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Copper Fittings

Copper Fittings

Copper pipes not only look good, but they can be very easy to install and they’re pretty durable too.

Although the use of copper pipework started in the Victorian era, it is still used today. This is because copper is resistant to corrosion, it heats up quickly and bacterial find it very hard to grow on copper.


Copper pipes are rigid, so they are more stable than other pipes and they can even be bent around other pipework or materials, so fewer joints are needed. This also makes copper pipes fairly easy to install as it can save a lot of time and labour costs.

Resistant to light rays

These pipes are very resistant to ultraviolet rays. Whereas some pipes may be affected by sunlight if they are used outside, copper pipes have no trouble withstanding ultraviolet rays. This is why you can often find copper gas and water pipes on the exterior of buildings.

Cost effective

Copper piping is a very cost effective material as it’s durable and rigid. This is why it’s the instant choice of those who work in the building industry. Copper may seem expensive in comparison to other materials, but thanks to its longevity and the fact that copper pipes rarely need replacing, it costs less in the long run.

Copper piping is a very cost effective material

Toxic gases

In the event of a fire, many pipes such as plastic pipes will product toxic gases that could damage your health. Copper piping does not, so make sure you buy the non-flammable copper if there is a risk of fire.


Copper pipes have been known to freeze in cold temperatures, so it’s imperative you do all you can to prevent this from occurring. Some pipes have foam or fibre insulation wrapped around them in order to keep them from freezing.


While many pipe materials have limited uses, copper pipes have a wide number of uses. This type of pipe can be used in:

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