Pink Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

Published on: 10/01/2018 Last Updated: 28/08/2019
Pink Bathroom Inspiration

The colours known to us are almost always nature-inspired, its palette being immensely vast and varied. Some natural colours may be difficult to replicate but inspire our lives tremendously. All colours affect our physical and emotional health and so also Pink. It is known to calm aggressive moods and deter violence and puts us in touch with our inner child, pure and naive. If you are looking to Renovate your bathroom with Blue Shade, have a look at Blue Bathroom Design Ideas.You can also check our White, Green and Grey Bathroom Ideas.

Pink is a basically a toned-down red and gets its name from a flower with the same name. We usually associate this hue with charm, sensitivity, femininity, baby girls and romance. Bubblegum, candy floss and marsh mellows are popular in this hue. It defines innocence as well as love.

American homes in the 1940s or ‘50s, used pink in the bathrooms, going all out with this shade on walls, floors, tubs and WC’s. In recent times, the vintage-inspired Pink seems to be rapidly gaining popularity everywhere. Most homeowners buying vintage properties or recreating the period look are choosing to keep the existing Pink. And we at QS Supplies do endorse its vibrancy and cheerfulness.

Here, we have put together an interesting mix of bathroom spaces that showcase an inspiring and stunning use of the colour, whether Tumblr Pink, Blush, Dusty Rose, Salmon Pink or Fuschia. We hope these Bathroom Design Ideas will put you on the road to realizing your dream of a Pink bathroom.

Pink Toilet Seat with Pink Bathroom Wall Source:

This space reminds us of bubble gum and candy. The pink candy wall and geometric pink curtain present an eye-catching feature. The rest of the elements are presented in contrasting White, giving this space a distinctive appearance. Light and dark pink, are strategically used for a fun effect.

Pink Bathroom Decor Source:

This space is both gorgeous and airy and also presents a pretty picture. A generous use of white and pale pink gives this space a neutral, subtle flavour that is simply unmatched.

Light Pink Bathroom Decor Source:

Another bathroom that is wonderfully warm, thanks to the use of ambient light and statement mirror. The pale pink central wall and the vintage vanity give the entire bathroom a dramatic and vintage look.

Pink Bathroom Shade Source:

The pink wallpaper on the bathroom walls is fluid and seems to have a life of its own. Rigid straight lines of the wall hung basin and WC offer a lovely contrasting effect. Geometric tiles on the floor complete the picture.

Pink Chequered Bathroom Tile Source:

We love the pink waves on the bathroom wall that gives a unique look and feel of movement. Contrasting dark pink creates a charming look while the square tiles on the bathtub in dark and light shades of pink provide the desired finishing touch.

Pink Bath and Basin Source:

This bathroom showcases just how wonderfully splashes of Pink can break the drab monotony of white. Ideal partner with neutral white, this space sees splashes of green with use of potted plants for a lovely organic effect.

Pink & Black Bathroom Tiles Combo Source:

This space sees the brilliant use of pink, smartly chosen for the tiles on the wall and floor. The use of pink draws attention to the central white vanity and the stunning mirror. The black rims add definition.

Pink Bathroom Tile with Inset Bath Source:

The brick-like glossy pink tiles on the wall and tub are the centre of attraction in this space. This wonderful hue is just what this sterile white bathroom needed for much-desired warmth and character. Use of dark floor tiles and metal brassware keep it neat and minimal.

A Complete Pink Bathroom Source:

This bathroom is one happy space indeed! The candy floss pink has been generously used throughout and makes a seamless presentation. The monotony of pink is broken by the grey used on the upper part of the wall. Spectacular and special!

Pink Bathroom Wallpaper Decor Source:

When you are looking for a luxurious, vintage look, then choose a floral printed wallpaper for the desired result. Keeping the rest of the space neutral gives it a cozy, relaxed vibe.

Pink and White Bathroom Decor Source:

If you are decorating on a budget, pick out wallpaper instead of tile. We love busy prints like this vintage looking floral, lively one with splashes of dark pink. It's the perfect wall covering for an old world charm, perfectly accompanied by gold-rimmed mirror and brassware. Fluid and warm, this will be just what a traditional home looks like.

Pink Subway Bathroom Tile Source:

The bathroom displays an excellent use of pale pink on the wall tiles. It creates an intensely warm and relaxing mood at the same time. Rugged looking and easy on the eye, this bathroom sure gets our vote of confidence.

Pink Subway Bathroom Tile Example Source:

We love the brightness of this kitchen space and the stylish use of straight and geometric lines. Here, the light pink creates brightness when used with cream, showcasing a smart mix of neutrals. Plenty of natural light makes the space even more bright and open.

