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From bath showers, furniture, curtains, panels and more, Croydex is one of UK’s leading providers in bathroom accessories with a 97-year-old history. Started in 1919, the company was first known as the New Croyden Rubber Company, and the name was later changed to Croydex in 1975, as business developed and expanded. The company has several milestones, such as the Sham-mix shampoo spray in 1934 that is still in use today. The company is also credited with bringing exclusive patented innovations, like the Twist ’N’ Lock range of suction fix storage and accessories.

These were launched in 1999 and evolved with times to create the highly popular Twist ’N’ Lock Plus, as well as the Stick ‘N’ Lock Plus adhesive pad technology. In 2010, Croydex tied up with Damixa, a Danish, brassware manufacturer. Today, the company sits on a 5-acre plot in Andover, Hampshire, where it creates innovative bathroom products that are sold not only in the UK but also across Europe and USA. In recent times, the brand has earned fame for its unique Flexi-Fix fixing system that revolutionized the bathroom accessories market.

Rods and Rails

Rods and Rails

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Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains

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FROM £7.49

Toilet Seats

Toilet Seats From £12.54

Bath Panels

Bath Panels From £35.18

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Achieve Maximum Comfort Level With Croydex

Croydex successfully provides you the best showers, accessories, medicine cabinets, and other products to give your bathroom a scintillating touch. With top class practicality and wonderful design all accessories from this brand, will dominate your bathroom decor. All the products from this brand can now be easily fetched from our on-line store, as the prices we offer here is economical and cheap. The smooth elegant finishes of accessories and showers from this brand can very well classify your bathroom in to a luxurious one. Creating a benchmark in UK market, all the products from this brand perform fantastically giving you the satisfaction, beyond your expectations. You can achieve maximum comfort level by installing products from this brand.


Croydex Blue Glitter Toilet Seat - WL101024

Croydex Blue Glitter Toilet Seat
£27.94 ££45.07 QS-V7336

Croydex Blue Glitter Toilet Seat - WL101024.

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Croydex Anthracite Coloured Steel Mirror Cabinet Brand Review Star
£22.74RRP: £34.98QS-V18058

Now organise your bathroom utilities with the fashionably sleek Croydex Anthracite Mirror Cabinet. This symmetrically styled cabinet is meticulously designed with a spacious yet compact interior, divided by coloured steel shelves. It also includes magnetic push catch opening mirrored door for a sophisticated look. Ideal for small spaces, it comes to you fully assembled for your convenience. Available in White and the latest colour to suit modern bath areas. Grab this at an exclusive discounted price only at your favorite online store. It will only bring you immense joy.

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Croydex Anthracite Coloured Steel Mirror Cabinet - WC870231
Croydex Alaska Hang N Lock Double Door Mirror Cabinet - WC700222

Croydex Alaska Hang N Lock Double Door Mirror Cabinet
£108.30 ££174.68 QS-V51813

This confidently graceful and unassumingly captivating Alaska Hang N Lock Double Door Mirror Cabinet from Croydex, is a visually stunning designer bathroom adornment, which will complement your elegant taste. Its double sided mirrors provide extremely convenient functionality of using the mirror even when one door is open, and the two toughened glass shelves boast of enough space for stacking all your essential bathroom utilities. Made from high quality material and finished in elegant White, this cabinet is Rainforest Alliance certified.

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Croydex Chetsford Framed Mirror 700 x 900mm
£146.51RRP: £225.40QS-V7372

The Croydex Chetsford Framed Mirror not only lets you look at your reflection, but it also adds character and light to a room. It is furnished with a gorgeous white matt finish that enhances the look of this piece.  The reflection that shows up in this mirror is clear and uninterrupted giving you the best way to view yourself. This accessory comes with the easy to install Hang N Lock bracket which allows you to hang it in a simple and safe way.

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Croydex Chetsford Framed Mirror 700 x 900mm
Croydex Carrington Overhead Shower - AM171041

Croydex Carrington Overhead Shower
£83.84 ££135.23 QS-V7312

Calling all shower lovers, Croydexs great new indulgence is here! The Carrington Overhead Shower is a fabulous acquisition that will reveal new showering pleasures and conveniences each time you use it. With polished stainless steel finish and loaded with goodies such as Aqua Air technology, rub-clean nozzles and a fully adjustable brass ball joint for easy handling, it is a pleasure to use. Whats more, you can acquire it with an optional water saving device. Check it out, you certainly deserve it!

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Croydex Luxury Square Shower Curtain Rod
£27.94RRP: £45.07QS-V45864

Many households have to adapt to the modern lifestyle and in doing so those with bath tubs have had to substitute their leisurely baths with a quick shower. Luxury Shower Curtain Rods from Croydex  come as a handy, economical base for making a shower curtain enclosure. With special die-cast hooks to match it and slide smoothly on the railing, this square rod presents itself as the most dependable curtain enclosure solution. This aluminum rod is anodized to resist corrosion and tested for durability.

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Croydex Luxury Square Shower Curtain Rod - AD116441
Croydex Single Function Shower Kit With 1500mm Hose - AM150741

Croydex Single Function Shower Kit With 1500mm Hose Brand Review Star
£14.14 ££22.50 QS-V18035

It is now so easy to pick the right shower kit from the huge selection available. But which one is just right for you?   The Single Function Shower Kit with Hose from Croydex has enjoyed unprecedented sales across the UK since it has been introduced and you simply cannot go wrong with it. It offers a single spray pattern that is perfect for daily use. With a smooth polished stainless steel riser rail and easy rub-clean nozzle, it is easy to maintain and comes with a pleasing chrome finish.

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Croydex Professional Flexi-Fix Toilet Roll Holder Brand Review Star
£16.76RRP: £27.04QS-V51713

The emergence of stylish bathrooms and modern settings has elevated the demand for trend-setting bath area accessories. Croydex brings you the swish Professional Flexi-Fix Toilet Roll Holder with an outstanding user-friendly design that will do any bathroom proud. Sleek and modern it is constructed from highly durable zinc alloy finely plated in chrome. Suitable for wall mounting it comes in an extensive array of sizes to suit your requirement. Whats more, it comes with Professional Flexi-Fix feature which allows you to screw it to the wall with ease or attach it with glue and includes all fixings.

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Croydex Professional Flexi-Fix Toilet Roll Holder - QM581141
Croydex Bowmont 440mm Floor Standing Basin Vanity Unit

Croydex Bowmont 440mm Floor Standing Basin Vanity Unit
£183.14 ££281.76 QS-V8818

The Bowmont Floor Standing Basin Vanity Unit from Croydex is a winner! A sound and value-adding investment, particularly for compact spaces it comes with one fixed shelf and an integrated ceramic basin. Crafted from light wood, it is FSC and Rainforest Alliance Certified and has a classy look. It features a single white drawer with high gloss finish. It comes to you complete with all fixtures and fittings for easy and instant installation.

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Croydex Heacham Triple Door Tri-View Cabinet 762 x 762mm
£181.68RRP: £293.03QS-V7342

Croydex brings you the stylish expansive Triple Door Tri-View Cabinet from its high-end Heacham range that is specially crafted for easy storage and instant installation. It comes with a Hang “N” Lock system that eliminates the effort of measuring or the use of spirit levels. Offering remarkable convenience this aesthetically appealing white steel creation comes with mirrored doors, includes two adjustable shelves with sufficient storage space, features sprung hinges for effortless access that makes it a real pleasure to use.

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Croydex Heacham Triple Door Tri-View Cabinet 762 x 762mm -WC102522

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