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Laufen bathroom products spell glamour, high functionality, and luxury. The brand is synonymous with superb craftsmanship, advanced technology, and subtle appeal. Founded in 1892 in Switzerland, Laufen was one of the earliest bathroom product makers of that era, though its parent company began as early as 1854, established by Charles Kugler. At that time, the unit made brassware. Later water and gas valves were added, along with faucets. Today, the brand has an immense products portfolio and calls itself a “total bathroom manufacturer” and makes sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, taps, bathroom lights, and mirrors. The company is credited for inventing the first wall-hung toilet. Since 1999, the brand is part of the Spanish Roca Group, which has a presence in 135 countries and makes more than 38 million ceramic products annually.

Laufen has four manufacturing units in Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Innovative technology, cutting-edge mechanism, and exclusive designs are their key focus. The company created the SaphirKeramik, a super-strong ceramic material that is pliable enough to be molded by architects, yet twice as strong as ordinary material. Laufen manufactures discreet bathroom products with supreme reliability. With a wide range of bathroom products in various sizes, finishes, and orientations, the brand proves to be the best solution, when it comes to creating a designer bathroom, within budget. As mentioned above since 1982, Laufen has gained immense popularity, by introducing breathtaking designs and delivering bathroom elements with par excellence. One after another, the brand leaves you astonished with every innovation, which also proves to be delightfully practical. Make your bathroom, the luxurious space of your life, with the efficacy of Laufen, which can now be availed at extremely affordable prices from QS Supplies. Be it a traditional or modern style, the company has a point to prove in every prodigious bathroom.

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