Light Pink Vanity Unit with Pink Bathroom Decor Source:

This bathroom showcases an unearthly, old-world charm with the use of different shades of pale pink. Everything is pink, yet the colour does not overpower. The vintage pink vanity, wall features and subdued lighting create drama and a cozy ambience.

Pink Bathroom Decor with Gold Brassware and Mirror Source:

Minimalistic and classic, this space is witness to the cheerfulness that the pink hue can create. Checkered tiles add a very contemporary feel although pink is synonymous with the vintage look. Polished gold brassware adds just the right finishing touch.

Clean Pink Bathroom Source:

Bubblegum colour on the walls presents a seamless look and gets its due attention. Charming, warm and just right for a small bathroom, pink combined with stone vanity and inset sink completes the picture.

Dark Pink Sanitaryware with Light Pink Bathroom Tile Source:

This is a neat and eye-catching space. The straight lines and, pink walls and floor tiles with warm maroon on the tub and sanitary ware make for a distinctive looking space. Cheerful and cozy, this space is just what the lady of the house would love to have!

Pink Bathroom with Pink Swarn Wallpaper Source:

When you want flamingoes on your wall, get them in Pink. This pink and blue wallpaper has a busy look with flamingoes presenting an eye-catching feature. Paired smartly with simple fixtures with solid colours, this is a fun and cheerful space.

Pink Chequered Tiles Source:

Going completely pink all at once is not something we usually recommend. This space showcases how that can be done with smart use of plain and textured segments. The ambient lighting creates a cozy effect while the metallic vanity is bold and beautiful.

Pink and Wooden Bathroom Decor Source:

This bathroom space creates a charming “peaches and cream” effect. Loved by men and women alike, this bathroom sees the use of pink wallpaper with the embroidered finish. Matched ably with neutral cream, this is the stuff of dreams!

Dark Pink Subway Tile Decor Source:

The classic look of this space takes you back in time when pink on the walls was the norm. Interestingly, the shade has been used in a glossy, dark tone on the wall against a pure white vintage tub. Simple and exotic, this space creates a fabulous focal point.

Dark Pink Bathroom Wall Paper Decor Source:

Modern, majestic and stunning is what describes this space which has been created with an ingenious use of velvety dark Pink. Specks of bright yellow circular design create an excellent effect with reflected light. The vintage brown vanity with white countertop completes the charming period look.


This bathroom interior displays the fabulous use of tones of dark and light pink. Soft and fluffy pink is the theme with pink wc cushion, towels and rug that are made for pampered living. The entire family especially children are sure to fall in love with this pink splendour.

Baby Pink Bathroom Decor Source:

When you want your bathroom scheme to exude energy yet look classic, opt for a space like this one. The bright pink brings in the lively factor while the geometric floor tiles and square tiles in grey are classic elements. A vintage and sparkling silver brassware bring in the ideal wavelength.

Pink Bathroom with Wooden Vanity Unit Source:

This pink accent wall breaks the sterile look of this white bathroom space. The pink tiles have a brushed paint look, and its dual tone enhances its charm. The bright, lively feeling presented by this colour is simply unmatched.

Shaded Pink Bathroom Tile Source:

In this bathroom textured, glossy wallpaper has been strategically used. The colour combination of pink and white creates an illusion of space even in a compact setting, giving it a life of its own!

Pink Patterned Decor Source:

These two bathrooms showcase the clever use of light and dark Pink. The first one uses pink on the mosaic tiles on the backsplash while using pale pink on the other walls. The second space is bold and wonderful with dark pink walls and all other elements white. Whether pale or dynamic, each hue can be fabulously utilized for a super chic look.

Traiditional and Modern Pink Bathroom Source:

With such a bold pink, it is prudent to go all white with the other elements in the room. This space is dramatic and classic at the same time. Textured, bright pink wallpaper brings to life the other features such as vintage vanity and antique fixtures and brassware.

Subtle Pink Bathroom Source:

The bathroom features a nice interplay of different shades of pink. The mosaic tiles and printed blinds look busy and vibrant while pale pink wall adds serenity. We simply love the contrasting moods in this interesting space.

Modern Pink Bathroom Source:

This is a gorgeous contemporary bathroom in pale white with specs of bright pink thrown in. The central double vanity, modern light fixtures and curtain create a contemporary look. Pink enhances the feel, juxtaposed to perfection.

Pink Tiles with Pink Mats Source:

We know that “Pink is for girls, Blue is for boys.” Little girls would simply love this designer space, created especially for them!!Baby Pink wallpaper is fun and eclectic while the other Pink elements are fun and exciting. From bows, dolls and fun curtains, this space is a haven of fun and frolic.

Shocking Pink Bathroom Decor Source:

Dark pink all along!! What else do you need for a vibrant yet cozy feel? Here the solid pink is seamlessly used for a vintage, period look. Ably supported by an antique chandelier and a stylish mirror, the dramatic look is accentuated by ambient lighting.

