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Mira Showers

Mira Showers is a brand by the 1921 established Walker Crossweller & Co. Ltd in London. By 1937 the company had acquired a manufacturing base at Cheltenham and had already begun making thermostatic mixing valves. Next, a shower valve that functioned exclusively for UK conditions was developed by them and after continuous progress of 42 years; the brand was rechristened as Mira.

Thereafter, the company expanded to include showers, shower trays, digital and electrical showers and accessories such as mixers and shower heads. Some of the highlights of the brand include a 50% smaller mini mixer range of valves and the Mira 360 showerhead using Flipstream technology. BioCote, an antibacterial additive was another hallmark developed by the company for use with its shower trays. The company is known for manufacturing quality electric and power showers, and the brand is now one of the most favourite brands in UK, and Mira Sport is the country’s most Wanted Shower. Excellent fittings and finishes from this brand can give your bathroom an upgraded look. At QS Supplies, you can shop from the complete range, which include 7.5, 8.5, 9.0, 10.5 and 10.8 KW’s shower. Power and Electric models from this brand can be purchased at discounted rates from our on-line store. We also offer Mira Sports, Thermostatic Advanced ADL Memory Electric Shower at a bargain price. If you need any assistance selecting the right product, feel free to give us a call at 0116 251 0051, and we can help you select the right shower for your bathroom.



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Why Select Mira Showers?

The company manufacturing processes are certified with the ISO 14001 for environmental management and ensure that it uses recycled products. Today, the company portfolio includes a vast array of power showers, bath screens, enclosures, taps, trays and other accessories. Incorporating latest technology, products from this company are made to match international standards and have the BMA logo.


Mira Advance ATL Flex Shower 9.0 KW - 1.1643.005

Mira Advance ATL Flex Shower 9.0 KW
£298.42 ££524.40 QS-V29

If you have a dream of the perfect serene shower then go for the Advance ATL Flex Electric Shower that is ingeniously manufactured by Mira. This exclusive shower adds exquisiteness to your aqua space and gives a rain like showering experience. This matchless product provides you safe precise and thermostatically controlled showering for peace of mind. Install this practical and effective shower to your washroom and envelope your senses in a luxurious showering.

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Mira Minilite Built-In Thermostatic Concealed Valve Brand Review Star
£317.35RRP: £291.60QS-V78659

You will love the concealed chrome finish Minilite Built-In Thermostatic Shower Valve from Mira. This wonderful fixture incorporates Magni-Flo technology that almost triples the flow of water compared to similar mixer showers even at low pressure, to enhance your showering pleasure immensely. The contemporary-style valve features separate temperature and flow controls. Whats more, it is compatible with fully modulating combination boilers and instantaneous gas water heaters and gravity-fed hot and cold water systems.

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Mira Minilite Built-In Thermostatic Concealed Valve - 1.1663.014
Mira Select Thermostatic Shower Exposed Valve With Flex Kit Chrome

Mira Select Thermostatic Shower Exposed Valve With Flex Kit Chrome Brand Review Star
£391.02 ££679.20 QS-V52541

Mira Select Exposed Valve comes with a flex kit and includes hose, slide bar, rail and head. It features Thermostatic temperature control and a maximum temperature stop for added safety. It also has separate flow and temperature controls with extended levers and can be corner-mounted (can be installed in a corner of a washroom). It has single lime scale fighting Everclear showerhead. It is easy to install, WRAS-approved as well as up to TMV3 standards suitable for use in healthcare applications.

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Mira Advance ATL Flex 9.8KW Electric Shower Brand Review Star
£331.67RRP: £583.20QS-V30

Enjoy ultimate showering by installing the Advance ATL Flex Electric Shower from Mira. This adorable shower creates a luxurious statement to your washroom with its resplendence. The chic creation features adjustable temperature control ATL and large colour contrasting rotary lever and buttons for improved performance. This effective product is endorsed by the RNIB indicating it is ideal for those who are absolutely visually challenged or partially sighted. It has 2 years of guarantee from the manufacturer.

