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One of the leading radiator distributors and manufacturers, Apollo is a Gloucester-based company. Apollo has its manufacturing units in Europe and provides a wide range of central heating radiators, towel warmers, heated towel rails and other allied accessories. These include vertical, horizontal and low-level room radiators in a variety of designs, from classic to contemporary. The brand is now famed for its room collection of designs, which consist of stainless steel designer, decorative, modern aluminum, classic steel column radiators and traditional cast iron radiators.

In its bathroom offerings, the company has stainless steel designer towel rails, besides the traditional UK made brass towel radiators in chrome nickel and gold finishes, as well as steel ladder designed rails. Towel Rails in their range is available in two options, dual fuel and electricity powered. Apollo lays special focus on supplying quality radiators to match individual needs of design and has 46 powder colour coatings that are delivered within seven to 10 working days. The company’s standard finishes are available in as less as three days. The company adheres to strict quality checks, and each of their product undergoes a stringent production process to ensure the best performance, even as they sport the latest designs.



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Towel Rails

Towel Rails From £52.20

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Ravenna & Siena From £360.00

Capri From £224.94

Firenze From £140.39

Modena From £69.37

Bassano From £314.88

Bologna From £404.40

Monza From £100.80

Why Select Apollo?

Designer Radiators are no longer the very luxurious accessory only available to rich. Spell-biding structure and magnificent heat output make every item from this brand a brilliant addition to well-deserved, modern-day living. Warm towels after a shower or bath will never be a concern with any of the pieces from the collection. Remarkable splendor with high efficiency is what you get when you install heating products from these brand. They can blend with any home decor. Radiators from this brand, have been designed flawlessly with quality, and style. We have a great variety of different styles and sizes and we are sure you will find the perfect addition to your home or office. The range of products is second to none in terms of both quality and pricing. Coming in an endless selection of different designs, shapes and sizes there is a radiator to suit every different style of decor, whether it be your home or office. Produced to the highest standard, these radiators will provide you a service for many years. Earn Full Benefit as maximum £'s of discounts are given to customers, but remember only at QS Supplies.


Apollo Roma Vertical Steel 3 Column Radiator 300 x 1800mm

Apollo Roma Vertical Steel 3 Column Radiator 300 x 1800mm Brand Review Star
£426.24 ££576.00 QS-V61545

The latest offering from Apollo, the manufacturers of stylish radiators, is the Roma Vertical 3 Column and 6 Section Radiator. Manufactured with modern touch, this Apollo radiator performs well and will complement any modern home.  Constructed from steel, these white finished radiators are an excellent choice for all areas of your home from sitting rooms and kitchens to hallways and bathroom suites. With high performance, this is a truly modern radiator to heat up your home.  One of the attractions of this vertical radiator is that it can be fit even into narrow wall spaces. Made in Italy, it is offered in many sizes.

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Apollo Firenze 10 Sections 9 Column Cast Iron Radiator 300mm
£368.93RRP: £540.00QS-V35781

Apollos Firenze Cast Iron Radiator is sturdy and designed for long term use. It comes with 10 Sections and 9 Columns and is best-suited for use in mid-size lounges, recreation areas or commercial establishments. It comes to you pre-assembled and completely equipped for easy installations with gaskets, floor supports, plug and brass vents, top wall stays and reducing bushes. A 10-year guarantee covers it against manufacturing flaws if any and is available in Primer Grey only.

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Apollo Firenze 10 Sections 9 Column Cast Iron Radiator 300mm
Apollo Modena Horizontal Aluminium Radiator 780mm x 480mm - FALH7H6S

Apollo Modena Horizontal Aluminium Radiator 780 x 480mm
£140.40 ££187.20 QS-V35703

Manufactured from aluminium the Modena collection from Apollo is suitable for modern homes accustomed to busy lifestyles, and not to mention, with a demand for quick heating. Each version aims to gratify your room heating experience delivered by a well-equipped mechanism and the body material in particular which has a reputation for being among the fastest conveyers of heat. Dressed in premium white finish to enhance its visual appeal and project soothing undertones to merge with any contemporary setting.  The mechanism incorporated in each of the models presented is suitable for low temperature renewable systems that leads to optimized performance by the heat pump and in turn reduces fuel consumption which ultimately translates into lower bills for the consumer.  All models in this range are covered under a 5-year manufacturers guarantee.

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Apollo Monza White Horizontal 2 Column Radiator 800 x 420mm
£214.20RRP: £285.60QS-V79622

Dont let the vagaries of winter mar the merriment ever again. Apollo Monzas classy White Horizontal 2 Column Radiator will work its magic to create a warm and cheerful ambience in any location within minutes.  Incredibly efficient, this stylish convenience is manufactured from superior material and comes with a swish white finish that blends with any decor. Lightweight and powerful its contemporary styling makes an impressive display. Suitable for low-temperature renewable system, it is easy to install and maintain and is guaranteed for ten years. It comes to you in an extremely user-friendly style when availed from our online store.