Clean Pink Bathroom Decor Source:

When you want to use a darker pink, make sure your bathroom has a good amount of light. Here the huge mirror and the chandelier lights add opulence and brightness. The vibrancy of the pink wall is highlighted by the white frame with blown-away floral elements.

Light Pink Decor Source:

This bathroom employs the pink hue with excellent results. The dark pink on the backsplash and subdued lights bring attention to the huge mirror. All white everywhere else lends the space a modern appeal. Floral pink and blue curtain add freshness and lightness.

Shocking Pink Bathroom Wall Colour Source:

Here you witness a sea of colour with the dominant Pink taking centre stage. This is yet another bathroom that has you dreaming of cotton candy and all things pink. Vibrant and colourful, it has a refreshing feel and addictive energy which every modern home wishes to acquire one.

Floral Pink Decor Source:

Majestic and stunning, this space follows nature’s theme with pictures of forests and animals depicted on the Pink wallpaper and vanity. The pink is busy and vivacious with an ingenious combination with white countertop and WC. The leopard print rug makes an impression.

Pink & White Decorative Bathroom Decor Source:

You can be more generous with the use of a pink when used with neutral tones like white. The fluffy overhung lights and striped walls present a pretty picture. The dark pink rug is a great accomplice to the dark oak vanity.

Dusty Pink Bathroom Decor Source:

This huge, inspiring room presents an adventure in shades of pink. This space is very modern in outlook with its square floor tiles, pink walls and cream vanities. Don’t be afraid to experiment with artificial and natural lights to make an overall impression.

Subtle Pink Decor Source:

This bathroom interior make an innovative use of dull pink and white, combining two neutral colours for a serene effect. The tone highlights pictures, frames, and other elements in the room while the filtering sunlight brings the perfect mix of light into the room.

Pink Bathroom Source:

Pink tiles on the walls and floor carve an elegant and very contemporary picture. It is perfectly used with solid, neutral colours for desired results. The space is witness to the gorgeous interplay of light created by sunlight. It also gives the bathroom a open, airy feel.

Shocking Pink Wall Colour Source:

This space exhibits a beautiful bathroom palette: Pink mixed with white and completely geometric in approach. Bright pink walls and tiles are well appointed with white for a room that is unique and has a modern and timeless appeal.

Floral Pink Decor Source:

Pink can be bright and soothing at the same time, alive as well as relaxed. It's no surprise that it has been used in so many innovative ways here, on the tiles, vanity and curtains. Ultra-feminine, this cool and soothing set-up is just what you need for a relaxing morning soak.

Pink Bathroom Wallpaper with White Basin Source:

This bathroom interior showcases the brilliant use of warmer tones of pink. The busy wallpaper is lively and eccentric, highlighting the mirror frame and white sink. Vintage in approach, it is well complemented by vintage brassware.

Pink & Black Bathroom Source:

This space showcases brilliant use of Pink and black shades to create a very contemporary feel. These hues bring to life this modern bathroom space with their rich tones adding warmth and high drama. Subdued lighting adds a cozy feel.

Stripped & Black Bathroom Source:

Painting just part of the wall in pink is a brilliant way to bring colour into any bathroom. The dramatic use of pink in stripes of dark and light is an excellent choice. It draws attention to the white elements like the mirror and vanity unit. An eclectic mix of modern and vintage objects has been used in this very modern bathroom.

Light Pink Bathroom Source:

This contemporary bathroom shows you how two neutrals can create a simple, minimal and charming bathroom space. Textured white and baby pink break the monotony of the very sterile white.

Light Pink Bathroom Source:

This space is warm and majestic, created using pink, textured wallpaper on the upper walls. The two mirrors add opulence while the modern vanity and floor are abstract and contemporary. The lively pink floral bouquet adds vibrant colour!!

Pink & White Bathroom Source:

A spacious bathroom allows you to get indulgent with the use of brighter pink, rather than use a neutral tone. This space sees the generous use of pink on all the walls but, it doesn’t overpower or confine. Used in combination with geometric tiles and rigid shapes, it offers fabulous effect.

Pink Bathrooms Source:

This bathroom interior impresses with the superb use of pale pink on the background. The subtlety of the shade draws attention to the many curious and pictures on the wall. This is an indulgent, vintage space with high drama and a gorgeous outcome.

Dark Pink Bathroom Source:

This space uses mood lighting to carve a one-of-a-kind space. Dark pink on the walls draws the eye towards the attractive vintage and the glorious chandelier. It combines well with the contemporary vanity with mirror and spotted floor

Dark Pink Bathroom Source:

Take a look at the two bathroom images; one sees the use of light that gives the space a cozy and intimate appearance. The paler shade helps you attain a modern, airy and light feel while the rich tone of pink brings a warm, comforting, mellow feel.

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