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Aquaestil Straight / Corner / Shower Baths

Aquaestil Corner Baths ensure you have as much space as you need to bathe, without taking up too much room. The compact and subtle designs act as an ideal replacement for bigger tubs while also adding a touch of sophistication to even the smallest bathroom. Corner bath with a whirlpool feature, introduced in its Gloria series, allows you the convenience of a rejuvenating bath, even in smaller bathrooms. Built with precision and a combination of wonderful designs, the company have created wonderful corner baths that can also be used for showering. Designed to fit in any corner of a wide range of bathrooms with ease, each bath can accommodate up to two bathers at any one time, so you bring in a touch of romance in your life. So, fit a corner bath today and enjoy the luxuries of long baths, in a compact space.

Sophisticated and luxurious, our range of Straight Baths & Double Ended Baths has been designed with your pleasure in mind. Bringing you a touch of comfort which will help you to unwind, these baths are built to a very high standard and will leave your bathroom looking classy and beautiful at the same time. These baths are alluring, designed for a perfect body soak, enabling a joyful bathing experience. Aquaestil uses precision engineering and highest manufacturing standards to create a bath that is a joy to use. Their baths suit various bathroom schemes and budgets. Introduce a special feeling into any sized wet-room by installing one of these baths. The styling also helps make an economical use of water used in the bath.

16 Products

16 Products

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