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White Bathrooms Design Ideas & Inspiration

Published on: 08/03/2018
Last Updated: 27/06/2020
15 White Bathroom Inspirations

Colours give shape to our dreams, they are nature's gift and make life that much more scenic and wonderful. Their scope is beyond the ordinary and colours are used in various therapies and affect the psychology as well as mood. Remember the time when as a kid you compared everything, including colours in your home. Some of us are colour crazy and have a weird fetish for crazy design everywhere be it the living room or bathroom. On the other hand, there are those who are certifiably obsessed with all things neutral and relaxed, be it on personal items, the chandelier or the bathtub.

"White" is the most common neutral; it signifies innocence and purity. It is perceived as the colour of peace and brings coolness. The snowcapped peaks are white, nurturing milk is white and so is the bunch of lilies in the garden. It spells minimalism and a simplistic approach. It contrasts or blends with most of the other colours of the spectrum including its opposite “Black.”

When shopping for paint, do you think back on your favourite colours, do you engage in a dialogue with yourself and gauge the personality of the finished look in the space down to the little detail such as the rugs and cushions? If you do then, you are at the right place. We are here to guide you through White Bathrooms. You can also check out our Green, Blue, Pink Bathroom Ideas. and Grey Bathroom Ideas.

White Bathroom Idea

Have you seen something that is so visually distinct than this bathroom? Minimal and majestic, this is a modern space where white has been strategically used, with plain and textured elements on the wall. Notice the interesting use of rectangular mirrors and geometric tiles!

Traditional White Bathrooms

Check out the classic use of white in this very modern space. Interestingly, the shade has been used both on the wall and the plumbing fixtures. The central bathtub is elegance personified. Its stark, sterile quality is broken by splashes of light from the french windows and the earthy brown rug.

White Bathroom

Here, the designer has combined rustic brown colour with the pure and textured tub. Huge mirrors on the backsplash add opulence and give the illusion of space. Everything else is white, from the floor to the central basin. The checkered panel of the showering area breaks the monotony of this neutral hue.

White Bathroom Ideas

The colour of choice to create the illusion of space is White. When used together with opulent mirrors and huge french windows, this bathroom has a double effect of space and light.

White Bathroom

Warm tones are the greatest compliment to white. The chandelier lights and other decorative pieces with the central darker, richer tones of the vanity create the right blend. The contemporary theme of this bathroom adds to the mysterious aura.

White Subway Tile Bathroom

The first thing you notice in this bathroom is the brightness and light that surrounds the tub, thanks to the White subway tiles in the background. The washbasin in white and mirror on the backsplash lends it authenticity while the black countertop gives it the perfect contrast.

White Subway Tile Bathroom

White is refreshing, pure and light. The colour is used on the wall and roof to add brightness to the rustic brown fixtures installed here. The window brings in much-desired sunlight creating a lush, bright bathroom. Sitting in the white tub will give you the daily dose of Vitamin D.

White Bathroom

This bathroom is bright and elegant, thanks to a generous use of white and opulent glass. The modern white tub sits in one corner and yet gets our undivided attention while the opulent showering area is the focal point.

White Bathroom with Marble Decor

This marbled space seems to take inspiration from the Taj Mahal. Textured marble gives it brightness and takes away from the boring monotony of stark white while glass panels and windows add brightness.

White Bathrooms

This master bathroom benefits from the generous use of white subway tiles with black borders in the backsplash. Pops of black colour present a gorgeous contrast to the white, subway wall. An opulent bright mirror is just the right pick.

White Bathroom

This exotic space used white everywhere including on the victorian doors and huge vanity. The chest of drawers in white make this a specular bathroom with impressive storage. Textured countertop and black brassware contrast superbly with the white background. The huge mirrors and cluster lights double the space.

Traditional White Bathroom

This bathroom is a vision in white with the marble countertop and majestic vanity taking centre stage. The traditional vanity unit has vertically and horizontally arranged drawers while another chest of drawers provides additional storage. The huge Victorian style mirror brings warmth to this all-white ensemble.

White Bathroom with Huge Wetroom

This pristine white bathroom has a relaxed serenity that is instantly attractive. Smart use of opulent glass and mirrors widen the view while the many big and small lights update it effectively. The two huge windows invite the outdoors inside, adding drama to this massive bathroom.

White Subway Tile Bathroom

This space shows you the magic you can create with white subway tiles. A marble hexagonal tiled floor complements the modern white wall and vanity. The black countertop adds interest to the white vanity. Vintage brassware creates a fabulous look.

White Subway Tile Bathroom

This all white setting gets an extraordinary flavour due to the printed white curtain. Thanks to its rich, vintage vanity and brassware, this interior brings out the best in traditional design!

Sarabeth Asaff

Sarabeth Asaff
Sarabeth Asaff is a former kitchen and bathroom designer who now works as a home and garden industry writer and expert. She has a working knowledge of all areas of the home improvement industry, and specialises in functional design and material advice.