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Salamander Shower Pumps


Salamander is a part of Davidson Holding Ltd. Company. They are committed to delivering innovative and effective water management pumps where the pressure of water is Low. We stock an entire range of Salamander. So if you are looking for a real pressure in your Showering Zone then, do not forget to choose Salamander Pumps. All the pumps from this brand are manufactured to high quality, which runs for an extended period, without any maintenance, and are quite silent. All Pumps are individually tested for safety and then dispatched, so buy in confidence. These pumps are also plumber friendly, and thus it is the first choice for plumbers in the United Kingdom. These are specially designed to boost low pressure of Hot and Cold Water Supplies from Tank Fed Services.


Salamander ESP 50 CPV 1.5 Bar Twin Whole House And Shower Pump

As its name suggests, the new Salamander Pump boosts the water flow to the shower area as well as the rest of the home. The appliance would be perfect for those who want an improved water pressure in baths, basins or showers, located above or below the cold water storage tank. Its centrifugal motor works ceaselessly and quietly to ensure none of the household appliances receive a diminished supply of water, thereby taking away the pleasure of using them.

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When you are looking for a super booster pump that is ideal for larger houses and deluxe shower systems, then Salamander is your go-to brand. Every pump is individually tested for safety, performance and quality workmanship. The powerful centrifugal pump of boosts supplies to a variety of appliances from tank-fed systems. If you have a home with tanks, then this is the solution to your water pressure problems. Your instantaneous electric showers, water heaters, and washing machines or dishwashers will never face a problem of diminished supplies.

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Salamander ESP 120 CPV 3.6 Bar Single Impeller Centrifugal Shower Pump

The unbeatable design and efficiency of Salamanders ESP 120 CPV 3.6 Bar Single Shower Pump will astound you. Constructed from heavy duty material, it boosts water supplies to a variety of appliances from tank-fed systems that may face water pressure issues. Tough and reliable, it will provide you with flawless service every day and over a length of time. Easily meets the requirements of instantaneous electric showers, electric water heaters, and washing machines or dishwashers so that you daily activities go on smoothly.

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Maintaining a continuous and healthy water pressure in households with tank-fed supplies is a difficult proposition. This can be easily overcome with the help of Salamander ESP 55 CPV 1.5 Bar Single Shower Pump. The product has been specially created to boost supplies to a variety of appliances from tank-fed systems like showers and heaters in the shower area to dish washers in the kitchen. To be used in conjunction with both positive and negative head systems, it comes with isolating valve AV couplers and is compact enough to fit in small spaces.

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Salamander CT FORCE 20 PT 2.0 Bar Twin Brass Ended Positive Head Shower Pump

Salamander does what it does best with this CT FORCE Regenerative Pump for positive head taps. Designed to boost hot and cold water supplies to thermostatic or manual shower mixer valves, it ensures a powerful shower performance. Its robust body is further enhanced by solid brass end caps and impellers.  Its latest TECH2OLOGY means that you get solid state switching, motor pump integration and noise reduction. Suitable for watercan, conventional spray, multi-function massage - champagne spray, 3 bar shower heads and body sprays and delivers more flow and pressure. WRAS approved, it comes with three years of warranty from manufacturer.

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