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Sagittarius Infra-red Taps

How often have heard the advice "wash your hands"? There is no limit to the circumstances where these are very wise words. How do we avoid contamination? If you turn on taps the germs on your hands are transferred to the device. After washing you turn off the taps and transfer the germs back on to your skin! Sagittarius infra-red mixer taps are the perfect solution. By using infra-red technology turning devices on and off manually is no longer necessary. Consequently, hands are clean.

The Sensor Taps!

For those who want to add sheer class to their washroom will love the new infrared taps available from Sagittarius. These sensor taps are available at low prices at our on-line store. Ideal for schools, hospitals, stadiums and other public places where infection control risks need to be reduced. The tap is activated simply by presenting hands near to the infra-red sensor sighted under the device near the spout. The infra-red switch does the rest. The range is not just for basins, they are also ideal for kitchens where they act like an extra pair of hands when filling pots and pans with water and give that extra level of hygiene.

5 Products

5 Products

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