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MHS Radiators


With more than 30 years’ experience, MHS Radiators are the acknowledged leaders in making and supplying heating accessories with a base in Basildon, Essex. Operating throughout UK, the company has its own warehousing facilities and a dedicated team constantly on the field for sales and after-sales service. The company not only supplies radiators, but also provides system design guidance to installers and specifiers. The brand has an awe inspiring collection of heating products, as well as accessories.

These include radiators with towel hanging options, which are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms providing practical functionality and style. It also has Designer radiators that are more akin to art pieces with their eclectic styles, patterns and wide range of finishes. Multi Column radiators are another highlight from a special collection, which features lightweight and smart radiators for most modern living spaces. MHS’ Traditional Cast Iron range caters to those who prefer their aesthetics on the Victorian style and are matched with latest technology. Available in a vast array of forms, sizes, energy options and designs, MHS also makes towel rails and valves.

Designer Radiators

Designer Radiators

FROM £198.72
Towel Rails

Towel Rails

FROM £138.24
Column Radiators

Column Radiators

FROM £143.52

Eclectic Styles & Patterns!

Metallics are moving into wet areas, and here we are offering the best radiators available in the UK. You simply can’t go wrong when you choose MHS, as radiators from this brand feature outstanding heat output and are available in various styles and finishes including the popular Anthracite. Streamlined Radiators from this brand, also add a contemporary touch in modern bathrooms. At QS Supplies, we offer these stunning designer products at bargain prices.


MHS Zaros Horizontal Aluminium Designer Radiator 1200 x 600mm

MHS Zaros Horizontal Aluminium Designer Radiator 1200 x 600mm
£773.76 ££967.20 QS-V83147

Combining comfort and elegance, the graceful MHS Zaros Designer Radiator projecting 119mm, is perfect for installation in hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms. This practical radiator comes in fine textured white finish and will not only enhance the decor of the location but also fulfill its purpose effectively.  Suitable for central heating systems only, it requires an operating water pressure of up to 10 bar. To match the decor of modern homes, it is available in many sizes and carries a 10-year guarantee from manufacturer. Find this horizontal Aluminium marvel at a reasonable price at our web store.

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MHS Viola Horizontal Designer Radiator 1200 x 505mm
£363.84RRP: £454.80QS-V7142

Unassuming and mesmerizingly modern, this magnificent MHS Viola Horizontal Designer Radiator is a definite style runner in your bathroom. Performs brilliantly to warm-up your homes and offers comfort in chilly winter weather. This high-quality warmer comes in fine white texture and is also available in many other finishes. Using the latest heating technology, it is ideal for heating up your bathrooms, kitchen and homes. The magnificent radiator complements most classic or modern interiors. It is constructed from best quality steel and performs flawlessly for many years down-the-line.

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MHS Viola Horizontal Designer Radiator 1200 x 505mm - HH11-505-12
MHS Mood Anthracite Designer Radiator 300 x 1800mm - MOO 11 1180030

MHS Mood Anthracite Designer Radiator 300 x 1800mm
£420.47 ££525.60 QS-V77016

Design concepts for home appliances are evolving rapidly and becoming simpler, uncluttered and easier to maintain. Ready for the future, MHSs Mood Designer Radiator portrays this refreshingly new concept and comes with a smooth anthracite finish body. Install it and get ready to enjoy a warm and relaxing day. Its minimalist design blends seamlessly with any décor, and it makes its presence felt by its performance. Low on maintenance it is backed by a guarantee of 5 years against any manufacturing flaw and is suitable for use with closed heating systems only. Its valves are available optionally.

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MHS Soul Dual Fuel Adjustable Towel Rail 550 x 1418mm
£441.60RRP: £552.00QS-V83061

The MHS Soul Towel Rail is exceedingly versatile as it offers the convenience of a towel warmer and the benefits of a limited output radiator. It provides you plenty of space to hang and dry your towels as well as infuse a little warmth in the bathrooms surrounding area. It offers you the option to connect to an electric source which is extremely practical as during summer,central heating is usually switched off which turns out to be a great energy saving feature. Finished in luxuriant traffic white, this sturdy steel towel rail is capable of quickly heating and drying damp towels and clothing.

