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Geberit is an exclusive bathroom fittings brand established in 1874 by Albert Gebert at St. Gallenkappel, Switzerland. In 1905, the company manufactured the first-ever wood lined cistern called the “Phoenix”, which became the cornerstone for its future business path. The official name of Gerberit was adopted in 1953, with products being made out of modern materials like plastic and exported to neighbouring countries. Over the next few decades, the company expanded to establish manufacturing units and retail outlets in other places, such as Vienna, China, Italy and the USA. In 1997, a British concern, Doughty Hansen & Co. took over Gerberit.

The company has won several awards for its management policies and for its products. The focus of the company is on quality, innovation in design and enhanced experience on using their products. Committed to water-conservation and sustainability, the company has awards such as "LEED" in the USA, "MINERGIE" in Switzerland, "Green Mark" in Singapore and the "German Sustainable Building Certificate".



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A Full Range of Geberit Products

As mentioned above the company was established 125 years ago and has successfully built its reputation in high class plumbing system. Their WC Frames and Concealed Cisterns is the first choice of plumbers throughout the world. Flush Plates and Monolith from Geberit features grand design and is really a grand innovation. Using intuitive creative skills that have been honed by years of experience and combined with advanced technology, the brand also manufactured the awesome Duofix WC Frames and concealed cisterns, which is visually and stunning and highly practical. We stock a full range of products from this brand including Monolith, Plates, Concealed Cisterns and WC Frames. If you have any queries regarding any of the products listed in this category, do not hesitate to give us a call at 0116 251 0051.


Geberit Sigma30 Plastic Dual Flush Plate Gloss Chrome And Matt Chrome

Geberit Sigma30 Plastic Dual Flush Plate Gloss Chrome And Matt Chrome
£60.53 ££112.10 QS-V6801

The Geberit Sigma 30 Dual Flush Plate is neat and compact combining visual elegance with everyday functionality. It features large rectangular buttons for easy flushing.  Built to last, it is crafted from plastic giving it a sleek minimalist style which makes it perfect for inclusion in contemporary bathrooms. Its dual flush control offers an ecologically sensitive approach allowing the user to flush with the appropriate level of water for a full or half flush depending upon the nature of use and requirement.

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Geberit PE Flush Pipe Extension For Concealed Cistern
£4.21RRP: £4.29QS-V25632

Geberit introduces this basic but essential Flush Pipe Extension that is made for Concealed Cistern. Used for extension of outlet sleeves, it is made of highly durable polyethylene or PE. Polyethylene is a good insulator, resists caustic materials, it is almost unbreakable and is environment-friendly while being able to stand-up to high temperatures as well as frosty cold. With a diameter of 45 mm, the extension can be fitted to an overflow pipe cone and will perform without failure for the long term. Whats more, its just a click away at www.qssupplies.com at an unbeatable price.

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Geberit PE Flush Pipe Extension For Concealed Cistern -
Geberit Sigma01 Pneumatic Operated Urinal Flush Control Gloss Chrome

Geberit Sigma01 Pneumatic Operated Urinal Flush Control Gloss Chrome Brand Review Star
£105.36 ££184.11 QS-V16025

Geberit Sigma01 Urinal Flush Control is specially designed for assembly in urinal installation set. It comes with manual actuation of urinals and has a low actuation force.  Made of Plastic with securing bar, it includes a pneumatic valve with the control pre-mounted on a mounting frame. Finished in white, gloss chrome or matt chrome, it is versatile enough to be used in various locations. Choose one to match your requirement from our online store at a special price. The brand name is synonymous with quality and inspires reliability.

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Geberit Dual Flush Valve Type 290 For Ceramic Cistern
£42.83RRP: £56.05QS-V25710

If you are looking to purchase a new cistern to replace your old ceramic cistern just because of a defective flush valve, you are spared the cost of a new one simply by purchasing the Geberit Dual FlushValve that is appropriate to your cistern. It is supplied with an actuator and threaded rod for fastening the cistern cover. It is available in gloss chrome or striking blue finish. It features an adjustable flush volume that is designed to save water which is beneficial to water conservation and your utility bills.

