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Burlington Bathrooms

Burlington is a premium brand exclusively for vintage bathroom products that are breathtaking with their superb designs. Suffused with quality and class, their range of bathroom products is immeasurably overwhelming. Certainly, all commendations to the marvellous features that reflect elitism in look and finishes in Burlington Bathroom Products. Furthermore, the fixings and curvy shapes, with elegant and modern twists, are unrivalled features. Graceful and Victorian in their allure, Burlington Bathroom offers connoisseurs almost every bathroom element required, from Large Bathroom Sinks, toilets, shower kits, bath shower mixers, bathroom accessories and more.

Each product exudes elegance and charm that hark back to royal eras, and the unique contours enhance their classic porcelain-like structures. The brand is one of the topmost, coming as it does from the Bathroom Brands Group, which also includes Crosswater, Bauhaus, and Simpsons in its portfolio. The brand seeks to bring alive the period of beauty that highlighted British design from the 1800s to the 1900s. It strongly states that to ensure the best traditional pieces, the company continues to follow the tried and tested old manufacturing patterns without diluting them for economic or other purposes. This ensures customers get an authentic period bathroom product to complete their vintage decor themes. The Brand's motto is to give customers “Yesterday’s design, with today’s technology”. The brand pays detailed attention and manufactures products to match the exacting requirements of European and British industrial standards.

Every piece in the range is amply innovative and inestimably luxurious in every setting. The pleasure of showering rises with minimalistic designs, comfort, and effortless operability. Grace and flamboyance are inherent in Burlington Products due to the classic craftsmanship of their expert craftsmen. Undeniably, aesthetic beauty and optimum functionality are the matchless fortes of the series. The subtlety and superiority in the sublime appearance and performance are the unique characteristics of Products from this brand. At QS Supplies, we can assure you to offer the best at the most irresistible and unbeatable prices.

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