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Mira Showers UK

Mira Showers is a brand by the 1921 established Walker Crossweller & Co. Ltd in London. By 1937 the company had acquired a manufacturing base at Cheltenham and had already begun making thermostatic mixing valves. Next, a shower valve that functioned exclusively for UK conditions was developed by them and after continuous progress of 42 years; the brand was rechristened as Mira.

Thereafter, the company expanded to include showers, shower trays, digital and electrical showers and accessories such as mixers and shower heads. Some of the highlights of the brand include a 50% smaller mini mixer range of valves and the Mira 360 showerhead using Flipstream technology. BioCote, an antibacterial additive was another hallmark developed by the company for use with its shower trays. The company is known for manufacturing quality electric and power showers, and the brand is now one of the most favourite brands in UK, and Mira Sport is the country’s most Wanted Shower. Excellent fittings and finishes from this brand can give your bathroom an upgraded look. At QS Supplies, you can shop from the complete range, which include 7.5, 8.5, 9.0, 10.5 and 10.8 KW’s shower. Power and Electric models from this brand can be purchased at discounted rates from our on-line store. We also offer Mira Sports, Thermostatic Advanced ADL Memory Electric Shower at a bargain price. If you need any assistance selecting the right product, feel free to give us a call at 0116 251 0051, and we can help you select the right shower for your bathroom.



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Why Select Mira Showers?

The company manufacturing processes are certified with the ISO 14001 for environmental management and ensure that it uses recycled products. Today, the company portfolio includes a vast array of power showers, bath screens, enclosures, taps, trays and other accessories. Incorporating latest technology, products from this company are made to match international standards and have the BMA logo.


Mira Agile EV Thermostatic Shower Mixer Chrome - 1.1736.402

Mira Agile EV Thermostatic Shower Mixer Chrome
£184.38 ££318.00 QS-V78644

Mira brings you the marvellous Agile EV Thermostatic Shower Mixer in a smart chrome finish. It includes an exposed valve with adjustable fittings and features a single control for power and temperature. Its highlight is the Magni-flo technology that triples the flow of water as compared to similar mixer showers even at low pressure, to ensure your constant showering pleasure. Its flush-to-wall uni-body design eliminates conventional plumbing for a beautifully smooth form and is covered with a 5-year guarantee against manufacturing defects if any.

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Mira Miniluxe And Diverter ERD
£326.92RRP: £574.80QS-V52755

With this Mira Miniluxe And Diverter you will bring a visually appealing fixture to the room at the same time as enhancing your daily showering experience. This most stylish fixture is backed by Mira's 3 year guarantee and is offered at QS Supplies for a very affordable rate.

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Mira Miniluxe And Diverter ERD - 1.1660.015
Mira Miniduo Thermostatic Shower Built In Valve - 1.1663.008

Mira Miniduo Thermostatic Shower Built In Valve
£211.92 ££366.00 QS-V52532

Make your bathroom a luxurious corner of your home with the stylish Thermostatic Shower BIV Built-In-Valve from Miniduo series of Mira. It is a beautiful combination of ultra-modern techniques, features and design, making it unique from other brassware. Shimmering chrome finish adds an elegant touch to this fabulous element. Equipped with Magni-flo, it gives up to 3 times more flow, even at low pressure.

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Mira Discovery Monobloc Bidet Mixer Tap
£102.72RRP: £156.00QS-V52636

Mira has years of experience in designing and developing bathroom products that meet the requirements of the homeowners. Its latest offering is this Bidet Mixer Tap. Dressed in a brilliant chrome finish, it will provide an imperial and majestic look not only to the bidet but also in the entire bathroom. Its circular, cylindrical form with stylish single lever is sure to endear itself with the users.  Incorporating the latest highly reliable technology for operational efficiency, this product works well in both low and high water pressure systems. Brilliantly constructed from high quality material, it is easy to install and use.

