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Warmup Underfloor Heating


A trusted name worldwide in the field of underfloor heating. The company assures warm and pleasant homes, from floor to roof, with their top quality floor heating solutions. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and has seen impressive growth from humble beginnings to its current presence in over 60 countries across the globe. Their underfloor heating includes Electric, Hydronic, and Hybrid versions. The company boasts an in-house research facility where researchers constantly study and update products with technical innovations to bring you the most advanced models. Refreshing product lines with latest additions keep the company well ahead of the competition.

Products from this underfloor heating company are compliant with prevailing European standards as well as CE marked. Their professionalism, customer service, both pre and post sales is evident in their dealings with traders and customers alike whereas lifetime warranty on products offers peace of mind. When it comes to under-floor heating, they also offer global appeal and immense value for their heating products. Their products are high quality, safe, designed using the most reliable components and can be easily installed. It offers the toughest, dual-fluoropolymer, heating wire on the market. This wire with 1.8mm diameter won't raise floor levels, is BEAB approved and safe. The company also offers reliable, wet underfloor heating systems for bathrooms and wetrooms and outdoor patios and gardens.

Under Floor Stick Mats

Under Floor Stick Mats

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Electronic Hydronic & Hybrid Heating Solution

Although Electric Systems are compatible with all room sizes, however, are ideal for 25sq.m or smaller spaces, created for individual rooms rather than the whole house. Hydronic systems are ideal for larger areas over 25 sq. m and more suited for whole house systems. Hybrid Systems combine both Electric and Hydronic systems and may be the answer when fitting the entire house. Comfort is a top-most priority when creating under-floor heating products and their underfloor heating provides amazing possibilities for comfort and convenience. From the bathroom to the bedroom and even outdoors, Warm-up has a suitable heating solution for you. Apart from comfort, the other benefits include low energy costs that can be discussed at the design stage in combination with your budget. Products from this brand also features thermostatic control with precise and safe temperatures that start from the floor and then heat up the entire room. Installing underfloor heating systems from this brand, takes up almost no space and reduces humidity, making the indoor air clean and dust free. For a fuss-free installation, it is recommended you get a qualified professional to complete the job. The manufacturer will offer all support, service and guarantee.


Warmup 150W Electric Underfloor Heating StickyMat System

If your accessories are made by Warm Up, you can use them irresistibly for years without any hassles. The Electric Underfloor Heating Sticky Mat System features the thinnest dual fluoropolymer coated heating wire, and therefore, doesnt obstruct in any way. It comes with sturdy glass fibre mesh and super-sticky double-sided tape for secure installation and can also be repositioned if required. It consists of a thin evenly spaced wire, taped to a glass fibre mesh with adhesive, for quick and secure installation. Its simply perfect for all kinds of projects and comes with a Safety Net Installation Guarantee that allows for replacement from the manufacturer in case of accidental damage during installation.

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Warmup Heated Electric Towel Rail makes your chill mornings comfortable and cosy. The curved towel rail is timelessly versatile and redefines the elegance of your bathroom settings. The minimalist design of the appliance is well complemented by a glinting chrome finish that radiates charm. This trendy towel rail comes with 7 round bars that give efficient heat as well as a number of hot towels for use, especially in cold weather. This electric version comes without any liquids inside and so is easy to maintain. Now, introduced from our online web store at a fabulous price.

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Warmup Straight 450 x 680mm Heated Electric Towel Rail

A highly sophisticated home can be instantly upgraded with this Straight Heated Electric Towel Rail from Warmup. This amazingly functional and minimalistic heating appliance is made of 6 round bars made of stainless steel. This accessory works on electricity making it hassle-free to maintain; simply switch it on or off as needed. Its sleek, simple design makes it easy to install as well as mount on a wall. Ensures even heating with rapid heat-up while being extremely heat efficient. Incorporating a host of modern features this radiator is a technical marvel that will heat your interiors perfectly.

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Warmup Loose Wire Underfloor Heating Electric System DWS 300

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Warm Up offers you another fine accessory for under floor heating system in the form of this Loose Electric Wire. Crafted with precision, the wire is flexible and easy for installation, especially in small or awkward shaped areas. The heating cable is the strongest and thinnest on the market measuring only 2mm and is double insulated and made from fluoropolymers.  It is suited for both primary and secondary heating applications that adhere to Building Regulations. It has been designed for installation under ceramic or natural stone tiled flooring, without digging or mixing concrete. Simply fixing it to the subfloor should be sufficient to ensure the warmth that you need.

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Warmup Extra Floor Probe For Thermostat

Warm Up has become the premier choice for UnderFloor Heating systems, throughout the United Kingdom. The Floor Probe for Thermostat is a thinner and sturdier floor probe for installing an energy monitor thermostat. Does not require a conduit and cap and the installation is extremely simple. This upgraded probe is easily compatible with thinner floor build ups and may be used with 4IE, 3IE, and Tempo Thermostats.  Designed to latest recommendations, it has a much smaller diameter and is almost invisible. The only precaution required is to position it away from hot water pipes or draught spots to avoid any impact on the thermostat.

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Warmup Sunstone Uncoated Insulation Boards

Optional: Sizes Available
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