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InSinkErator is part of the Emerson Group, which conducts a diversified range of businesses, of which food waste disposers and hot water taps are just a small part. Emerson is one of the most well managed corporate in advanced engineering capabilities.

InSinkErator started when W Hammes invented a crude waste disposal unit, built using a motor and a metal sheet, the design of which was perfected in 1938, giving birth to the brand. By 1953, the product line increased, and the company set up a huge facility in Racine, Wisconsin. Emerson took over the brand in 1968. Their signature food disposal unit became a household name across the USA, slowly expanding to Europe. All through, the design kept improving and updating to match the demands of changing kitchen needs. Soon the company introduced trash compactors and their maiden hot water tap in 1974.

In 2001, InSinkErator included experts in their team to create innovative new ideas in sound and grind technologies and started making huge investments in further research and development. So popular and efficient were the brand's products that by the year 2004, its market presence had expanded to 80 countries. Following the success of the Evolution series, in 2014, the brand launched 3N1-instant hot water tap and then the 4N1.

InSinkErator continues to be a global leader in the production of food waste disposers, and the numbers are only overgrowing. Browse all of their world-class products online at our store at unbelievable prices alongside unmatched customer service at

Use it to believe it; the food disposal unit relieves you from the woes of regular waste bins and brings a world of comfort in the kitchen. The company is still perfecting its design. In the instant hot water taps category, we stock the 3NI (3-in-1) and 4NI (4-in-1) taps, filters, and accessories that bring you near-boiling water instantly.

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