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Mira Discovery Monobloc Bidet Mixer Tap - 2.1612.006
Mira Silver Built In Valve Thermostatic Mixer Shower - 1.1628.002

Mira Silver Built In Valve Thermostatic Mixer Shower Brand Review Star
£265.40 ££442.80 QS-V52513

Exude modernity and simplicity in your washroom by choosing the Silver Built-in Valve Thermostatic Mixer Shower, presented by Mira. It comes with four spray showerhead with partial rub clean rubber nozzles, for easy cleaning. It features Magni-flo to endow three times more flow than similar ones, even at low pressure. The WRAS and TMV2 approved product has single control for flow and temperatures for operational ease. The manufacturer backs it with a 5-year guarantee, against any manufacturing defects.

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Mira Select Thermostatic Shower Exposed Valve With Flex Kit Chrome Brand Review Star
£391.02RRP: £679.20QS-V52541

Mira Select Exposed Valve comes with a flex kit and includes hose, slide bar, rail and head. It features Thermostatic temperature control and a maximum temperature stop for added safety. It also has separate flow and temperature controls with extended levers and can be corner-mounted (can be installed in a corner of a washroom). It has single lime scale fighting Everclear showerhead. It is easy to install, WRAS-approved as well as up to TMV3 standards suitable for use in healthcare applications.

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Mira Select Thermostatic Shower Exposed Valve With Flex Kit Chrome
Mira Vigour Manual Power Shower White and Chrome - 1.1532.354

Mira Vigour Manual Shower White and Chrome Brand Review Star
£169.22 ££291.60 QS-V19332

The smart white and chrome Vigour Manual Power Shower from Mira will energise you with its excellent features. Its multi-mode handset offers five exciting spray patterns with rub clean nozzles to prevent lime-scale formation. Featuring separate controls for flow and temperature it comes with a maximum temperature override for added safety. Compatible with gravity-fed hot and cold water supply it is simple to fit and is guaranteed for one year against manufacturing flaws if any.

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Mira Adept Eco BIV Thermostatic Shower Mixer Chrome Brand Review Star
£196.08RRP: £338.40QS-V78648

Restore electrifying showering moments with none other than Adept Eco BIV Thermostatic Shower Mixer from Mira a company that is famous for manufacturing pleasing showering elements. Incorporating shower set this product saves water up to 50% compared to the standard ones. Executing wonders at a medium water pressure of 0.5 bar this mixer shower stands out exorbitantly when it comes to morning showers or evening refreshers. This product is backed by 5 years of guarantee from the manufacturer.

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Mira Adept Eco BIV Thermostatic Shower Mixer Chrome - 1.1736.423
Mira Element Exposed Variable Mixer Shower 1.1656.001

Mira Element Exposed Variable Mixer Shower Brand Review Star
£211.98 ££367.20 QS-V29807

Extremely graceful and appealing the Element Exposed Variable Mixer Shower from Mira has a timeless appeal. It is TMV2 approved and comes with a splendid chrome finish and value-adding features such as Maximum temperature stop for safe showering, easy access to filters, flow and temperature cartridge and compatibility with all plumbing systems. It also accepts falling, rising and rear supplies and is guaranteed for five years against faulty material or workmanship.

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Mira Flight Low Rectangle Shower Tray 1000 x 800mm
£118.12RRP: £214.80QS-V56830

Slim, seamless and minimalist, the Mira Flight Shower Tray is a perfect example of cutting edge technology and contemporary design. Made from acrylic capped resin stone, this tray is durable, scratch, chip and discolouration resistant. It is also unbelievably light which in turn makes it easy to fix in your shower enclosure. Wastewater disappears at incredible speed into the vortex waste outlet provided at the centre of the tray while the Biocote technology acts negatively against bacteria and mould. This sleek shower tray is ideal for both new constructions as well as existing shower areas being refurbished.

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Mira Flight Low Rectangle Shower Tray 1000 x 800mm - 1.1697.007.WH

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