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Hinged & Pivot Shower Doors - Framed & Frameless Models

What kind of door do you need? It depends on where your shower is located. Hinged doors allow the widest opening and maximum accessibility. Well designed pivot are also a very popular alternative to hinged ones for enclosures.  Remember that shower doors that open out into the room need a certain amount of space to return into. Or perhaps you prefer a pivot or a sliding version. It really does depend on how much space you have in your bathroom. With so much variety on offer, selecting the right one can become quite a challenge. Nevertheless, before purchasing you must ensure, the one you select features the style you desire, while keeping your bathroom highly practical. Below is the list of products from designer brands, and they excel in manufacturing high-end enclosures. These are cost effective as well.




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Different Types of Shower Doors to Choose from

You can choose from our wide range, which includes choice of shape, size and style, but selecting the right one will depend on a variety of considerations such as space constraint and accessibility. To decide on the ideal one for your requirement, take a look at the most popular UK styles from bi-folding, sliding to pivot openings.

Hinged & Pivot: A Robust, Convenient Solution

Hinged and Pivot are similar types and have similar openings that swing outwards, providing excellent access to the enclosure. With hinged styles, the panel is attached by secure hinges on one side, allowing the door to open fully outwards. Pivot doors are similar but create a smaller opening, with the door secured in place by two sturdy pivots.

The Pivot is the most common type that is used. Besides having a relatively low cost of installation, these are preferred over sliding, offering a very easy access to the showering area. As fantastic as it sounds, you must be having sufficient space to allow the door to open fully. There should be no obstructions from nearby walls. If space is a worrying factor, there are other alternatives that you can consider, including:

Bi-Fold: Compact & Versatile

The bi-fold folds together when you slide it to open or close. Often installed on rectangular enclosures or between two walls, this type offers a compact, space-saving solution that doesn't swing outwards or inwards. It can also be incorporated into a larger panel enclosure to create a modern and convenient wet room. But mostly, it is used for small bathroom space.

Sliding: Save on Space

Sliding doors are self-explanatory, in that they slide to the side when you want to enter the shower. The advantage of installing this type is that it saves on space because you don't have to make room for an in-swinging or out-swinging. They usually consist of a number of glass panels that slide together when opened, ideal for all types of bathrooms from the small to the large.

Quadrant: Style & Convenience

Quadrant doors create a unique curvature to the glass wall of an enclosure, forming a stylish showering space that is ideal for the corner installation. Rather than having the door on one side of the enclosure, quadrant panels can conveniently face diagonally into the room, ultimately saving on space. Also, these forms a larger access point, making it easier to get in and out. Now, as you know about the types, consider about the styling.


Would you like a framed or frameless glass door? In the end, it is up to your personal preferences. Frameless versions make for a modern look that is hard to beat and are certainly easier to keep clean. Always select good, long lasting materials. Make sure that the end product you buy is made of strong, thick safety glass, have smooth rollers/runners, strong handles, and quality hinges. It is better to buy from a reputed brand, as all of these quality checks are thoroughly done.

Think about what kind will look better in your washroom. Take a good look at your current bathroom fixtures. If you currently enjoy a classic style, a modern door might look out of place. On the other hand, if you're wanting to update the room then selecting a frameless version might be the perfect solution. If you do select one with a frame, try matching the colour of the frame to the colour of your furnishings. There are also etchings in glass options available if you are looking for more privacy.


Secondly, you need to consider how much you are willing to. You will find all kinds of doors made from different materials and manufactured to different standards. So think about it carefully, establish a budget, and start looking within the price range you've set. If you're thinking of cutting back on your investment so you can purchase more luxurious towels or bathroom accessories think again. A quality one will deliver a great deal more for the longest time than an inferior, whose finishes peel off, and swivel or runner fixtures catch and drag.

By following these guidelines, taking your time and seeking advice from QS Supplies you will make the perfect selection. Once your enclosure is installed you'll be pleased you put in so much effort to achieve the exact result you were hoping for. Choosing the right one is important, and with the information provided here you can now make an informed decision in finding that perfect one.

Good service. The product has been delivered on time .
Overall Rating:   5 StarReview Left by: Momchil Ivanov on January 17, 2018
Quality : 5 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 5 Stars

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The shower door is excellent value for money , very reasonably priced for a8mm thick shower door. The ordering was straightforward and delivery as expected and we were kept informed of its progress.
Overall Rating:   4 StarReview Left by: Sue and Harrison on January 2, 2018
Quality : 4 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 4 Stars

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Great product at a great price. Easy to follow instructions, although I didn't follow them to the letter. I fitted the door profile first and then the door which made it easier to get the perfect watertight seal when fitting the opposite magnet side profile.
Overall Rating:   5 StarReview Left by: Mr D Waxman on December 18, 2017
Quality : 5 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 5 Stars

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Good price but some idiot had put bottom water seal round the wrong way.
Overall Rating:   3 StarReview Left by: Terry Overton on November 20, 2017
Quality : 3 Stars
Value for Money : 4 Stars
Style : 4 Stars

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