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15 Blue Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

Published on: 31/05/2016
Last Updated: 27/06/2020
Blue Bathrooms Inspiration

Colours are everywhere, all around us, inside and out. Nature is beautiful as it’s full of pleasant and vibrant colours!! Azure blue skies and pristine white beaches, dense green forests, deep blue oceans—present an inviting and pleasing backdrop for weary minds and bodies looking for relaxing getaways. The fact is that colours affect our moods, our wellbeing, our emotions and our lives. Try changing the shade of a room or purchasing a car in your favourite hue and notice the instant mood shift.

The QS Supplies online survey of 100 Interior Designers in 2016/2017 threw up some interesting results. Apart from Green, Blue was the hottest colour on trend and continues to be a favourite with consumers and designers alike. Most voted among hues of blues are vibrant and classy Poseidon and Navy Blue, which is a bold accent colour that will look simply wow on upholstered chairs, sofas, and rugs. Australian designer Kate St. James had said, “My pick for 2017 is Pantone Biscay Bay- a beautiful greenish blue that works with our wonderful Australian land and seascapes, a true favourite of mine”! Denim Drift, Teal Blue, Island Paradise and True Navy are other shades of blue that are very hot this season.

So if you're thinking of going with blue in your bathroom, we have put together an interesting mix of bathrooms that see an inspiring use of Blue—be it azure, indigo, sapphire, robin's egg or teal. We have also showcased Pink, White, Green and Grey Bathroom Ideas

Ink Blue Tiled Bathroom

This eclectic space sees the innovative use of white subway tiles on the wall behind the tub. A very modern flower display contrasts beautifully with the sterile white and blue elements. The Blue paint on the top contrasts nicely with the tongue and groove white wall for sophistication and plays its neutral part perfectly.

Teal blue and Grey Blue Bathrooms

This bathroom space works well with the plentiful use of natural sunlight. The blue wall is just perfect as a bold backdrop and makes the classic vanity and tall white window pop out. Marble worktop and sand coloured floor interact with the blue to get a classic feel. A statement framed mirror adds the rustic edge. Bright, sunny and energetic!

Teal and dark indigo tiling with black bathtub

Generous use of pale indigo paint and white subway tiles gives this bathroom a unique flavour. Glass panel allows you to witness the shower's beauty from far. In the adjoining space, the textured floor adds drama and merges wonderfully with the blue and while walls. Lights set strategically enhance the mood!!

Dark blue tiles and light blue wall

This space is charming, yet impactful, created with a liberal use of dark bolder shades of blue like Ink Blue and midnight blue. The solitary freestanding tub benefits from the double textures of dark blue on the wall. Perfect shade to experiment, blue helps make a statement!

patterned blue wallpaper and cream bathroom walls

Blue spaces are cool, but the slightest addition of another colour can define the mood and add dimension. Soft white on the countertop basin and WC are just what the all blue wall and vanity need. The opulent glass mirror and its strategic placement keeps this simple yet elegant.

 blue wallpaper and victorian style mirror

The charming Blue and White bathroom makes this an inspiring interior. The wall is dressed in a midnight blue shade at the bottom and white at the top, the roof is also painted white. Victorian style sanitary fixtures and statement bathtub add the rustic edge. The dark blue hue gives it that royal touch!

blue hexagon tiled bathroom floors

Many homeowners like the idea of having simply a wall or floor in single blue shade as it doesn’t overwhelm the space. Here the simplicity of the grey-blue works wonders when used with the white plumbing fixtures. Brilliant use of bold oval mirrors and lights add a traditional feel, the rest of the space is more contemporary in approach.

blue patterned bathroom floor tiles

Enhance your space with an exciting aura of midnight blue, brightened up by lighter neutrals like cream and brown. The huge windows are just perfect as a bright backdrop for the regal blue tub, complemented by the classic vanity in the same shade. Incorporating mirrors and traditional brassware carved out an opulent and blessed traditional retreat.

midnight blue tiles against white bathtub

In this bathroom, the textured blue backsplash makes a bold statement and gives the illusion of a larger space. The elongated mirror with LED lighting adds character while white wash station brightens the area. Mimic the textured wall at the back by use of grey-blue on the rest of the walls for an electric feel.

bold blue indigo walls with marble vanity

Select this bold blue indigo for the walls for the perfect backdrop against the marble console and floor. The space sees the use of Victorian style fixtures from the console to the WC and mirror, which revisit the Victorian era while also evoking a calm, relaxed feeling.

Blue Bathroom Tiles

Busy but brilliant, this bathroom shows you how to mix 2 neutrals for a desirable result. The monotony of the white cabinets is broken by this bright blue wall and darker blue floor. The massive mirror at the back brings brightness. Just what you need for an exotic contemporary touch without the need for accessories!!

soft light blue and white bathroom

If your bathroom is part of a whole modern set-up then consider these blue subway tiles on the wall for a very trendy look. Geometric white and blue tiles on the floor are a great way to bring in some fun. The wall hung vanity with double basin in dual colours, and white tub complete the space, that has tall windows for adding natural light.

blue hexagonal tiles on the floor and wall

Introduce drama in any bathroom with a black tiled backdrop. Dark Ink Blue colour such as Little Greene’s Deep Space Blue or Dulux’s Raven Plume adds an exotic touch to a compact bathroom space. The pristine white ceramics and shower tray stand up to the intricacies of the textured blue tiles on the wall and countertop.

midnight blue bathroom wall

Rustic in approach yet modern in colour, this space is where country charm meets a chic patterned blue floor for a memorable look. The ivory tiled wall gains character and contrast from the textured blue tiles on the exterior of the bath and the floor. The rustic heavy wooden door adds the classic touch.

printed blue Moroccan tiles

Uninhibited use of textured tiles in intricate blue brings in the bold vibe to this space and gives this modern setting a new twist. Bright mosaic floor adds to the drama while the rest of the space remains minimal and all white to bring in lightness and an illusion of openness.

Sarabeth Asaff

Sarabeth Asaff
Sarabeth Asaff is a former kitchen and bathroom designer who now works as a home and garden industry writer and expert. She has a working knowledge of all areas of the home improvement industry, and specialises in functional design and material advice.