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Imperial Baths

Why not fully embrace the concept of sanitary perfection with this quality line of bespoke Imperial baths? Unlike some other firms within this massive industry, the company has always embraced the use of quality hardwoods alongside the purity and cleanliness of porcelain. The end result of this unique concept is the ability of their products to boast an organic edge that would be nearly impossible to achieve through the use of porcelain and chrome alone. It is therefore not surprising that this selection has proven to be very popular with many customers throughout the United Kingdom.

Handcrafted Styles and Beauty

This firm has always avoided the concept of mass production. Each of these baths is unique in the fact that it was crafted from the hands of a trained artisan. Single and double-ended models, cast iron tubs, free-standing models, quality wood panels and traditional slipper baths are all found within this collection. Some exhibit a modern appeal while others exude a more Victorian flavour. From the conservative to the ornate, the variety offered here is only surpassed by the sense of quality associated with Imperial products. Please contact QS Supplies at your convenience to learn more or if you have any further questions.


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Marriot Double Ended Bath - ZCI000009S

£2068.00 £ 2585.00

25 Products

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