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MHS Soul Dual Fuel Adjustable Towel Rail 550 x 1418mm
MHS Matrix Vertical Designer Radiator 280 x 1600mm - MXVL-16-B-0280

MHS Matrix Vertical Designer Radiator 280 x 1600mm
£433.91 ££542.40 QS-V71210

Banish harsh winters, once and for all with the stunning Matrix Designer Radiator from MHS, the creators of high fashion and functional radiators. The flat fronted panel emits enough heat output to adequately and evenly heat the entire room using the convection method. The sophisticated white finish of this radiator allows you to blend it with any interior while the vertical design engages less space for installation. The tremendous heat output of this radiator can render enormous comfort and keep you and your family warm and cozy. The 5 year guarantee from MHS will give you a hint of how reliable this radiator could be.

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MHS Funky Heated Towel Rail 500 x 1423mm
£241.92RRP: £302.40QS-V83070

Give your home a funky look and indulge your senses with the warm magnetism of the MHS Funky range Heated Towel Rail. It has a tubular, comb-like contemporary design with an exclusive coating to give you a superior accessory that matches any elite decor. Constructed with latest techniques, this Heated Towel rail proves its usefulness when you have instantly warm towels available whenever the need arises. It is unmatched on performance and durability thanks to its superb steel body. It requires an operating pressure of up to 4 bar and is available in a rainbow of colours that are bright and uplifting.

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MHS Funky Heated Towel Rail 500 x 1423mm - FUN011142050
MHS Sax Horizontal Designer Radiator 630 x 560mm - SHS011056063

MHS Sax Horizontal Designer Radiator 630 x 560mm
£446.40 ££558.00 QS-V83348

Modern designs and latest technology have always remained the priority for MHS, which is one of the leading manufacturers of heating appliances such as Radiators and Towel Rails. Having dimensions that fit effortlessly on the walls, this magnificent heating appliance is finished in traffic White adding elegance to your homes and bathrooms. Made from high quality steel, it can be installed with your existing central heating system. Works with an operating pressure of up to 4 bar, this radiator is backed by a 5-year guarantee. Buy it at a pleasing price from your friendly online store.

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MHS Arc Single Designer Radiator 250 x 1800mm
£433.15RRP: £451.20QS-V77134

Unrivalled performance and inherent beauty are what you want for your home. MHS, one of the leading companies tries to meet your demands and presents this Single Panel Designer Radiator from its Arc series. The exclusively designed heating element is made from top-quality stainless steel and comes with brushed finish, for an endless charm. It keeps your living environment warm, welcoming and cosy, during winters and also pleases you with its best performance and perfection. Lightweight and easy to install, it requires minimal care and maintenance and will provide flawless long-term service.

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MHS Arc Single Designer Radiator 250 x 1800mm - ARS 03 1 180025
MHS Duoline Designer Radiator Sizes Available - DUO 01 1 150022

MHS Duoline Designer Radiator 225 x 1500mm
£203.99 ££246.00 QS-V36043

The MHS Duoline Designer Radiator will fulfill all expectations in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The extra-slim radiator has delicate exterior and sturdy steel construction for effective functioning. Available in a range of sizes, white finish as well as in attractive colours to suit varying wall dimensions and colour-schemes, it will captivate you completely. Whats more a 5-year guarantee from MHS assures you of its superior durability and covers it against manufacturing defects, if any.

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MHS Path White Finish Designer Radiator 500 x 1800mm
£767.96RRP: £960.00QS-V71238

When you buy a Designer radiator, you make a style statement in your space. This chic product is brought to you from the Path series of MHS, a company that has evolved to be one of the largest makers of top-class radiators in UK. This vertically designed heating wonder has charming columns with curved fronts that facilitate high heat output that will keep your home warm and cosy. In fact, every unit of this product has been checked to ensure that it conforms to highest performance standards.  It comes in two attractive finishes of Anthracite and white finish and a range of sizes.

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MHS Path White Finish Designer Radiator 500 x 1800mm - PAT 01 1 180050

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