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99 Bathroom Layouts - Floor Plans & Ideas

Published on: 07/07/2020
Last Updated: 07/07/2020
99 Bathroom Layouts - Plans & Ideas

Whether you are planning a new bathroom or simply renovating an old one, there are some factors that must be kept in mind before narrowing down to the final layout. Maximising the use of space and the advantage of getting all the desired fixtures can clearly add comfort. It is essential to calculate the overall space, its dimensions, shape as well as configurations for plumbing fixtures and cabinets. Decide whether you want a tub or just a shower as well as every other element to enhance your bathroom experience.

Here, at QS Supplies, we have showcased 99 Bathroom layouts in three dimensional imagery. These layouts are inspired by Kohler floor plans and modified by our experts. These layout designs are meant for both home and office bathrooms which you could follow and get miles ahead in your project and save loads of time. Besides Bathrooms, we also have a complete guide kitchen layouts, if you are looking for kitchen floor plans.

Floor Plan 1

Bathroom Layout 1Enlarge

This classy bathroom model has all the elements based on the rectangle shape, from the large corner bathtub to the superb ultra modern sink and even the tiles are checkered and symmetrical. The placement of the bathtub next to a rectangular mirror makes the best use of space and removes the need for artificial light in the room.

Size: 8'-0" x 5'-0" 40 Sq. Ft
Width: 84 Inch Length: 60 Inch

Floor Plan 2

Square Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

Every element in this bathroom is placed to make the best use of the space available. The square shape is prominent everywhere while the placement of the shower cubicle alongside the sink is great for saving space. The WC at the other end is compact and intelligently placed.

Size: 7'-6" x 8'-0" 60 Sq. Ft
Width: 90 Inch Length: 96 Inch

Floor Plan 3

Small Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

In this layout the bathroom takes centre stage at the head of the room while the sink and toilet are placed on either ends facing each other. Such a layout allows placement of these fixtures in a small space with sufficient space in the centre.

Size: 6'-2" x 11'-0" 62 Sq. Ft
Width: 114 Inch Length: 132 Inch

Floor Plan 4

Corner Bthroom LayoutEnlarge

This space carries a modern hexagonal shape so as to comfortably accommodate the plumbing fixtures and storage. The highlight of the room is the large showering enclosure at the corner. The wall hung storage and bathroom sink also free up floor space in the bathroom.

Size: 7'-6" x 9'-4" 58 Sq. Ft
Width: 90 Inch Length: 112 Inch

Floor Plan 5

Square Small Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

Create a modern Oasis in the bathroom with the use of a glass partition. Keeping it simple, the designers maximised the use of elements with cleaver placement on both sides of the partition wall. The rectangular edges offer a perfect fit within the overall rectangle layout.

Size: 9'-6" x 9'-0" 85 Sq. Ft
Width: 114 Inch Length: 108 Inch

Floor Plan 6

Square Small Bathroom Layout with Bathtub and Shower AreaEnlarge

This Master Bathroom retreat incorporates a mini bathtub as well as shower enclosure. The bathing area is separated from the sink and the WC with a gorgeous glass partition that modernises the space. The sink is placed inside a narrow countertop attached to the wall and the WC is at the opposite end.

Size: 10'-6" x 9'-9" 101 Sq. Ft
Width: 126 Inch Length: 117 Inch

Floor Plan 7

Square Bathroom Layout with Shower Enclosure and BathtubEnlarge

Partition walls are versatile elements that allow you to create inspiring layouts. Our designers have used an L shaped partition to create a soothing space for the bathtub. The layout also includes a rectangular showering cubicle and a double sink, making the bathroom ideal for family use.

Size: 9'-6" x 11'-8" 111 Sq. Ft
Width: 114 Inch Length: 140 Inch

Floor Plan 8

Small Bathroom Layout with Two Bathroom SinksEnlarge

The perfect mix of rectangle shaped elements can make a master bathroom design worthy of envy. This room has a layout that allows you the convenience of 2 bathrooms in one, thanks to the partition wall and back to back placement of the fixtures. The door opens into the area with 2 wall hung basins with a comfortably large floor space. Another door opens into the bathing area that holds the tub and toilet.

Size: 9'-0" x 12'-0" 108 Sq. Ft
Width: 108 Inch Length: 144 Inch

Floor Plan 9

Rectangular Bathroom Layout with Enclosure, Toilet and Two Bathroom SinkEnlarge

Make the most of the narrow long bathroom space with this bathroom layout that give you stunning results. The linear arrangement of the sink, showering space and WC allows space for double sinks for the convenience of simultaneous use for 2 people. Rectangular mirrors and glass partitions have been strategically used to max out the compact space.

Size: 6'-10" x 15'-7" 106 Sq. Ft
Width: 187 Inch Length: 82 Inch

Floor Plan 10

Rectangle Bathroom Layout with Shower Enclosure and Bath TubEnlarge

Yet another excellent layout for rectangle shaped bathrooms, this one allows homeowners to install all the desired bathroom ware. The rectangular tub is central to the space and is placed opposite to the door. The sink is on the opposite wall on the same side of the door. Glass partitions are used to give a definition and divide the space for the toilet and storage cabinet as well as the tub and showering area.

Size: 9'-0" x 14'-4" 126 Sq. Ft
Width: 108 Inch Length: 172 Inch

Floor Plan 11

Square Medium Size Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

When you fancy having the luxury of a tub and a showering area both, then consider such a layout for creating your own retreat. This part of the layout includes a compact corner shower tray placed adjacent to a WC. A sturdy glass panel separates this space from the sink and storage cabinet, all in rectangle shapes.

