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Geberit is an exclusive bathroom fittings brand established in 1874 by Albert Gebert at St. Gallenkappel, Switzerland. In 1905, the company manufactured the first-ever wood lined cistern called the “Phoenix”, which became the cornerstone for its future business path. The official name of Gerberit was adopted in 1953, with products being made out of modern materials like plastic and exported to neighbouring countries. Over the next few decades, the company expanded to establish manufacturing units and retail outlets in other places, such as Vienna, China, Italy and the USA. In 1997, a British concern, Doughty Hansen & Co. took over Gerberit.

The company has won several awards for its management policies and for its products. The focus of the company is on quality, innovation in design and enhanced experience on using their products. Committed to water-conservation and sustainability, the company has awards such as "LEED" in the USA, "MINERGIE" in Switzerland, "Green Mark" in Singapore and the "German Sustainable Building Certificate".

Dual Flush Plate

Dual Flush Plate

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A Full Range of Geberit Products

As mentioned above the company was established 125 years ago and has successfully built its reputation in high class plumbing system. Their WC Frames and Concealed Cisterns is the first choice of plumbers throughout the world. Flush Plates and Monolith from Geberit features grand design and is really a grand innovation. Using intuitive creative skills that have been honed by years of experience and combined with advanced technology, the brand also manufactured the awesome Duofix WC Frames and concealed cisterns, which is visually and stunning and highly practical. We stock a full range of products from this brand including Monolith, Plates, Concealed Cisterns and WC Frames. If you have any queries regarding any of the products listed in this category, do not hesitate to give us a call at 0116 251 0051.


Geberit Duofix WC Frame 112cm With Sigma UP320 Cistern 12cm-111.384.00.5

Geberit Duofix WC Frame 1120mm With Sigma UP320 Cistern 120mm 111.384.00.5 Brand Review Star
£168.71 £312.42 QS-V39525

Give a massive support to the WC Pan with this immensely strong Duofix WC Frame, which comes from the reputed manufacturer, Geberit. Complete with cistern that can store up to 6 liter water, this frame comes in blue powder coated finish. While keeping the cistern concealed, the robust WC frame, can be easily fitted with downloadable instruction from the Technical Tab.

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Geberit Duofix WC Frame H82 With Kappa UP200 Cistern 15cm-

Geberit Duofix WC Frame H82 With Kappa UP200 Cistern 150mm Brand Review Star
£190.50RRP: £352.78QS-V39528

The latest Duofix WC Support Frame is designed by Geberit, to provide immense comfort for your daily routine. Despite being concealed under the wall, this frame gives massive support to your wall hung WC. The cistern that comes along with the frame makes it delightfully practical. Complete with necessary fittings, this WC frame, can be easily installed.

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Geberit Sigma Concealed Cistern 8cm Up720 With Front Actuation

Geberit Sigma Concealed Cistern 8cm Up720 With Front Actuation 109.792.00.1 Brand Review Star
£118.57 £219.58 QS-V16030

With its innovative system solutions in the fields of sanitary and piping systems, Geberit continuously sets new trends. These branded products are noted for high quality, longevity and easy installation. This awe-inspiring cistern and fitting is made for the modern bathroom design, utilising wall hung technology, or floor standing WC. Geberit Cisterns are ideal to fit snugly in any washroom and provide an economical flush solution, which is not only advantageous for the environment but cost saving too. Making the bathroom space ever so hygienic and functional, this smart accessory has been manufactured by unmatched expertise and craftsmanship that ultimately form a complete bathroom solution.

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Geberit Sigma Concealed Cistern 12cm UP320 - 109.309.00.5

Geberit Sigma Concealed Cistern 12cm UP320 109.309.00.5 Brand Review Star
£92.84RRP: £171.92QS-V39530

Geberit presents a supremely practical and enchantingly allure, Dual Flush WC Cistern. This white finished, concealed cistern can be a splendid addition in bathrooms that prefer to save water. Smart features coupled with outstanding reliability, make this cistern, best value for money. Available at marginal cost from QS Supplies, this concealed cistern, can be all yours, instantly.

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Geberit Duofix 1120mm WC Frame With Sigma UP320 12cm Cistern

Geberit Duofix 1120mm WC Frame With Sigma UP320 12cm Cistern 111.383.00.5 Brand Review Star
£201.85 £373.80 QS-V16056

To boost the functionality of your bathroom, Geberit introduces the Duofix WC Frame with Cistern. The intelligently designed fixture in Ultramarine blue will add a unique touch to your bathroom decor while allowing you to fix a wall-hung WC unit. Includes a Sigma concealed cistern that is made from high-quality material for strength and durability. Compatible with Sigma 10 or Tango flush plates, it comes with dual and single flush buttons and a protective cover. A complete package for installing the WC, it includes all necessary fixings.

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