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One of the leading radiator distributors and manufacturers, Apollo is a Gloucester-based company. Apollo has its manufacturing units in Europe and provides a wide range of central heating radiators, towel warmers, heated towel rails and other allied accessories. These include vertical, horizontal and low-level room radiators in a variety of designs, from classic to contemporary. The brand is now famed for its room collection of designs, which consist of stainless steel designer, decorative, modern aluminum, classic steel column radiators and traditional cast iron radiators.

In its bathroom offerings, the company has stainless steel designer towel rails, besides the traditional UK made brass towel radiators in chrome nickel and gold finishes, as well as steel ladder designed rails. Towel Rails in their range is available in two options, dual fuel and electricity powered. Apollo lays special focus on supplying quality radiators to match individual needs of design and has 46 powder colour coatings that are delivered within seven to 10 working days. The company’s standard finishes are available in as less as three days. The company adheres to strict quality checks, and each of their product undergoes a stringent production process to ensure the best performance, even as they sport the latest designs.



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Why Select Apollo?

Designer Radiators are no longer the very luxurious accessory only available to rich. Spell-biding structure and magnificent heat output make every item from this brand a brilliant addition to well-deserved, modern-day living. Warm towels after a shower or bath will never be a concern with any of the pieces from the collection. Remarkable splendor with high efficiency is what you get when you install heating products from these brand. They can blend with any home decor. Radiators from this brand, have been designed flawlessly with quality, and style. We have a great variety of different styles and sizes and we are sure you will find the perfect addition to your home or office. The range of products is second to none in terms of both quality and pricing. Coming in an endless selection of different designs, shapes and sizes there is a radiator to suit every different style of decor, whether it be your home or office. Produced to the highest standard, these radiators will provide you a service for many years. Earn Full Benefit as maximum £'s of discounts are given to customers, but remember only at QS Supplies.


Apollo Napoli Chrome Straight Multirail 300 x 1100mm - ASC3W1100

Apollo Napoli Chrome Straight Multirail 300 x 1100mm Brand Review Star
£99.60 ££139.80 QS-V35609

Keep your towel at a handy reach with the installation of Napoli Straight Multi Towel Rail, which comes to you from the house of Apollo. Manufactured from Steel, this robust creation will serve you for numerous years down the line. It carries lovely traditional design that is graced with shiny chrome finish. The towel rail generates abundant heat to dry wet towels and bathrobes along with heating up the surrounding. The manufacturer backs it with a 5-year guarantee.

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Apollo Roma Horizontal 4 Column Steel Radiator 1800 x 600mm Brand Review Star
£631.80RRP: £842.40QS-V79713

Creating a cocoon of warmth and comfort to your precise liking is now so easy with Apollos Roma Radiator, perfectly constructed from high-grade steel with seamless fusion welding and finely finished to suit any location. Truly versatile it offers attractive options at every step to enable you to customise it to your specific requirement. Designed for free-standing or for wall mounting installation, it can be placed vertically or horizontally- all you need is a load-bearing wall while a set of two concealed wall brackets with bottom clips is included. Made in Italy using the most advanced manufacturing techniques, it comes to you with a guarantee of 10 years.

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Apollo Roma Horizontal 4 Column Steel Radiator 1800 x 600mm - 4C6H1800
Apollo Roma Vertical Steel 2 Column Radiator 600 x 1800mm

Apollo Roma Vertical Steel 2 Column Radiator 600 x 1800mm
£351.65 ££475.20 QS-V55884

A Radiator is much more than a creation from superior material. It is essentially a source of cheer that creates a warm atmosphere, bonhomie and a feeling of well-being. Its value is immeasurable. Apollo brings you the Roma Vertical Steel 2 Column creation that will not only fulfill all your expectations of comfort but will also transport you into a state of higher productivity and contentment. Made in Italy, it can be installed vertically or horizontally, especially in narrow wall spaces and comes with stylish white finish. Guaranteed to function flawlessly and to provide cheer for ten years,  it makes an excellent investment.

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Apollo Pavia Tube-on-Tube Chrome Towel Warmer 500 x 1200mm
£206.15RRP: £276.00QS-V35586

The Pavia Tube-on-Tube White Towel Warmer from Apollo comes with a minimalist easy to maintain design and will and will spread a glow of warmth to its surroundings. Constructed from high-grade steel, it is perfect for use in bathrooms, cloakrooms or the kitchen. It is easy to fit and functions with an efficiency that will surprise you. Available in a choice of white or chrome finish, it is perfectly proportioned and capable of carrying a substantial load of towels. Ideal for mounting on walls, it offers cosy convenience at your fingertips with an unbelievable price tag when procured from our online store