Size: 10'-0" x 10'-2" 100 Sq. Ft
Width: 120 Inch Length: 122 Inch

Floor Plan 12

Square Bathroom Layout with Walk in Shower Enclosure and BathtubEnlarge

This square bathroom floor plan is for homeowners who do not desire a bathtub. There is ample space for a rectangular showering area, opposite to which is a magnificent rectangular countertop basin, attached to the wall. Glass panels separate a toilet and storage, keeping them out of view and confined to a much smaller space.

Size: 7'-5" x 9'-1" 65 Sq. Ft
Width: 89 Inch Length: 109 Inch

Floor Plan 13

Lare Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

This bathroom layout is for spaces that are relatively larger and designed for large families. The door opens into a rectangular area that is designed with 2 basins set upon a narrow long countertop. Opposite to the basin is a wc, adjacent to a storage cabinet. Such an arrangement allows plenty of floor space and light. Separated by a glass partition is an area that has a bathtub attached to a showering area, serving multiple purposes of showering and bathing.

Size: 20'-6" x 11'-0" 220 Sq. Ft
Width: 246 Inch Length: 132 Inch

Floor Plan 14

Large Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

The perfect solution for narrow bathrooms that have length but are short on width. All fixtures used in this kind of layout are rectangular and placed on the longer wall, adjacent to each other, separated by glass panels. On one end of the arrangement is the WC while the showering area on the other. The rectangular tub is large and is placed along the width of the room in the corner, ensuring light and floor space.

Size: 7'-0" x 26'-0" 180 Sq. Ft
Width: 312 Inch Length: 84 Inch

Floor Plan 15

Rectangular Large Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

Do you need something that is visually distinct in your bathroom? This layout showcases 2 parts, one slightly larger area holds a large countertop basin, and on the adjacent wall a smaller basin. The smaller part of the room has a showering area and toilet opposite to it. Fixtures have been strategically used to max out the space with interesting use of round and geometric shapes!

Size: 10'-0" x 14'-6" 150 Sq. Ft
Width: 126 Inch Length: 174 Inch

Floor Plan 16

Large Bathroom Layout with Walk in Shower Enclosure, Bath Tub, Double sinks and more.Enlarge

In this layout, the placement of fixtures use a strategic floor space. Check out the classic use of geometric shapes and glass panels to divide this very modern space. Interestingly, the room opens into a corner bathtub. Placed on the adjacent wall are double basins which have a narrow space saving countertop. Opposite to the basins is the toilet separated by a panel. Another glass panel separates a showering area on the other side of the tub.

Size: 11'-3" x 19'-2" 210 Sq. Ft
Width: 230 Inch Length: 135 Inch

Floor Plan 17

Rectangular Bathroom Layout with Bath and Walk in Shower EnclosureEnlarge

The first thing you notice in this bathroom is the ample space and presence of a bathtub and the walk in shower enclosure, thanks to the smart layout. The bathing space is placed at the back separated by a thick safety glass panel. The main area of the bathroom has a wall mounted double basin, and a toilet on the opposite wall, next to which is a storage unit.

Size: 14'-0" x 12'-0" 167 Sq. Ft
Width: 168 Inch Length: 144 Inch

Floor Plan 18

Large Bathroom Floor Plan with Enclosure Toilet bathtub and bathroom sinkEnlarge

A large inset bathtub and double basins on adjacent walls set the tone for this layout. A much narrower area is reserved for a showering cubicle and toilet, separated by toughened glass panel. When used together with opulent mirrors, the area has a double effect of space and light.

Size: 13'-0" x 18'-0" 200 Sq. Ft
Width: 156 Inch Length: 216 Inch

Floor Plan 19

Bathroom Layout with Rounded WallsEnlarge

Asymmetry is the present space's greatest asset. Seen here are the placement of the modern pieces in a semicircle with opposite rectangle layout, creating the right blend. The geometrically inspired theme creates an interesting layout. A semi circle holds 2 round basins each with mirror cabinets on the adjoining walls. A circular round tub lies directly opposite the door, adjacent to which is a toilet in a narrow cubicle. Opposite to the basins is a circular showing space.

Size: 14'-11" x 13'-11" 178 Sq. Ft
Width: 179 Inch Length: 167 Inch

Floor Plan 20

Bathroom Layout with Large Bath tub, Walk in Shower enclosure, sink and more.Enlarge

This inspirational layout has multiple rectangular inset spaces that can accomodate fixtures of equal measurements and thereby make the best use of space. The central area has a corner shower set-up, on both sides of the shower are elongated basins with rectangle mirrors. A partition is created with marble panels which leads to a narrow space for the toilet and a storage unit. A rectangular tub is placed in the rectangle recessed space opposite to the corner shower.

Size: 16'-0" x 17'-0" 195 Sq. Ft
Width: 192 Inch Length: 204 Inch

Floor Plan 21

Large bathroom LayoutEnlarge

This is a much bigger bathroom which opens to reveal a central showering area. At the opposite end is a spacious area that accommodates the toilet and bidet. On either side of the shower enclosure is a layout that is perfectly symmetrical, i.e., the elements on one wall are a perfect reflection of those on the opposite wall.

Size: 15'-0" x 16'-3" 231 Sq. Ft
Width: 180 Inch Length: 195 Inch

Floor Plan 22

Large Bathroom Layout with Storage Unit and Two Bath tubsEnlarge

This square bathroom is bright and elegant, warmed up by square plumbing fixtures and storage. The central area has a long basin behind which is a tub and shower area which gets our undivided attention. Both adjacent walls are symmetrical with storage cabinets, while glass panels work as separators and create brightness.

