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Shop for cisterns, bidet, designer loo and water closet at our web store. Designer Toilets gives bathroom personality and the extra comfort that one wants. We have extensive selections of Toilets and Bidet offers, to update your bathrooms. From Back to Wall Toilet Units to designer wall hung toilets, we have showcased an array of bathroom products. We have also got One Piece WC and Bidets available at QS. Feel free to browse our series of WC’s and Bidet and if you have and queries give us a call at 0116 251 0051

Close Coupled WC

Prices from £ 50.99

Designer Close Coupled WC

Prices from £ 80.59

Traditional WC

Prices from £ 94.85

Low Level Toilets

Prices from £ 31.86

Wall Hung WC

Prices from £ 96.05

Back to Wall Toilets

Prices from £ 82.30

Toilet Seat

Prices from £ 10.84


Prices from £ 62.63


Prices from £ 44.39


Prices from £ 7.23

WC Frame

Prices from £ 26.60

Flush Plates

Prices from £ 19.68