and some people find the noise to be more than a minor irritation since the macerator will make a grinding noise every time you flush the toilet. In the past these products have had a reputation for being unreliable and for frequently breaking down. These two things are not quite as much of a concern these days due to advances in technology, but a macerator is not likely to be quite as reliable as a regular toilet with a normal sewage pipe connection. If you use the macerator regularly you can expect to need to replace it within two to three years.

How can QS Supplies Help You?

If you're looking into buying this type of pump then QS Supplies would be happy to help you. As one of the largest bathroom suppliers in the UK QS Supplies has a wide range of products available, and our staff are always willing to answer your questions and give advice. A macerator isn't for everyone, but it could be the solution to your basement bathroom problems.

An excellent product. The unit smelled and worked so much better after using. Shame it is so expensive, couldn't it be cheaper?
Overall Rating:   4 StarReview Left by: Cath Schiavi on October 5, 2015
Quality : 5 Stars
Value for Money : 4 Stars
Style : 4 Stars

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Excellent product. Works very well. We live on a house boat and this product works very well for us.
Overall Rating:   5 StarReview Left by: hales jane on October 2, 2015
Quality : 5 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 5 Stars

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easy to fit does the job
Overall Rating:   4 StarReview Left by: bennett brothers building contractors ltd on September 30, 2015
Quality : 5 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 4 Stars

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Fitted this three years ago now. It was simple to fit and had transformed a small under stairs cupboard into a very useful toilet. It has performed without any trouble at all. I am a DIY installer and this was well within my capability.
Overall Rating:   3 StarReview Left by: chris jackson on September 30, 2015
Quality : 0 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 4 Stars

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