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Electric Radiators

Electric radiators run on electricity to heat the room by transferring heat from one medium to another. These standalone units come with a thermal fluid or dry heating element, which heats up to spread warmth by convection and radiation. Electric radiators from QS Supplies come to you in different models. These are made of Aluminium, Steel, Cast Iron or other heat-efficient materials. Models on offer come in various sizes and BTU and are made for vertical and horizontal mounting. These radiators are available as single-panel or double-panel options.

You can select from our online range of electrically powered models starting from just £110, with a height range between 300mm to 1570mm. Electric radiators are a blessing for homes which don’t have access to mains gas and wish for a conventional heating alternative. Electric radiators are incredibly efficient heating appliances as all the electricity is converted to heat without waste. These are also compatible with digital programming, WiFi and thermostats-offering greater control over your energy usage and keeping your heating bills in check. As renewable energy sources become widespread, Electric radiators are the preferred choice because they are sustainable.


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