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Bette is a premier German brand founded in 1952, by Heinrich Bette and Günther Schlichtherle. Two years later, the company had its in-house technology division to make superior products. Over the past many decades, Bette achieved several milestones to mark its excellence in manufacturing baths. The brand is known for its steel baths and later added shower trays, wash basins and complete bath solutions to its portfolio. One of the leading makers of steel enameled products, the company honed its art of steel reshaping and enamel finishing to perfection. Using quality raw materials of steel, glass and water, Bette provides customers with a wide variety of baths in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Products are coated with the company’s registered BetteGlaze technology for a brilliantly finished surface. Bette believes that a great design is one that perfectly supports functionality, besides enhancing aesthetic value of a bathroom.

The company develops its unique bath products, by working with a collection of famed designers. Bette is known for awe-inspiring looks, easy installation and comfortable use in its products. Discover the power to create, your dream bathroom into a real bathroom by installing Baths from Bette, which combines antique and contemporary, minimalist and embellished looks that creates sophisticated warm and welcoming bathroom. End Products from this brand are not only stylish but is also enriched with high quality steel material that last long, and long and long. Extremely strong and durable with stunning white finish, steel baths from Bette last longer than acrylic. So if you are looking for a good value bath that is rich in quality, have a look at Bette Steel Baths.

Steel Baths

Steel Baths

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