Bathroom Furniture on SALE - Designer Free Standing Furniture Units for Bathrooms

At QS Supplies, we stock and sell complete fitted furniture units for bathrooms, such as oak, maple, cherry and white furniture units. We advise customers to select the right shade bathroom furniture for their bathrooms and give their bathroom a complete makeover, by adding either a modern or a traditional unit. We also offer massive discounts on gloss white and matte white furniture units. Do not miss the sale and grab the bargain from our on-line store.

Small Vanity Units


Prices from £ 82.81

Bathroom Vanity


Prices from £ 106.80

Corner Vanity Units


Prices from £ 121.20

Bathroom Cabinets


Prices from £ 19.19

Fitted Furniture


Prices from £ 210.00

Wall Hung Units


Prices from £ 103.20

Back to Wall WC


Prices from £ 80.21

Bathroom Storage


Prices from £ 51.24

Wash Stands


Prices from £ 63.98

Tall Boy Units


Prices from £ 91.50



Prices from £ 10.03

Our Collection of Contemporary Wooden and White Furniture Units

Life is about celebrating every moment, with a sophisticated lifestyle; of course, possessing it is not an illusion anymore. Every home glitters with several integral elements; to coalesce style and class in the entire horde of bathroom furniture that adds a pinch of sparkling resplendence, enhancing aesthetic galore. It’s always an art aficionado’s privilege to gloat with the best elitism exuding pieces in the bathroom realm. Thus, here’s an opportunity to savour beauty with the timeless and classy assortment of bathroom furniture, which has been crafted intricately, to perfection. The cache makes the banal ones redundant and excels the best-in-class, simply to meet countless aspirations of having that ‘complete & ideal bathroom’. Needless to say; they make the eyeing glances envy immeasurably.

Undoubtedly, the purpose has always been to transform all bathroom settings with the extravagant fashion emissaries - bathroom furniture, yet not burning the pocket. In other words, an outsized collection of bathroom cabinets and complete fitted storage units that are quintessential storage options, crucial in reducing mess in the bathroom surroundings, come within the aspired prices ever. We, at QS Supplies, have painstakingly compiled trendy and classy ranges of bathroom furniture that are a majestic combination of both, traditional and modern, to befit every decor, blending in easily. More than that, there is unbounded opportunity to skim through and design the bathroom of your fondness, choosing the best from our repertoire.

The pieces in QS Supplies’ collection have been crafted meticulously, to achieve exquisite style, elevated standards of opulence and top class performance, together. The pieces furnish excellently, endowing an endless aura of magical space you desire and deserve in your bathroom. The mesmerising shapes, sizes, patterns and colours of the cabinets, mirrors, accessories, cabinet sinks and suchlike are pure creative ideas of several known brands apart from the ones most sought-after that are generically preferred all over. QS Supplies are scrupulous, being aware of their customers’ tastes; therefore, they provide only quality of awe-inspiring ranges akin to the branded ones that we host on our web-store.

We, QS Supplies, invite consumers to have a look at our contemporary compact, minimalist cloakroom vanity units, modern storage units, oak and maple shade bathroom vanities. Excitingly, stainless steel bathroom cabinets will fuse well with your bathroom accessories and is practical in design. For all of you residing anywhere in the UK, QS Supplies web-store is the ultimate destination for gorgeous bathroom furniture at reasonable prices.