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Mira Showers

Mira Showers are the country most Wanted Shower. Built with the latest technology, showers from Mira performs the best. Power and Electric Showers from Mira can be purchased at discounted rates from our on-line store. We also offer Mira Thermostatic, Mira Sports and Advanced ADL Memory Electric Shower at a bargain price.



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Most Wanted Shower - Mira

Known for manufacturing quality electric and power showers, Mira is now one of the most favourite brands in bathroom showers. Excellent fittings and finishes from this brand can give your bathroom an upgraded look. At QS Supplies, you can shop from the complete range of Mira showers, which include 7.5, 8.5, 9.0, 10.5 and 10.8 KW’s. If you need any assistance selecting the right product, feel free to give us a call at 0116 251 0051, and we can help you select the right shower for your bathroom.


Mira Flight Low Rectangle Shower Tray 1200 x 800mm - 1.1697.005.WH

Mira Flight Low Rectangle Shower Tray 1200 x 800mm
£167.40 ££216.00 QS-V56828

The Mira Flight Shower Tray will prove to be the perfect fit for your shower enclosure not just because it comes in a popular size but because its rectangular shape and low profile lends itself to modern bathroom spaces. This acrylic capped resin stone tray is incredibly tough and surprisingly light making it durable and easy to install. The centrally situated vortex waste kit quickly and efficiently drains away the used water so you can enjoy a hygienic bath. The Biocote technology applied in its manufacture ensures the tray protection against microbes and moulding.

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Mira Element BIR Built In Rigid Thermostatic Mixer Shower Brand Review Star
£206.08RRP: £346.80QS-V52522

Create your own ultimate showering experience with BIR Thermostatic Mixer Shower from the Element range of Mira. The thermostatic technique maintains and regulates water flow and temperature separately. This chrome plated unit, which comes with one single control for on-off, has a single spray 18.5cm deluge fixed head. WRAS and TMV2 Approved, it is compatible with both mains and low pressure water systems and operates on all plumbing systems. The aesthetically appealing construction enhances the washroom beauty as well as your showering session.

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Mira Element BIR Built In Rigid Thermostatic Mixer Shower - 1.1656.003
Mira Sport Electric Shower 9.0kW White And Chrome - 1.1746.002

Mira Sport 9.0kW White And Chrome Brand Review Star
£203.47 ££351.60 QS-V56963

Mira is proud to introduce their Sport range. With features such as advanced technology to stabilise water temperature; Sensi-flo, to avoid scalding, and Opti-flo for year round optimal flow, it''s little wonder this entire set is proving ever popular. The white and chrome finish; give this shower a fresh and clean look.

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Mira Combiforce 415 Built-In Valve Mixer Shower Chrome Brand Review Star
£362.09RRP: £614.40QS-V29816

The Built-in Valve Mixer Shower from Mira Combiforce is most efficient and uses a single control for flow and temperature. Pressure balance technology is employed to maintain the ideal temperature and comes with a maximum temperature stop for added safety. It also features a manual over-ride button and a three-spray showerhead with partial rub clean rubber nozzles for easy cleaning. Moreover the manufacturer offers a 1-year guarantee for this marvel against any manufacturing defects.

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Mira Combiforce 415 Built-In Valve Mixer Shower Chrome - 1.1542.005
Mira Extra Exposed Valve Bath Shower Mixer White And Chrome

Mira Extra Exposed Valve Bath Shower Mixer White And Chrome
£410.51 ££732.00 QS-V52472

Mira Showers bring you their Extra EV Exposed Valve Bath Shower Mixer, a quality fixture that will add a contemporary look and feel to your bathroom along with a highly functional shower set. The white and chrome finish give this mixer a unique look and with features such as thermostatic control and a variety of spray patterns to name but a few, offers excellent value for money.