Size: 16'-10" x 20'-2" 290 Sq. Ft
Width: 202 Inch Length: 242 Inch

Floor Plan 23

Large Bathroom Layout with Shower Enclosure, Bath Tub, Toilet and Bidet.Enlarge

This layout is narrow and asymmetrical, resembling a stack of rectangular and square spaces to accommodate the various sanitary ware. Each area is separated from the other with panels for a neat finish. The fixtures are all arranged on the wall opposite to the entryway with the shower cubicle on one end and the toilet at the other.

Size: 12'-0" x 25'-5" 228 Sq. Ft
Width: 305 Inch Length: 144 Inch

Floor Plan 24

Large Rectanglular Bathroom Layout with Two Walk in Shower Enclosures, bath tubs, bathroom sink and toiletEnlarge

This rectangular bathroom accommodates plumbing fixtures on both ends of the wall in a neat mix of square and round formats. At the corner are 2 square shower enclosures, adjacent to one of them is a huge bathtub separated from which is the toilet. Opposite to the tub are 2 sinks with huge mirrors in the middle of both. A lavish layout for a family bathroom.

Size: 13'-8" x 23'-1" 282 Sq. Ft
Width: 277 Inch Length: 164 Inch

Floor Plan 25

Square Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

This master bathroom benefits from the generous use of mirrors, windows and panels with bright sunlight filtering in through the stylish windows. The layout has 2 clear areas, the first one is large with a double basin and toilet on opposite ends. The showering area at the back is demarcated by the glass panel and allows a magnificent relaxing retreat.

Size: 14'-3" x 10'-0" 140 Sq. Ft
Width: 171 Inch Length: 120 Inch

Floor Plan 26

Standard Size Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

Make use of the width of this space for a dramatic and effective layout. The basin and toilet are placed at opposite ends. The textured floor and backsplash provide the perfect backdrop for the central tub while rectangular walls make a statement keeping the entire area minimal.

Size: 8'-0" x 14'-9" 96 Sq. Ft
Width: 96 Inch Length: 177 Inch

Floor Plan 27

Large Bathroom Layout with Two Bathroom SinksEnlarge

Two large rectangular spaces are divided by the glass door in the centre. One side is the grooming area with double basin and mirrors while the other is dedicated to refreshing baths and showers. The minimalist bathroom has a relaxed serenity that is instantly attractive. Smart use of opulent glass and mirrors widen the view.

Size: 10'-0" x 12'-9" 127 Sq. Ft
Width: 120 Inch Length: 153 Inch

Floor Plan 28

Square Small Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

Rectangles with square windows and floor area create the right effect in this one of a kind layout for a smaller bathroom. A complete corner is dedicated to housing the massive tub with an attached shower, so it doubles up as shower and bath area. Basin and WC on the front wall keep clutter out and open up the floor.

Size: 6'-6" x 9'-5" 60 Sq. Ft
Width: 78 Inch Length: 113 Inch

Floor Plan 29

Rectangle Small Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

Make intelligent use of the width of the bathroom that fit a showering area of exact measurements as the length of the corner. Opposite to the showering area is the large window that adds natural light. Placing the sink and toilet on the front wall leaves lots of floor space for users to comfortably move around.

Size: 5'-9" x 11'-8" 67 Sq. Ft
Width: 69 Inch Length: 140 Inch

Floor Plan 30

Small Cloakroom LayoutEnlarge

The elegance of this space is in its simple layout. It is amazing how the use of rectangular and square lines of the basin at one end paired with the fluid shape of the WC at the other can uplift the mood of this room.

Size: 3'-0" x 8'-0" 24 Sq. Ft
Width: 36 Inch Length: 96 Inch

Floor Plan 31

Cornered Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

This layout is ideal for a pentagonal shaped space that showcases minimalism at its best. Just 2 fixtures have been accommodated in this small area for a neat finish making this layout ideal for a powder room.

Size: 6'-4" x 7'-4" 36 Sq. Ft
Width: 76 Inch Length: 88 Inch

Floor Plan 32

Small Cloakroom LayoutEnlarge

The wonders of the square shape are evident in this layout with oval shaped fixtures complementing the square room. The basin and toilet are separated by a solid panel making this another option for a small powder or cloakroom.

Size: 5'-6" x 7'-0" 39 Sq. Ft
Width: 66 Inch Length: 84 Inch

Floor Plan 33

Large Cloakroom LayoutEnlarge

The powder room depicts modernity in all its minimalism with just the use of a central basin with the toilet at the side. The addition of a rectangular window adds much needed light and elongates the space.

Size: 5'-0" x 6'-0" 24 Sq. Ft
Width: 60 Inch Length: 72 Inch

Floor Plan 34

Large Cloakroom LayoutEnlarge

Everything in this room is square or rectangular except the curves of the WC. The layout uses the basin and the toilet against the same wall, separated by the glass panel and creates a relaxed yet spacious interior. The window finds the perfect corner.

Size: 8'-3" x 6'-0" 50 Sq. Ft
Width: 99 Inch Length: 72 Inch

Floor Plan 35

Small Bathroom Layout with Two Sinks, Toilet and Shower EnclosureEnlarge

You will be simply awed by this stylish modern space, leaning heavily on use of square shaped elements including the tiles. The basin area houses just a double basin with opulent mirrors on the wall for that fresh and light feeling. Divided by glass panels is the dedicated showring area opposite to an essential WC.

Size: 9'-6" x 10'-0" 100 Sq. Ft
Width: 114 Inch Length: 120 Inch

Floor Plan 36

Large Bathroom Floor Plan with Two Shower Enclosures, Bath, Two Sinks and Two ToiletsEnlarge

The recessed rectangular tub is the centrepiece of this layout. On either side of the tub are 2 basins in square shape. On the opposite wall are 2 larger basins. The part of the room on one side is the mirror image of the other side creating a symmetry that is attractive.