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Mira Advance ATL Flex 9.8KW Electric Shower - 1.1643.006
Mira Vision Ceiling Fed Dual High Pressure Digital Mixer Shower

Mira Vision Ceiling Fed Dual High Pressure Digital Mixer Shower
£585.46 ££1032.00 QS-V81026

Enjoy a luxurious and relaxing shower with the new Vision Ceiling Fed Dual High-Pressure Digital Mixer Shower from UKs most popular brand Mira. The product comes in white and chrome finish with a maximum temperature setting for added safety. The high quality creation is supplied with Digital diverter that allows the shower head outlet to be on both independently and also simultaneously. Approved by WRAS and BEAB, it features thermostatic temperature stability and comes with separate temperature and flow controls to provide a perfect shower.

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Mira Platinum Pumped Shower Valve Or Controller
£414.46RRP: £729.60QS-V52760

The Mira Platinum Pumped Valve or Controller does more than just a plain shower; it uplifts your washroom to tech-savvy chic mode. It features an excellent digital controller, and is especially well-suited for combining with low water pressure systems. This valve is of top quality with a thermostatic mechanism to maintain flow and temperature and offer you a safe showering. It is BEAB-approved product and also covers a guarantee of five years from the manufacturer.

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Mira Platinum Pumped Shower Valve Or Controller - 1.1666.004
Mira Excel Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer Valve Only Chrome 1.1598.002

Mira Excel Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer Valve Only Chrome
£366.96 ££654.00 QS-V52508

The interesting design of this bath shower mixer valve makes it the perfect choice for today's modern home. The glossy chrome finish combined with thermostatic technology makes this mixer valve both practical and aesthetically appealing.

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Mira Agile Sense ERD Plus Mixer Shower Chrome
£360.17RRP: £633.60QS-V80047

Crafted from high-grade material, this elegant Sense ERD Plus Mixer Shower comes to you from Miras Agile Range. The chrome finish product comes complete with a multi-mode showerhead, rub-clean nozzles for easy limescale removal and separate control for temperature and flow. Its main feature is the Magni-flo that triples the flow of water even at a low pressure. Supplied with an integrated sensing module that displays time and temperature for precise control, it is available with a 5-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

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Mira Agile Sense ERD Plus Mixer Shower Chrome - 1.1736.414
Mira Nectar Shower Kit Chrome - 2.1703.006

Mira Nectar Shower Kit Chrome Brand Review Star
£53.44 ££91.20 QS-V78692

You can always trust Mira to come up with the latest high quality bathroom fixtures at affordable prices. This Nectar Shower Kit with 1.25m hose is one more of its useful creations that will be the perfect addition for a comfortable showering experience. It is graced with a protective chrome or chrome and white finish and blends nicely with most bathrooms. The assortment includes 4-spray showerhead with rub-clean nozzles, slide bar having twist and lock clamp bracket, Soap dish with integrated hose retaining ring or shower gel hook and metal hose. Complete in itself, it comes with a 12-month guarantee from the manufacturer.

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Mira Jump 9.5kw Electric Shower White And Chrome
£138.94RRP: £242.40QS-V80060

This high quality Electric Shower from Mira will help you release your stress with a relaxing shower. The temperature control is provided to maintain your showering temperature without any difficulty. It comes with separate control for both power and temperature along with simple push button activation. The shower head includes four different spray patterns and thanks to its, Rub clean nozzle you can easily remove lime scale build-up.  For a quick and easy connection, the product is supplied with moveable terminal blocks on the left and right side.

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Mira Jump 9.5kw Electric Shower White And Chrome - 1.1788.011

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When you are considering buying a shower set for enjoying scintillatingly refreshing baths, you should actively consider Mira Showers, a leading brand in the UK since 1921. With a mission statement that clearly puts the customer first, the company offers innovative designs and high quality. From regular mixer showers to the highly advanced digital and electric showers, Mira Showers offers you the widest range of showers in the UK. They also offer contemporary shower trays and enclosures...

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Mira Sports series offers sports enthusiasts a great way to refresh and recharge with hot showers and powerful flows. This series was designed to be incredibly functional, with looks that fit into traditional or modern homes. One of our favorite products from this line is the Mira Sport electric shower, efficient and incorporates a host of features, including patented technologies like Clearscale™, Opti-flo and Sensi-flo which ensure safe, powerful showering and enhance the product’s life span.

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