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Mira Logic Slide Rail Clamp Bracket Chrome
£15.49RRP: £24.00QS-V52575

The Slide Rail Clamp is a perfect fit for the Mira Logic Slidebar and also suitable for 22mm slide bars. The fixture has a neat finish and is made from excellent raw materials for high durability. It nicely complements the other bathroom accessories and comes with a rubber grip for easy operation. Attractively priced at our online store, it is backed by a 1-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

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Mira Logic Slide Rail Clamp Bracket Chrome - 2.1605.128
Mira Nectar Slide Bar Chrome - 2.1703.008

Mira Nectar Slide Bar Chrome Brand Review Star
£32.68 ££52.80 QS-V78690

A popular choice for conventional shower areas with stunning look, this is the Mira Nectar Slide Bar. The product comes with twist and lock clamp bracket, soap dish and integrated hose retaining ring or shower gel hook. Ideal for use with all types of showers, it works smoothly in any water pressure system. Beautifully made from high quality material and polished in chrome or chrome and white; this will accord with any bathroom surroundings. It comes complete with screws and fittings and a one-year reliable guarantee from the manufacturer.

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Mira Sport Electric Shower 7.5kW White And Chrome Brand Review Star
£183.74RRP: £318.00QS-V56962

The White and Chrome Sport Electric Shower from Mira is delightful. The BEAB approved shower comes with Opti-flo device for enjoyable showers throughout the year. It features a large 4-spray shower handset, adjustable slide bar and rub clean nozzles for easy limescale removal. Additionally, for your safety, the shower includes an advanced pressure-stabilised temperature control that keeps your selected showering temperature consistent while a phased shutdown flushes hot water from the tank to make it safe for the next user.

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Mira Sport Electric Shower 7.5kW White And Chrome - 1.1746.001
Mira Escape Electric Shower 9kW Chrome - 1.1563.730

Mira Escape Electric Shower 9kW Chrome Brand Review Star
£282.65 ££495.60 QS-V52498

A hot shower promises a refreshing start to your day and is equally relaxing when you return from your daily routine. Mira Escape brought to you at a mind-boggling discount by QS Supplies is all set to liven up your showering experience. It features separate power and temperature flow controls, a four spray handset and thermostatic safety element. It is also equipped with a unique Sensi-flo technology that prevents scalding accidents. Its delayed shut-down mechanism flushes out any hot water within the tank to prevent lime-scale build-up.

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Mira Flight Low Rectangle Tray 1500mm x 760mm
£249.82RRP: £324.00QS-V56826

Mira Flight Low Rectangle Tray 1500mm x 760mm.

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Mira Flight Low Rectangle Tray 1500mm x 760mm - 1.1697.003.WH

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Why Mira Showers Are Superior in United Kingdom

When you are considering buying a shower set for enjoying scintillatingly refreshing baths, you should actively consider Mira Showers, a leading brand in the UK since 1921. With a mission statement that clearly puts the customer first, the company offers innovative designs and high quality. From regular mixer showers to the highly advanced digital and electric showers, Mira Showers offers you the widest range of showers in the UK. They also offer contemporary shower trays and enclosures...

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Mira Sports Review

QS Supplies Review on Mira Sports Series

Mira Sports series offers sports enthusiasts a great way to refresh and recharge with hot showers and powerful flows. This series was designed to be incredibly functional, with looks that fit into traditional or modern homes. One of our favorite products from this line is the Mira Sport electric shower, efficient and incorporates a host of features, including patented technologies like Clearscale™, Opti-flo and Sensi-flo which ensure safe, powerful showering and enhance the product’s life span.

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Mira Platinum Dual Showers

Mira introduces the new Platinum Dual Shower

Mira Platinum Dual Shower is a multi-outlet unit giving an incomparably blissful showering experience. The technologically sophisticated gadget allows for flow diversion between overhead and hand shower or both simultaneously. The high-end digital shower comes fortified with features like wireless, warm-up mode, eco-setting, clock display, additional controller and shower timer. Thermostatic temperature control ensures a safe showering for the entire family. A wireless controller manages...

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