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Apollo Monza White Horizontal 2 Column Radiator 800 x 420mm
Apollo Monza White Horizontal 3 Column Radiator 1000 x 570mm

Apollo Monza White Horizontal 3 Column Radiator 1000 x 570mm
£302.40 ££403.20 QS-V79646

Get ready for good times ahead and a great new holiday season with Apollos Monza White Horizontal 3 Column Radiator. Built to bring in instant cheer with a powerful heat output this amazing source of comfort and convenience is made in Italy from the finest aluminum and is lightweight and easy to maintain. The wide selection of sizes and dimensions and finished in white it is perfect for any location. Its valves are available separately and can be installed with optionally available Tails and Floor Plate Kit. Suitable for low-temperature renewable system it delivers excellent performance, is strong and reliable and is backed by a 10-year guarantee.

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Apollo Palermo Flat Panel Towel Warmer Chrome 500 x 1500mm Brand Review Star
£368.50RRP: £510.00QS-V35605

After showering or bathing, drying ourselves with a warm and heated towel is comforting and refreshing, especially during winters. Heat up your space with panache, with the latest Palermo Flat Panel Towel Warmer by the UKs top seller, Apollo Radiators. This stunning towel rail has flat panels and is plated with chrome finish. Measuring 500mm wide and 1500mm high, this masterpiece has got excellent heat output of 595, so you can feel the warmth as soon as you turn it on. Experience this pleasant luxury at budget price available with QS Supplies.

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Apollo Palermo Flat Panel Towel Warmer Chrome 500 x 1500mm - PA5W1500
Apollo Firenze 9 Sections 6 Column Cast Iron Radiator 430mm

Apollo Firenze 9 Sections 6 Column Cast Iron Radiator 430mm
£310.62 ££410.40 QS-V35795

An incredibly practical design and excellent construction combine to create the Apollo Firenze Column Cast Iron Radiator one of the most efficient fixtures available for use in the home or commercial locations. Employing the latest Italian technology, it is constructed for extreme durability and comes with a guarantee of 10 years. Its Primer Grey finish gives it a special appeal. Suitable for attaching on a load bearing wall only it is supplied complete with gaskets, reducing bushes, plug and brass vent, floor supports and top stays. With a formidable heat output, its efficiency can be experienced within minutes of switching it on, making it a supremely worthwhile investment.

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Apollo Napoli Straight Multirail White 450 x 700mm Brand Review Star
£52.20RRP: £69.60QS-V35623

Apollos Napoli White Straight Multi-rail pleases the eye immensely, matches any decor with ease and functions like a dream. Made in Turkey from the finest steel to satisfy the most discerning users, it comes with rails placed at comfortable intervals to facilitate use and maintenance. Its efficient heat output ensures quick drying and warming of towels and comes with an optional Tail and Floor Plate kit and a dual fuel kit. Backed by a guarantee of 5 years against any fabrication flaw, it makes an excellent long-term investment and is available at our online store at an extremely friendly price.

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Apollo Napoli Straight Multirail White 450mm x 700mm - ASW4.5W700
Apollo Roma 6 Column Radiator With Feet 500 x 1200mm - WF6C5H1200

Apollo Roma 6 Column Radiator With Feet 500 x 1200mm
£652.50 ££870.00 QS-V61556

Apollo, always ahead with concepts that create comfort and provide a pleasant experience brings you the Roma 6 Column Radiator with Feet that is not only easy to install but also allows for easy cleaning underneath its body. Freestanding, it comes with bottom connections and is supplied with a set of two concealed wall brackets with bottom clips and features fusion welding. Available in a wide selection of sizes to suit every requirement it comes with a classy neutral white finish that blends seamlessly with its surrounding. Manufactured in Italy using the finest steel it is sturdy and hardwearing and is backed by a guarantee of 10 years.

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Apollo Milano Vertical Plan Radiator White 500 x 1800mm
£540.00RRP: £720.00QS-V35454

If you desire to enhance the warmth and create a welcoming ambience in your home, then have a look at this fashionable Vertical Plan Radiator. With its unique shape and finish, this beautiful radiator will add a real meaning of progress to your interior. It is fabricated from solid steel and carries five years of guarantee from Apollo, which marks its durability. This ultra slim, double-panel, heating appliance flaunts a smooth steel front and leaves you wrapped in cosy heat in winters.

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Apollo Milano Vertical Plan Radiator White 500 x 1800mm - VP18H500

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