Toilet Seats: Soft Close & Conventional

You may not think much about your toilet seat on a regular basis, but like most things in the bathroom, WC seats can be a blend of both function and style. The toilet seat is one of the more visible pieces of the toilet design, and it's also one of the pieces of your bathroom that gets a lot of use daily. That's why we offer hundreds of choices when it comes to both function and style, so you can choose which is more important to you. Choose from highly stylish solid wood toilet seats with chrome hinges to make a statement in the bathroom. Or choose a white, acrylic thermoset seat with quick release attachments for easy cleaning. And if you have someone in your household that's constantly letting the seat bang shut, consider investing in a soft close seat, with anti-slam features that keep your seat operating quietly. You can also opt for comfort as well, getting seats that are moulded and formed to be more comfortable than the average lid. We carry seats from top brands such as Roper Rhodes, Ideal Standard, and Twyford, so you can rest assured that what you're getting is quality.




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