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Kaldewei Steel Baths & Shower Trays

Kaldewei is the no 1 brand in Europe for Steel bath tubs. All Steel bath tubs from Kaldewei comes with a guarantee of 30 years. Steel bath tubs compared to acrylic baths are strong and durable, and last long enough. Kaldewei is well known and have mastered in the art of enameling and showed off their skills by manufacturing matt finish, anti-slip and slim shower tray. Apart from Trays, all products from Kaldewei are, easy to clean. The easy clean finish in Kaldewei steel bath and shower trays are unique. Water simply trickles down the surface and takes all lime scale and dirt particles along with the water flow. That is why Kaldewei baths are much easier to clean and look after than plastic ones.

All bathroom products manufactured by Kaldewei are visually pleasing, and comes in a variety of sizes. Kaldewei has a solution for almost every bathroom in Europe. Kaldewei baths with its clear visual effect with superior form harmonise superbly with other bathroom decoration. Steel baths from Kaldewei are in massive demand, in Europe. Strong and Durable function of steel bath makes them last long. Steel baths come with a guarantee for 30 Years. So, if you are considering for a bath which long lasts, Kaldewei would be an ideal choice for your bathroom.

The clean and minimalist look of steel baths from Kaldewei has the ability, to bring added splendor in any bathroom. As these baths will last for a decade, it’s recommended consult a skilled plumber to fit these baths. Steel Baths from Kaldewei are available in a variety of sizes and is available in more than 20 different finishes. The different design styles of Kaldewei steel baths offer a wide choice for customers and allow them to pick their choice from a wide range of choices. Kaldewei is an unrivalled company, and we at QS Supplies, are product to continue to offer the highest quality products from Kaldewei.