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Robinson Willey

Are you ready to join a new era in interior heating and experience the evolution of fireplaces? You are about to learn about the innovative brand Robinson Willey from Glen Dimplex Ltd, a company that takes care of your indoor heating needs that adds to your comfort as well as your well-being. The brand provides you with a range of gas and electric fires in various categories and abides by principles of quality, reliability, safety, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Established in the year 1960, Robinson Willey is a trusted name as the UK’s leading supplier of contract fires, making it a recognized name in the world market. With the promise of reliability and with its reputation of excellence, the brand is purchased by homeowners across UK homes.

On the outside, the products look very much like any other modern fire, with elegant forms and tasteful design. It’s only when you consider the inside that you realize the uniqueness of this product – featuring futuristic technologies that deliver warmth, efficiency, and sustainability that are truly unmatched and allow you to say goodbye to ordinary brands. Enhanced with unmatched safety features, the specially designed products from the brand will achieve output with minimal energy.

The range of products includes Gas fires, Electric fires, Electric Suites, and Fire Surrounds. These are fires of the future, and you can add them to your home interior today. These easily become the centerpiece of any home design, and maintenance is surprisingly intuitive and comfortable. You’ll never want to go back to a conventional fire, once you’ve experienced the state-of-the-art technology available in this brand.

QS Supplies now offer products from this brand through our popular website so that you can reap the benefits of low-cost Electric and Gas fires. Completely safe and with low environmental risks, these products bring you the best of heating with comfort.

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