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HIB Bathroom Cabinets

Lesser the clutter, better the appearance, this goes with any bathroom space, regardless of the size, decor or colour scheme. Bathroom Cabinets are one of the most essential elements in bathrooms. HIB brings you a fascinating series of the double door and single door Cabinets with shelves for extra storage space for regular toiletries. Halogen illumination over the mirrored doors takes the utility of these cabinets to all new level of modernity. HIB Bathroom Cabinets carry distinctive designs coupled with convenient options for enhanced user-friendliness. Dashing finishes grace the contemporary character of each of the fixtures showcased in the series, making any bathroom a delightful aqua space, minus the mess. Large storage area provides ample room to store the towels and linens in an organised manner. Your convenience during grooming sessions is further elevated with the handy reach that saves your bathing lotions, potions and moisturisers.

48 Products

Eris 60 Double Door Aluminium Mirrored Cabinet 600 x 700mm

£229.45 £ 353.00
Optional: Sizes Available

Qubic Double Door LED 700mm Height Aluminium Cabinet

£441.35 £ 679.00
Optional: Sizes Available

Eris Single Door Aluminium Mirrored Cabinet 400 x 600mm

£191.10 £ 294.00
Optional: Sizes Available

Groove 60 LED Demisting 600mm Wide Bluetooth Mirror Cabinet

£463.45 £ 713.00
Optional: Sizes Available

Vanquish Double Door LED Demisting Recessed Mirror Cabinet 630mm Wide

£441.35 £ 679.00
Optional: Sizes Available

Apex 750mm High Double Door LED Aluminium Mirror Cabinet

£442.66 £ 681.00
Optional: Sizes Available

Edge 60 Double Door LED Illuminated Cabinet 600 x 700mm

£407.74 £ 629.00
Optional: Sizes Available

Vapor 600 x 700mm LED Illuminated Aluminium Mirror Cabinet

£441.76 £ 681.00
Optional: Sizes Available

Paragon 60 LED Illuminated Double Door Aluminium Mirror Cabinet 664 x 700mm

£443.76 £ 681.00
Optional: Sizes Available

Essence 60 Double Door Aluminium Recessed Mirror Cabinet 630 x 730mm

£265.55 £ 394.00
Optional: Sizes Available

Xenon Double Door 700mm High LED Illuminated Aluminium Cabinet

£434.20 £ 668.00
Optional: Sizes Available

48 Products

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