Our Range of Bathroom Furniture

At QS Supplies, we stock and sell complete fitted furniture units, storage units and cabinets for bathrooms. We have a variety of options in this category to select from, ranging from different shades to sizes. You can give a complete makeover to your bathroom by selecting the right bathroom furniture units in modern or  traditional designs. Modern Vanity units in white or matte finish can add a charm to the bathroom. We invite you to have a look at our contemporary, compact and minimalist range of products. Available in various shades such oak, maple, cherry and white, we are sure you will find the right bathroom furniture.

Small Bathroom Vanities now available at QS

Small Vanity Units


Prices from £ 78.40

Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity


Prices from £ 87.01

Corner Vanity Units

Corner Vanity Units


Prices from £ 121.20

Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom Cabinets


Prices from £ 19.19

Fitted Bathroom Furniture

Fitted Furniture Units


Prices from £ 210.00

Wall Hung Bathroom Vanities

Wall Hung Units


Prices from £ 69.30

Back to Wall Unit now available at QS Supplies UK

Back to Wall WC


Prices from £ 88.24

Bathroom Storage

Bathroom Storage


Prices from £ 51.24

Wash Stands

Wash Stands


Prices from £ 63.98

Tall Boy Bathroom Furniture

Tall Boy Units


Prices from £ 87.84

Bathroom Worktop



Prices from £ 27.26

Why Our Collection is Unique?

Life is about celebrating every moment, with a sophisticated lifestyle. Every bathroom glitters with integral elements that combine style and class. Here is your opportunity to delight in the beauty with our timeless and high-class assortment of bathroom furniture, every piece of which has been crafted to perfection.

We have compiled Modern and Classic Range

The units in QS Supplies’ collection have been meticulously crafted, to achieve exquisite style, high standards of appearance and top class performance. These collections have been put together with great care to give you the standard of furniture and fittings that you are looking for in your bathroom. For those of you who are looking for something different, the amazing stainless steel cabinets showcased at our site blend well with chrome accessories. The inspiring shapes, sizes, patterns and colours of the cabinets, storage units, tall boy unit and other furniture represent the creative ideas of several well-known high quality designer brands. QS Supplies are scrupulous in the selection of the bathroom ranges that we offer. We are aware of our customers' tastes so we provide only the best of all the awe-inspiring ranges on the market on our web-store.

If you live anywhere in the UK, QS Supplies’ web-store is the ultimate destination for gorgeous bathroom furniture at reasonable prices, offering convenience, choice and the advice you need. You can further read our buying guide on bathroom furniture.