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Mira Showers Explained - Technical & Installation PDF Files

Published on: 31/05/2016 Last Updated: 05/09/2019
Mira Shower

Based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Mira Showers has been the leader in technology since the launch of the World's first-ever thermostatic showers back in 1937. Mira Shower's reputation has been built upon innovative design, quality engineering and rigorous attention to detail.

Why Select Mira Showers?

As we all know Showers can get hot in seconds. Mira is among those manufacturers who make the safest showers in the market. Mira shower models that shut down automatically if the cold water supplies ever fail, keeping the family safe. Superbly refreshing and exceptionally reliable, Mira showers guarantee showering pleasure and performance for many years.

Innovative showers for all preferences

Mira Showers

From the regular mixer showers to the highly advanced digital and electric showers, Mira offers you the widest range of Electric Showers. For achieving the desired temperature by mixing the water from both cold and hot supplies, the mixer showers are highly popular with discerning customers. Mira Showers also offers the state-of-the-art digital showers that allow you to set the temperature digitally which the shower will maintain. If there is a limited hot water supply in your bathroom, the electric showers from Mira Showers are ideal, as they only take water from the mains cold water supply and pass it through a heating element positioned inside the shower.

Strong & Durable Mira Flight Shower Trays

Mira Showers Enclosure

Along with the latest showers, the brand also offers you strong & durable Mira shower trays to complete your showering experience. The styling is modern, and the specially toughened surface ensures top-notch quality. The Mira Flight range is designed for delivering excellent performance and hassle-free installation. With a variety of permutations and combinations offered by the showers sets your showering session will truly be a fabulously refreshing experience.

After-sales service with a smile

Mira has a dedicated and fully trained support team of technicians across UK while sending a service request through their website is also possible. Using only genuine Mira spare parts they will ensure a perfect job every time, which, in turn, will ensure peace of mind.

The Mira Sports Series

Mira Sport Series

Whether you are a runner, biker, hiker, or tennis enthusiast, you probably know what it feels like to have sore muscles and aches from all that physical activity. The Mira Sports Series was designed to calm those aches and pains while also lending a unique look that would enhance any home regardless of your style.

One of our favorite products from this line is the Mira Sport electric shower because it’s sleek and modern in addition to being highly functional. It has luxurious features such as the handset and important safety features like Sensiflo that prevent you and your family from possible scalding.

The Mira Platinum Dual Shower

Mira Dual Shower

Yet another innovative product, The Mira Platinum Dual Shower is a multi-outlet unit giving an incomparably blissful showering experience. It’s self-sufficient in functionality, operating with 360 shower head which is a multi-mode device. With a perfect cascade from the 250 ml storage of water, the Mira Platinum Dual Shower assures free flow and brimful soaking. It also features wireless, warm-up mode, eco-setting, clock display, additional controller and 360 shower head from Mira.

Mira has been creating great masterpieces in their massive range, which includes mixer showers, digital, and electric showers, power showers, shower trays, parts & accessories. They have time and time again created a minimalist and unobtrusive showers and accessories that have been revolutionary, trendy and preferred by everyone.

You find Installation Guide and technical information of Mira Showers from the list specified below.

Mira Advanced Shower Manual And Installation Guide

Mira Showers

Mira Mixer Shower Installation Guide

Mira Power Shower Installation Guide

Mira Shower Pumps And Accessories Installation Guide

Sarabeth Asaff

Posted By: Kylie Wall

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