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Apollo Pavia Tube-on-Tube Chrome Towel Warmer 500 x 1200mm
Apollo Roma 21 Section 6 Column Radiator Welded Feet 1000 x 600mm

Apollo Roma 21 Section 6 Column Radiator Welded Feet 1000 x 600mm Brand Review Star
£555.00 ££750.00 QS-V35442

Apollo, always ahead with concepts that create comfort and provide a pleasant experience brings you the Roma 6 Column Radiator with Feet that is not only easy to install but also allows for easy cleaning underneath its body. Freestanding, it comes with bottom connections and is supplied with a set of two concealed wall brackets with bottom clips and features fusion welding. Available in a wide selection of sizes to suit every requirement it comes with a classy neutral white finish that blends seamlessly with its surrounding. Manufactured in Italy using the finest steel it is sturdy and hardwearing and is backed by a guarantee of 10 years.

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Apollo Roma 30 Section 4 Column Radiator Welded Feet 1400 x 600mm Brand Review Star
£568.32RRP: £768.00QS-V35432

Welcome the winter with aplomb by installing the most wonderful and efficient heating device, Apollos Roma 4 Column Radiator in your home. Available in the most extensive array of sizes theres one to fulfill every requirement; from the most compact setting to the most spacious. The free-standing radiator features welded feet and comes with a set of two concealed wall brackets with bottom clips. Made in Italy using prevailing manufacturing technology, it is sturdy, elegant and comes with fabulous white finish. With a strong and well-calibrated heat output, its efficiency is matchless. Guaranteed for ten years, it will provide you with cosy comfort over the years.

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Apollo Roma 30 Section 4 Column Radiator Welded Feet 1400 x 600mm
Apollo Modena Flat Aluminium Radiator 580mm x 320mm - 4 Sections

Apollo Modena Flat Aluminium Radiator 580 x 320mm - 4 Sections
£76.26 ££105.60 QS-V35729

Appraised suitable for low temperature renewable systems-Modena 4 Section Flat radiator from Apollo is a desirable room heating commodity for the modern house delivering exceptional fuel efficient performance coupled with best possible material in aluminium that encapsulates the mechanism in its excellent heat conducting body that is among the quickest in heat transmission. Aesthetically sound, its formulation is favourable to both contemporary and classic formats. All versions are horizontal with bottom connections on the sides and dressed in supreme white finish. Relevant accessories have been assigned for optional purchasing so as to augment the convenience while handling or during engagements. Available in varying sizes to match diverse heating requirements every model presented carries a five-year manufacturers guarantee.

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Apollo Modena Vertical Aluminium Radiator 240 x 1842mm Brand Review Star
£216.00RRP: £288.00QS-V35717

To make your home look more alive, all you need is to install the 3 Section Vertical Aluminium Radiator, from Apollo. The ultra modern Modena radiator has a design that uses stylish, gentle lines. Made from premium quality aluminium and polished in pure white finish, it adds elegance and calmness in the space. This eco-friendly heating element has a very quick heat-up time and consumes less energy, making it affordable and efficient. Available in a range of sizes, it comes with a massive five years of guarantee from the manufacturer. This Italian made product is suitable for low-temperature renewable systems and wont let you down.

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Apollo Modena Vertical Aluminium Radiator 240mm x 1842mm - FALV18H3S
Apollo Napoli Curved Multirail Chrome 500mm x 1500mm - ACC5W1500

Apollo Napoli Curved Multirail Chrome 500 x 1500mm Brand Review Star
£177.60 ££249.60 QS-V35640

Napoli Curved Multirail from Apollo is a magnificent new heating technology that delivers first-class heating output and turns your space into a warm and cosy haven. Skilfully crafted from high quality steel, this contemporary towel rail features a stunning chrome finish that adds a touch of sophistication to your space. It is space saving but incredibly attractive and also available in pristine white finish for a more classic touch. This futuristic multirail is easy to operate and is practical in use. It is backed by five years of guarantee and comes in different sizes to match your surroundings.

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Apollo Milano Slimline Horizontal Plan Radiator 1200 x 300mm Brand Review Star
£180.00RRP: £240.00QS-V35477

Modern design fixture with outstanding heat output which will complement the look of any home is the Milano Slimline Horizontal Plan Radiator. Finished in pure white colour with smooth steel front, this radiator will make a stunning focal point in any home. Engineered with precision to ensure that it offers sufficient heat, in the middle of winter, this is the one of the best flat panel radiators around. Minimalist styling gives it a modern touch for easy use in homes and offices. Made in Italy, it is available in different sizes and is covered by Apollo with a massive 5-year guarantee against any manufacturing defects.

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Apollo Milano Slimline Horizontal Plan Radiator 1200mm x 300mm

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