Size: 13'-8" x 17'-0" 221 Sq. Ft
Width: 164 Inch Length: 214 Inch

Floor Plan 37

Round Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

This layout is meant for those who have the luxury of a larger area for the bathroom. The tiles on the wall completely envelop the circular tub in the middle. The square part of the room holds 2 washbasins ideally placed to maximise the space. Light filters in through the narrow end of the room opposite to the basins where the shower and wc are placed.

Size: 13'-4" x 19'-3" 200 Sq. Ft
Width: 160 Inch Length: 231 Inch

Floor Plan 38

Square BathroomLayoutEnlarge

When you have a large space but wish to accomodate a whole lot more, then consider such a layout. The room opens through 2 entrances on opposite ends. Toughened safety glass partitions are used to clearly demarcate the area for each fixture. The basins and tubs are on one wall in a linear arrangement while wc and storage cabinets are on the other.

Size: 12'-0" x 9'-0" 108 Sq. Ft
Width: 144 Inch Length: 108 Inch

Floor Plan 39

Large bathroom layout with 2 Bathroom Sinks and Walk in Shower Enclosure.Enlarge

Square meets the rectangle in this layout. The elongated space is reserved for a double countertop basin and toilet in a linear placement. On the other hand the square area is a dedicated showering space segmented via panelling.

Size: 5'-6" x 18'-10" 110 Sq. Ft
Width: 226 Inch Length: 66 Inch

Floor Plan 40

Large Bathroom Floor PlanEnlarge

When your bathroom area has length but is short on width, this floor plan is suggested as this kind of layout make the most of the floor space. The door opens into the grooming area that houses a double sink separated by a toilet. A glass door opens into the showering area adjacent to bathtub with a bath screen for an enjoyable luxury soak.

Size: 5'-0" x 15'-3" 75 Sq. Ft
Width: 183 Inch Length: 60 Inch

Floor Plan 41

Rectangle Bathroom Layout with Shower EnclosureEnlarge

A serene, relaxed haven of contemporary minimalism, installed with everything you could need, the front area has the basin with WC opposite to it and storage cabinet opposite the WC. The back area is also a square space with a bathtub and shower cubicle placed adjacent to each other. The space is intelligently divided with use of panels.

Size: 12'-8" x 9'-6" 120 Sq. Ft
Width: 152 Inch Length: 114 Inch

Floor Plan 42

Rectangle Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

In this layout the square area has been divided using curved divisions to create prominent corners. One corner holds the corner shower tray next to which is the rectangular bathtub. The opposite corner has the toilet on the inside with double basins on the outside. Functional and attractive indeed!

Size: 12'-3" x 16'-0" 212 Sq. Ft
Width: 147 Inch Length: 192 Inch

Floor Plan 43

Standard Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

This room is an adventure in asymmetry. Modern, quirky and stunning, it opens to reveal a warm and calming double basin. Fun additions to like mirrors and windows makes it interesting. The focal point in this room is the huge corner bath, at its opposite end is a recessed space transformed into a showering enclosure. The toilet is separated from the basin with a stone panel.

Size: 13'-0" x 15'-5" 142 Sq. Ft
Width: 156 Inch Length: 185 Inch

Floor Plan 44

Bathroom Layout with Shower Enclosure and Bath TubEnlarge

The contemporary stylists continue the use of rectangular bathroom ware, and here we see why. This layout showcases brilliant utility of space in an arrangement that is bright and airy. Opposite to the door is the shower enclosure adjacent to which is the tub. The opposite wall holds wall hung basins, next to which are the toilet and bidet separated from the basin by marble panel.

Size: 12'-0" x 17'-9" 213 Sq. Ft
Width: 144 Inch Length: 213 Inch

Floor Plan 45

Square Bathroom Layout with Shower Enclosure, Bath, Storage Unit and more.Enlarge

You will be simply enamoured by this stylish modern space, leaning heavily on symmetry. In the centre is the bathtub behind which is the shower enclosure. On both sides of the tub are the WC, storage cabinet and Basin in a linear arrangement and exact mirror image of the elements on the opposite wall. Fresh, light and spectacular, the mirrors add the regal touch.

Size: 16'-0" x 20'-6" 328 Sq. Ft
Width: 192 Inch Length: 246 Inch

Floor Plan 46


This bathroom shows you an innovative way to employ recessed areas. The bathtub and shower enclosure are placed on opposite ends recessed within the rectangular walls. To the right is the countertop with 2 square basins placed at each end. A much narrow space is created using panels for the toilet at the other side of the bathtub. Sunlight and mirrors add a refreshing twist.

Size: 16'-10" x 19'-0" 320 Sq. Ft
Width: 202 Inch Length: 228 Inch

Floor Plan 47


Practical, clean and easy on the eye, here is a layout that offers maximum space to the double basin and storage, with both fixed on opposite walls. The opulent mirrors and strategic ambient lighting give this square themed space a very racy edge! The toilet and bath are at the back separated by a glass door.

Size: 12'-0" x 8'-0" 96 Sq. Ft
Width: 144 Inch Length: 96 Inch

Floor Plan 48

Large Bathroom Layout with Round Bath, Shower Enclosure, Storage Units and more.Enlarge

This eclectic room sees the innovative use of walls and panels to separate the fixtures and provide them their distinct areas for placement. The sharp corner and neat lines offer a modern vibe; this massive bathroom makes an impressive display using a central jacuzzi style tub. To the left of the tub is the WC area and to the right is the shower cubicle. 2 basins are placed back to back at the opposite side of the bath. The storage cabinets on both sides of the basin offered symmetry.

