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Macerator Pumps

In a perfect world, your toilets will all be installed above ground and can easily use gravity to help the waste travel to its destination. But in many homes, necessity places the toilet in the basement and below grade installations, where it may be more difficult to get the waste up and out to the sewer line. That's why macerator pumps were created. They're designed to grind up waste and make it easier to move, helping to push the waste to where it belongs quickly and efficiently. They can be used in lieu of normal waste pipes at times, allowing you to place a toilet in areas that it might be difficult to install in normally, such as on a concrete slab. While many installations can be carried out as normal, it's important for those that need an alternative to know that high-quality macerator pumps are available. With pumps produced by high-quality companies like Saniflo and Stuart, you can rest easily knowing that your toilet will function the way you need it to every time, regardless of where you have it installed.


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