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Geberit Dual Flush Valve Type 290 For Ceramic Cistern - 282.350.21.2
Geberit Hytronic186 Battery Supply Infra-Red Sensor Tap -

Geberit Hytronic186 Battery Supply Infra-Red Sensor Tap Brand Review Star
£367.00 ££681.08 QS-V14024

The famous brassware manufacturer, Geberit brings to you the Hytronic 186 soothing Sensor Tap. It rejuvenates your senses with aqua pleasures like no other during your washing-up moments. Crafted with vandal-proof sensor technology, it is perfect for public areas at worktops or sinks. This chrome-plated brass creation may be favourably used with hot or cold water connection.  Features a self-calibrating, infra-red control and a host of useful features that make it extremely efficient. Comes complete with power supply and fastening material and offers a flow rate of 6 litres per minute. This wonderful faucet can be operated using mains supply or can be battery powered.

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Geberit Touchless WC Flush Control For Single Flush Brand Review Star
£377.08RRP: £675.13QS-V25605

Geberit brings you the cleverly crafted and useful WC Flush Control for Single Flush. Designed for easy use, it is crafted from high quality stainless steel that assures durability and comes with low noise lifting mechanism and manual, touchless flush release. Its smooth gloss chrome finish is attractive and requires minimal effort to keep it spotless and will appeal to discerning buyers who value style and quality, who will also love its infra-red touch-free operation.

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Geberit Touchless WC Flush Control For Single Flush - 115.857.21.1
Geberit Hytouch Sigma10 Mains Supply Urinal Flush Control-White-Gold

Geberit Hytouch Sigma10 Mains Supply Urinal Flush Control-White-Gold
£408.04 ££755.63 QS-V14007

This new brilliantly designed Sigma10 Urinal Flush Control from Geberit will improve the efficacy of the urinal. This can be used when assembling a urinal installation set and comes with an actuator and cover plate with an infra-red window.  Includes power supply unit, solenoid valve, fastening material, Infra-red control and is pre-mounted on mounting frame. Made from top-quality material, it sports many ravishing finishes to dress-up the bath area. Especially designed for automatic flush actuation but controlled by the user, it has an in-built power-failure control system.  A host of other features makes this a fixture a must-have in every urinal set-up.

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Geberit Hytronic87 Mains Powered Sensor Tap With Internal Mixer Brand Review Star
£444.19RRP: £822.57QS-V14013

The Hytronic87Sensor tap-one of the creations of Geberit will enhance your washbasin with convenience and style. It carries a sleek and slender form, graced with a wondrous glossy chrome finish that complements most bathroom settings. This basin mixer incorporates internal mixing techniques and is supplied with a square back plate. The faucet is crafted for wall-mounting and being vandal proof, is well suited for public or semi-public areas. It has a self-calibrating infra-red control, adjustable interval function, water saver program and other functions that can be pre-set.  It is made from brass and die cast zinc that endures daily use.

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Geberit Hytronic87 Mains Powered Sensor Tap With Internal Mixer
Geberit Sigma Concealed Cistern 12cm UP320 - 109.309.00.5

Geberit Sigma Concealed Cistern 12cm UP320 Brand Review Star
£86.76 ££160.67 QS-V39530

Geberit presents a supremely practical and enchantingly allure, Dual Flush WC Cistern. This white finished, concealed cistern can be a splendid addition in bathrooms that prefer to save water. Smart features coupled with outstanding reliability, make this cistern, best value for money. Available at marginal cost from QS Supplies, this concealed cistern, can be all yours, instantly.

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Geberit Kappa20 Dual Flush Plate Matt Chrome Brand Review Star
£35.03RRP: £60.40QS-V19180

Geberit Kappa20 Dual Flush Plate is a creation that is visually appealing and functionally reliable. It is made of high quality plastic and available in an array of exhilarating finishes to customize as per your tastes and preferences. The contemporary design encompasses round shapes that perfectly complement modern sanitary-ware. It is integrated with a technology that has devised a great way to save water by providing for a full flush and a half flush by using the big and small round buttons respectively. Complete with sound absorbing actuator rods, distance rods and fastening material, it also offers a quick and easy installation. It is suited for use with the Kappa concealed cistern 15 cm with low construction which allows for top or front actuation of the flush plate.

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Geberit Kappa20 Dual Flush Plate Matt Chrome -

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