Size: 14'-10" x 19'-11" 250 Sq. Ft
Width: 178 Inch Length: 239 Inch

Floor Plan 49

Large Bathroom Layout with Two Basin, Storage Unit, Toilet and Shower EnclosureEnlarge

This layout allows you to step down comfortably using grab bars into the huge bathtub. On both sides of the tub is a linear arrangement of countertop and storage cupboard-one ending in a showering space and the other with a toilet.

Size: 12'-0" x 18'-0" 216 Sq. Ft
Width: 144 Inch Length: 216 Inch

Floor Plan 50

Bathroom Floor PlanEnlarge

Can you imagine anything more splendid than this geometric floor plan? The entire area is divided into 3 pentagons, the central one holds the WC and bathtub. This is attached to 2 pentagons placed adjacent to each other, having the exact same arrangement of washbasin and door. All 3 areas are connected through glass doors. The space is simply transformed into a regal haven by generous use of glass, mirrors and light.

Size: 9'-1" x 13'-3" 92 Sq. Ft
Width: 109 Inch Length: 159 Inch

Floor Plan 51

Square Bathroom Layout with Round Bath and Shower cubicleEnlarge

This layout have used the 4 corners of this square space in an interesting manner. The focus is on the corner where the circular jacuzzi is placed flanked by 2 windows. Attached along the same wall is the washbasin. The opposite wall has shower and wc at the 2 corners.

Size: 11'-6" x 12'-0" 135 Sq. Ft
Width: 138 Inch Length: 144 Inch

Floor Plan 52

L-Shape Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

Two rectangles fuse together in this unique bathroom layout. Glass doors divide it into 3 distinct parts. One holds the grooming area with the basin, the adjacent space has a rectangular tub with wc and cabinet on the opposite wall. The 3rd area is the dedicated showering area that allows you much needed privacy.

Size: 14'-10" x 16'-0" 180 Sq. Ft
Width: 178 Inch Length: 192 Inch

Floor Plan 53

Corner Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

The bathroom layout can be described as bold and beautiful! It makes the best use of corner space with the shower set-up and tub at diagonally opposite corners. Next to the shower on the adjacent wall is a square double basin. A smaller space is reserved at the back for the toilet divided using panels.

Size: 12'-3" x 14'-4" 160 Sq. Ft
Width: 147 Inch Length: 172 Inch

Floor Plan 54

L Shape Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

Two rectangular areas meet to create this layout which houses the shower enclosure in the corner where they meet. On the left of the enclosure are the toilet and bathtub arranged in a line on the same side of the wall. The other side of the cubicle has a double basin and storage unit arranged along the length of the space. Such an arrangement leaves floor space all along for comfortable use of the bathroom.

Size: 13'-10" x 15'-10" 150 Sq. Ft
Width: 166 Inch Length: 190 Inch

Floor Plan 55

Extra Large Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

Using bold edges and recessed areas, you can create an energising and dramatic space that cheerfully kick starts your day. The large shower enclosure is central to this layout. In front of the enclosure is the rectangle tub placed in the recessed wall. To its right and left are the basin and toilet also in rectangular recessed spaces.

Size: 15'-0" x 15'-0" 180 Sq. Ft
Width: 180 Inch Length: 180 Inch

Floor Plan 56

Small Corner Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

The layout has a pentagonal corner with a corner pentagonal bathtub. On the same wall as the shower attachment is the basin and the toilet is placed next to it. Neat arrangement for a smaller bathroom area.

Size: 8'-3" x 11'-9" 74 Sq. Ft
Width: 99 Inch Length: 141 Inch

Floor Plan 57

Extra Large Rectangle Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

This space is charming, yet impactful, created with a liberal use of panels. The shower enclosure is the focus of this arrangement. On either side of it is a basin and opposite is the WC creating a symmetrical arrangement on both sides of the enclosure to make an impact.

Size: 8'-5" x 18'-0" 145 Sq. Ft
Width: 216 Inch Length: 101 Inch

Floor Plan 58

Large Bathroom Layout with Extra Large Shower EnclosureEnlarge

This layout allows you the luxury of introducing both a shower and a tub placed together. On the other wall are the toilet, basin and storage cupboard installed next to each other. Glass and panels have been smartly used to separate each area.

Size: 11'-6" x 15'-8" 180 Sq. Ft
Width: 138 Inch Length: 188 Inch

Floor Plan 59

Cloakroom LayoutEnlarge

Simple & Descent. The wall is dressed up with a lovely basin upon a long console. Statement mirrors and windows bring elegance and light while the inclusive toilet completes the layout in this cloakroom.

Size: 5'-0" x 5'-6" 30 Sq. Ft
Width: 60 Inch Length: 66 Inch

Floor Plan 60

Large Bathroom Layout With Large Shower Enclosure and Large BathEnlarge

This space uses geometric fixtures and areas to maximise the use of space in this rectangular bathroom. The wall corners are perfect for the inset tub and shower enclosure. Adjacent to the shower is the washbasin with extended console. The wall opposite the tub has 2 fixtures, the WC and cabinet separated by a panel.

Size: 13'-0" x 15'-8" 204 Sq. Ft
Width: 156 Inch Length: 188 Inch

Floor Plan 61

Large Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

Maximise the use of space by utilising the length of this rectangular shaped layout. The shower enclosure is on one end and the bathtub on the other. The storage, double basin and wc are placed in a linear arrangement on the central wall to allow lots of floor space in the middle.

