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Quinn Radiators


One of Europe’s leading radiator manufacturers, Quinn is a family managed company with 35 years of experience in the heating industry. Quinn Radiators has focused on innovation and research by investing heavily in developing the technology. This has resulted in the company creating a new breed of heating appliances that emit 25% more heat than standard radiators and respond faster. The brand also contributes to eco-sustenance by reducing carbon emissions, footprints and fuel bills. Known as HQO, this futuristic technology is embedded in all Quinn radiators making a significant difference to homes regarding cost, performance, and savings. All their products are built in compliance with international standards that include BS EN 442, plus certification to BS EN ISO 9001:2008. The company tests its radiators up to 13 bar, and most of their products have maximum performance for 10 bar, almost 24% more than others in the market.

Quinn uses a single sheet of metal resulting in radiators with lesser joints, better finish, and design. Consumers can choose from the wide array of panel, designer and towel radiators that come in particular forms to suit any artistic palate. Every product has been designed and manufactured to offer complete comfort. The company has developed a massive repertoire over the years including standard radiators, feature radiators and heated towel rails in a versatile range of shapes, sizes, colours and designs.



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Quinn Single Panel Compact Radiator 2000mm Wide

Quinn Single Panel Compact Radiator 400 x 2000mm Q11420KD
£168.97 £255.22 QS-QR1012

This is a remarkably Compact Single Convector Radiator is presented to you from a leading radiator manufacturing company, Quinn. Its design is sure to grab your attention by its stunning high quality white finish. Look forward to many warm evenings with its quick and effective heating that spreads to every corner of the room. Comes with a durable powder coating that offers protection against wear and tear.  Every part of this model has been tested to ensure maximum efficiency. Easy to assemble and use, this product is available in array range of sizes and has a 10-year warranty.

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Quinn Compact Single Panel Radiator 1100mm Wide 11 K

Quinn Compact Single Panel Radiator 1100mm Wide 11 K - More Height Sizes Available Brand Review Star
£85.39RRP: £134.62QS-QR1007

If happiness can be equated to warm comfort, then this slim Compact Single Panel Radiator from Quinn will make you very happy. Available in a number of sizes, it will envelope you in a cosy cocoon and keep you happy when the mercury drops. Excellent material and construction are combined to create this product that measures up to the most exacting standards and is supported by a warranty of 10 years against any flaw in fabrication. Elegance at its best its sleek format is enhanced by an excellent powder coat finish. Whats more it is offered at an incredibly comfortable price at our online store.

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Quinn Round Top Single Panel Convector Radiator 1300 x 600mm

Quinn Round Top Single Panel Convector Radiator 1300 x 600mm Q11613RT
£106.80 £169.21 QS-V70070

Exclusively designed for indirect systems or closed circuits Quinns Round Top Single Panel Convector Radiator will create a cocoon of warmth around you rapidly and comfortably. Its sturdy body, crafted from cold-rolled steel is resistant to rust while its white epoxy polyester powder coated finish facilitates cleaning. Constructed to comply with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standards its peerless quality and performance is highly impressive. It includes a pair of lugs and is backed by a 10-year warranty.

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Quinn Slim-line Double Panel Compact Radiator K22 1100 x 400mm

Quinn Slim-line Double Panel Compact Radiator K22 1100 x 400mm Q22411KD
£136.14RRP: £216.59QS-QR1019

Excellent performance and extreme durability-this Compact Double Convector Radiator from Quinn is rare, but perfect combination of both these qualities. Now, dont get deceived by its size; it has a high heat output to keep you warm and cosy. Features factory fitted grilles and side panels for ease in installation. This white finish model is stunning enough to be placed right in your drawing room to create a stylish focal point. It is high on quality as well, having been crafted from cold rolled steel plate that offers immense durability. Backed by ten years warranty, this traditional radiator is available in a variety of sizes.

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Quinn Round Top Single Panel Convector Radiator 300 x 500mm

Quinn Round Top Single Panel Convector Radiator 300 x 500mm Q11503RT
£42.64 £56.82 QS-V70045

Combining modern appearance with trendy style, the Quinn Round Top Single Panel Convector Radiator is a practical and aesthetically pleasing heating solution. The smooth round top is designed with safety in mind, with no sharp edges to present a source of danger especially to children or the elderly. It uses four tapping connection, and so offers quick and easy installation. It is appropriate for use with indirect heating systems or closed circuit systems only. This white powder coated steel radiator is tested to the highest international standards to ensure safety and quality. It does not take long for this fixture to heat up and consequently for the quick dispersal and circulation of hot air thereby generating increased convection heat.

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