Size: 8'-0" x 19'-6" 156 Sq. Ft
Width: 234 Inch Length: 96 Inch

Floor Plan 62

P Shape Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

Sharp edges of the rectangular fixture give this bathroom a very modern look. The layout is visually distinct due to the clean divisions created with glass doors. The strategic arrangement of two basins on the wall opposite the entrance means the huge tub can be accommodated in one corner of the area. The glass door opens to reveal another rectangular space with the shower tray and wc facing each other.

Size: 12'-0" x 14'-9" 160 Sq. Ft
Width: 144 Inch Length: 177 Inch

Floor Plan 63

Rectangle Bathroom Layout with Corner BathEnlarge

This bathroom is rectangular with its length greater than width. The top corner holds a corner bathtub. Two glass panels opposite to this tub are used to create a distinct area for a shower tray behind which is placed a wc. The wall adjacent to the bath sees a linear arrangement of a triple wall hung basins with mirrors for a layout that can be used in commercial settings.

Size: 16.5'-0" x 10'-0" 160 Sq. Ft
Width: 197 Inch Length: 120 Inch

Floor Plan 64

L Shape Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

This layout is basically 2 adjoining rectangles, the larger one serves as the refreshing area with basin and storage cabinet on one wall and WC and bidet on the opposite. Design incorporates plenty of rails to assist the wheelchair bound and elderly. The glass door allows entry to the smaller rectangle and has a huge square shower enclosure.

Size: 11'-5" x 10'-10" 106 Sq. Ft
Width: 137 Inch Length: 130 Inch

Floor Plan 65

Small Claokroom Layout with Basin and WCEnlarge

Adding the basics such as the toilet and basin works well in this neat and compact square area. The gently curved fixtures can look stylish in this straight lined area for an airy bathroom with plenty of natural light.

Size: 5'-3" x 5'-0" 25 Sq. Ft
Width: 63 Inch Length: 60 Inch

Floor Plan 66

Bathroom Layout with Round Wall on One SideEnlarge

This bathroom showcases the brilliant use of round and rectangular shapes. Breaking up the monotony of the straight spaces is the central showering zone. The bathtub is placed inside a recessed rectangular area, adjacent to which is a cabinet and oval inset washbasin. Opposite the basin is the wc. Such a layout gives the room a spacious feel.

Size: 10'-4" x 12'-4" 125 Sq. Ft
Width: 124 Inch Length: 148 Inch

Floor Plan 67

Square Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

Modern and compact, this square space sees an ingenious use of compact fixtures in this square bathroom. The grooming elements are on one wall while the showering enclosure and WC on the other. The rectangular mirror allows plenty of sunlight to add brightness and air.

Size: 9'-2" x 9'-1" 81 Sq. Ft
Width: 110 Inch Length: 109 Inch

Floor Plan 68

Cloakroom Layout with Close Coupled Toilet and Large Bathroom SinkEnlarge

When you wish to create a spacious look, it is desirable to use just the basic fixtures as witnessed in this square powder room. The basin and WC on the same side and a generous use of natural light works well here.

Size: 5'-6" x 5'-3" 30 Sq. Ft
Width: 66 Inch Length: 63 Inch

Floor Plan 69

Small Bathroom Layout with Shower Enclosure with Basin & ToiletEnlarge

This is a neat looking yet exotic bathroom; the bold showering area is cleverly crafted at the end of the circular recessed wall. The smart use of wc and basin with mirror at the opposite end is a nice way to create space and light.

Size: 6'-4" x 14'-0" 85 Sq. Ft
Width: 168 Inch Length: 76 Inch

Floor Plan 70

Medium Size Bathroom Layout with Bath in the centerEnlarge

This room presents an adventure in geometrics, unafraid to experiment with the rectangle shape everywhere. The bathtub in the centre is the focal point. On the wall are basins with storage units in a linear arrangement. The adjacent wall is dedicated to the showering enclosure beyond which is the toilet.

Size: 12'-8" x 17'-0" 215 Sq. Ft
Width: 152 Inch Length: 204 Inch

Floor Plan 71

T Shape Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

Here, each fixture has its own area created using glass panelling. The door opens into the square room having a showering cubicle, WC and washbasin. The adjoining rectangular area holds the bathtub at the head with the adjacent wall having a washbasin and a wc in linear format.

Size: 16'-4" x 16'-3" 195 Sq. Ft
Width: 196 Inch Length: 195 Inch

Floor Plan 72

2 Bathroom Layout Side By SideEnlarge

Again, this layout shows you how adjacent bathroom areas can create a simple, chic and fabulous bathroom space. The first one has a massive jacuzzi bathtub in one corner wall with the washbasin and wc on the opposite wall. The other opens to reveal the exact same arrangement of the basin and WC like the first bathroom with a rectangular showering enclosure in the opposite corner.

Size: 9'-0" x 22'-0" 198 Sq. Ft
Width: 264 Inch Length: 108 Inch

Floor Plan 73

Large Bathroom Layout with Bath in the Center and Shower EnclosureEnlarge

The corner empty space has been utilised to perfection here. Two distinct corners have been created with glass panels, one has a shower and the other the toilet. There is a marvellous oval tub in the middle of the bathroom with a symmetrical linear arrangement of cabinets and basin on both sides.

Size: 19'-1" x 16'-8" 318 Sq. Ft
Width: 229 Inch Length: 200 Inch

Floor Plan 74

L Shape Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

The recessed wall houses the massive rectangular bath with a compact wc beside it. The adjoining recessed wall sees a washbasin vanity and cabinet at opposite ends. The corner opposite to the tub is a dedicated showering cubicle.

Size: 11'-1" x 14'-0" 139 Sq. Ft
Width: 133 Inch Length: 168 Inch

Floor Plan 75

L Shape Bathroom Layout with Bath and Shower EnclosureEnlarge

The main area has a perfect rectangular shape in which all fixtures are also rectangular. The corner tub has an extended panel that functions to mark-out the dedicated toilet area. On the opposite wall are placed the bathroom vanity and another cabinet. There is an enclosed area for showering at the far end.

Size: 13'-9" x 13'-0" 150 Sq. Ft
Width: 165 Inch Length: 156 Inch

Floor Plan 76

Extra Large Bathroom Layout with Large BathEnlarge

There are two sets of fixtures arranged on opposite walls for a spacious area in the centre. A double countertop washbasin and wc work well with a panel in between. The opposite wall is utilised for the showering and bathing area.

Size: 13'-4" x 11'-0" 152 Sq. Ft
Width: 160 Inch Length: 132 Inch

Floor Plan 77

Large Bathroom Layout with Vanity Unit, Bath, Shower Enclosure and more.Enlarge

Rigid lines set the tone in this bathroom, thanks to the glass screens. The area sees the generous use of geometric fixtures such as the bathtub and basin, attached to opposite walls. The singular window brings in neutral sunlight for a fabulous effect. A gorgeous showering area at the back is complemented with the WC on the other side.

Size: 16'-0" x 13'-6" 216 Sq. Ft
Width: 192 Inch Length: 162 Inch

Floor Plan 78

Extra Large Bathroom Layout with Shower Enclosure, Bath, Large Vanity unit and bathroom storage unit.Enlarge

When you need space for a tub and a shower, then dividing the space with screens works well. At the far end are the shower area and bathtub placed on opposite walls and the main area is divided into the freshening area and toilet.

Size: 15'-0" x 11'-0" 163 Sq. Ft
Width: 180 Inch Length: 132 Inch

Floor Plan 79

Medium Size Bathroom Layout with Two Mirrors, Sinks, and Complete Bathroom SuiteEnlarge

This layout uses parallel spaces. The door opens into a main refreshing area which showcases the double washbasin upon a countertop covering the entire length of the wall. On the other side of the partition is a toilet and a showerbath at opposite ends.

Size: 10'-0" x 11'-0" 110 Sq. Ft
Width: 120 Inch Length: 132 Inch

Floor Plan 80

U Shape Bathroom Layout with Large Bath in the CenterEnlarge

This bathroom interior displays the fabulous use of the bathtub in the centre set besides the huge French window. On both sides of the tub is an arrangement of cupboard, basin and toilet that reflects exactly the arrangement on the opposite wall with shower and toilet in opposite corners.

Size: 12'-0" x 19'-0" 183 Sq. Ft
Width: 228 Inch Length: 144 Inch

Floor Plan 81

Standard Bathroom size with Shower Enclosure, Bathroom Storage Unit, Vanity and ToiletEnlarge

This bathroom is a delightful mix of geometric areas, laid out with partitions. The narrow longer space belongs to the washbasin and has a cabinet juxtaposed with the toilet. On the other end of the glass partition is an impressive showering area which also houses a cabinet.

Size: 13'-2" x 12'-0" 120 Sq. Ft
Width: 158 Inch Length: 144 Inch

Floor Plan 82

Corner Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

The Pentagonal room has 3 fixtures placed at three distinct corners. The corner shower and wc are on the same wall while the basin is on the other. This neat arrangement is perfect for a compact cloakroom space.

Size: 6'-8" x 6'-8" 41 Sq. Ft
Width: 80 Inch Length: 80 Inch

Bathroom Layout 83

Square Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

When choosing fixtures for your bathroom, it is advised to ensure that they all match the rigid shape of the room. This bathroom is a delightful mix of rectangular and square shapes with glass partitions. The bathtub lies in the centre divided by a glass screen from the shower enclosure at the back. Opposite the tub is an arrangement of cabinets, basins and mirrors. The toilet occupies the far corner.

Size: 13'-4" x 14'-6" 193 Sq. Ft
Width: 160 Inch Length: 174 Inch

Floor Plan 84

T Shape Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

This ultra long layout has a deeply recessed part on the right where the bathtub fits in nicely. The bathroom showcases a fitting way to use the wall with bidet and wc in the middle and a basin on either side.

Size: 8'-6" x 20'-8" 123 Sq. Ft
Width: 248 Inch Length: 102 Inch

Floor Plan 85

Bathroom Layout with Two VanityEnlarge

You are welcomed by the double vanities with basins with opulent mirrors and windows to add light to the room. On the adjacent wall is a recessed area created to accommodate the rectangle shower tray with shower against a textured background. A glass partition is used to segment the WC area next to it.

Size: 10'-10" x 10'-8" 115 Sq. Ft
Width: 130 Inch Length: 128 Inch

Floor Plan 86

Large Bathroom Layout with Bathtub, Shower Enclosure, Two Bathroom Sink and ToiletEnlarge

The four corner spaces are well utilised by installation of fixtures. The top corners have the bath and shower enclosure, while the opposite wall holds the long double basin with mirror for grooming activities and wc, each space demarcated clearly using glass screens.

Size: 13'-6" x 16'-0" 216 Sq. Ft
Width: 162 Inch Length: 192 Inch

Floor Plan 87

L Shape Bathroom Layout with Bath and Corner Shower CubiclesEnlarge

This layout has a grooming area, a toilet and a showering space all 3 separated using glass sections. The first has a neat arrangement of basins with cabinets in the middle, the second has a bidet and wc while the square part at the back houses a full bath and a corner showering cubicle.

Size: 17'-0" x 17'-0" 240 Sq. Ft
Width: 204 Inch Length: 204 Inch

Floor Plan 88

T Shape Bathroom Layout with Bath, Walk in Shower, Bathroom Vanity, Toilet and Storage UnitEnlarge

In this bathroom, the inset large tub forms the focal point and gives the illusion of a larger space. On one side of the tub is the showering area with wc next to it. The opposite wall features a compact vanity and basin along with a cupboard, a mirror adds character while the wash station brightens the area.

Size: 11'-7" x 12'-2" 116 Sq. Ft
Width: 139 Inch Length: 146 Inch

Floor Plan 89

L Shape Bathroom Layout with Large Round Bathtub, walk in shower enclosure, toilet and bathroom sinkEnlarge

Upon first view, your eyes are drawn to the circular bathtub, behind which is the narrow shower space. The rectangular double basin is attached to the glass panel that separates it from the bath. A neat small area is reserved for the WC.

Size: 17'-4" x 15'-5" 205 Sq. Ft
Width: 208 Inch Length: 185 Inch

Floor Plan 90

P Shape Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

Soft curves and sharp lines in the sanitary units warm up a cool rigid layout. The width of the wall is utilised to install a big bathtub with the showering area at the other end. Adjacent to the shower is the wash area while the toilet area is next to the tub. The opulent glass mirrors and panels divide this space and also allow plenty of floor space.

Size: 15'-6" x 12'-5" 132 Sq. Ft
Width: 186 Inch Length: 149 Inch

Floor Plan 91

Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

The continuous use of talls windows on the walls create a wow look and also adds a sense of space. A central circular bathtub dominates the area. The long basin area is attached to the wall next to the tub. Glass panels are used to create toilets and shower at opposite ends of the adjacent wall.

Size: 19'-9" x 17'-0" 306 Sq. Ft
Width: 237 Inch Length: 204 Inch

Floor Plan 92

L Shape Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

This bathroom showcases just how wonderfully two rectangular spaces can merge into one. Ideal partner with the broader rectangle is the bathtub and shower cubicle, both on the same side and opposite the window. The other space is kept neat and minimal by installing the cabinet, sink and toilet on the same side.

Size: 9'-5" x 13'-10" 107 Sq. Ft
Width: 113 Inch Length: 166 Inch

Floor Plan 93

L Shape Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

The bathroom displays an excellent use of glass screens to create corners and areas for installation of fixtures. The rectangular shower area is at the far end while the corner tub takes up the near corner of the wall. There are 3 clearly marked spaces for the basin, toilet and storage unit.

Size: 15'-9" x 15'-1" 160 Sq. Ft
Width: 189 Inch Length: 181 Inch

Floor Plan 94

Large Bathroom Floor Plan with 2 Access DoorsEnlarge

We love the brightness of this space and the stylish use of straight and geometric lines. Here, the WC and bidet are placed on the central wall with two alcoves on either side having bath and shower. Basin and storage units are placed on both opposing walls for creating a symmetrical effect.

Size: 13'-4" x 18'-10" 223 Sq. Ft
Width: 226 Inch Length: 160 Inch

Floor Plan 95


This is a neat and eye-catching layout that uses huge windows for light. A solid wall in the middle holds a basin on both sides, making it an ideal arrangement. The wall on the right has the bath, shower and toilet in straight lined sequence.

Size: 12'-0" x 13'-0" 133 Sq. Ft
Width: 144 Inch Length: 156 Inch

Floor Plan 96

Large Bathroom Layout with Toilet Installed In the CornerEnlarge

In this bathroom rectangular shapes have been strategically used. The combination of bath, shower and cabinet with glass dividers creates an illusion of space even in a compact setting. The layout is completed with a marble basin hung on the opposite wall.

Size: 11'-0" x 17'-0" 187 Sq. Ft
Width: 204 Inch Length: 132 Inch

Floor Plan 97

Standard Size Bathroom with Corner BathEnlarge

This space sees the brilliant use of opposite corners, smartly chosen for the bath. The linear arrangement of basin, cabinet and toilet adds definition.

Size: 11'-3" x 10'-6" 118 Sq. Ft
Width: 135 Inch Length: 126 Inch

Floor Plan 98

T Shape Bathroom LayoutEnlarge

The bathtub is placed in the central alcove making its a visually stunning centrepiece. On one end of the tub is the WC unit and at the other is the basin. Singular windows and mirrors bring light to the room.

Size: 11'-5" x 7'-4" 69 Sq. Ft
Width: 137 Inch Length: 88 Inch

Floor Plan 99

Large Bathroom with Bath In the Center and Shower EnclosureEnlarge

The huge glossy oval tub is the centre of attraction in this space. This wonderful space uses panels to create a place for the shower, wc and furniture unit. The use of ultra slim marble countertops with basins on 2 ends and a window in the middle gives it much-desired warmth and character.

Size: 15'-10" x 15'-6" 245 Sq. Ft
Width: 190 Inch Length: 186 Inch

A bathroom layout must represent originality, ingenuity, and mirror the taste of the users. The setting may be classic or contemporary but must be futuristic and have a long lasting presence. Complexity of use of natural light and opulent light must be tackled in the best possible manner by placement of all elements in a well structured and well thought-out manner. Choice of plumbing fixture must reflect and fulfil the needs of the users, special fittings may be used for wheelchair friendly areas. Lastly, the layout must be designed to maximise the space at the right budget!

The above 100 designs allow home and business owners a ready guide of layouts at a click of a button. The choice is impressive and interesting, simply pick one and start your journey to a new happy bathroom.

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