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All Top World Class Brands for Bathrooms and Bathroom Accessories are listed below

UK Bath shop. A place to shop for family bath tubs or kids bath tub. With a wide range of whirlpool bath tubs, roll top baths and corner bath we have supplied quality bath at discounted rates

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Mira Showers

Mira Showers Information

Mira Showers is the country most Wanted Shower. Built with the latest technology, Electric showers from Mira performs the best. Power and Electric Showers from Mira can be purchased at discounted rates from our on-line store. We also offer Mira Thermostatic Shower, Sports shower, and Advanced ADL Memory Electric Shower at a bargain price.

AquaDart Shower Enclosures

AquaDart Information

Precision is everything. Aqua Dart manufactures Shower Enclosures and Shower Cubicles that are supreme in quality and stunning in looks. To Gain the trust factor from Customers Aqua Dart Shower Enclosures are backed by Lifetime Guarantee.

Britton Bathrooms

Britton Information

When it comes to create an outstandingly comfortable and timelessly stylish bathroom, trust Britton, a renowned company that offers an enormous range of bathroom elements, keeping you intact with the latest trends and designs. With immense pleasure, you would love to add sanitaryware, taps, towel rails, and bathroom accessories from Britton Bathrooms. The excitement of sparing precious moments in the bathroom will be enthralled at the presence of Britton Bathroom elements.


BEO Bathrooms Information

The most understated, yet incomparable spaces where you can spend peaceful time are bathrooms. And these peaceful, refreshing moments can now be celebrated with the most stunning bathroom elements from BEO Bathrooms. At BEO Bathrooms, the expectations of an individual are already considered and keeping this in mind, a series of serene bathroom products has come into existence. With every adornment that is vital and makes the bathroom setting complete, BEO Bathroom takes pride in delivering its repertoire, in your bathroom.


Imperial Information

Imperial Bathrooms premium range of luxury baths, bathroom furniture, basins and taps have been designed to give the bathroom a traditional touch. Imperial Bathrooms have a sophisticated range of high quality baths, basin taps and shower cubicles. Their range of shower enclosures is unique as they are built with wooden frame. At QS Supplies, we pride ourselves in showcasing Imperial Bathroom Products and that too at an affordable price range.

Roper Rhodes

Roper Rhodes Information

Roper Rhodes was founded in 1979 and is now one of the leading supplier and manufacturer of Bathroom Furniture. Roper Rhodes Bathroom Furniture epitomises the ultimo bathroom decor and makes the bathroom stand out from the crowd. So if you want to make your bathroom incredible, install Roper Rhodes Bathroom Furniture. Roper Rhodes is one of the independent manufacturers of Bathroom Furniture and Bathroom Accessories.


Bette Information

Bette Baths combine antique and contemporary, minimalist and embellished looks that creates sophisticated warm and welcoming bathroom. Bette Steel Baths are not only stylish but is also enriched with high quality steel material, that last long, and long and long. Discover the power to create, your dream bathroom into a real bathroom by installing Baths from Bette.


Flavel Information

Flavel invites you to be creative. Flavel Line of Fire places integrates seamlessly with all interior to take on the colour and finish of the wall. Flavel is widely recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of fireplaces in UK.


ClearGreen Information

For creating an iconic bathroom, you can blindly rely on ClearGreen, a company that manufactures the most outstanding bathroom elements with sensible eco-friendly feature. Featuring environmental friendly baths, made from 30% recycled material, ClearGreen sets a new trend, without compromising the end use. ClearGreen Baths are capable of retaining heat for 30 minutes longer than any ordinary bath. Made from reinforced Lucite acrylic, ClearGreen Baths incorporate steel reinforcing rod that provides massive strength to the baths.


Valor Information

Valor was started in a small factory, in Birmingham, and manufactured synonymous domestic gas fire- places for modern homes. And then there was no looking back for Valor. Now, Valor manufactures stunning range of Gas Fires, Electric Fires and Fire Surrounds and is one of the most recognized names for home heating.


Bauhaus Information

Bauhaus Bathroom Suites, Bathroom Furniture, Basins, Accessories and Bottle Traps are now offered at Cheap and Bargain Price only at QS Bathroom Supplies. Reject the mundane, demand exceptional styling by installing the perfect bathroom suite and furniture from Bauhaus. If you are confused, our friendly staff who know all about the latest Bauhaus Sanitary ware will take both style and function into consideration and will help you find the right product for your Bathroom.

Red Dot

Red Dot Information

Give the finishing touch to your bathroom in a ravishing style, with Red Dot, a sensational series of Bathroom Accessories that can be easily fixed at your bathroom wall. All you need is just very little time to fix any of the Red Dot Bathroom Accessory, which features the unique and innovative way of installation without drilling even a bit of your bathroom. The easy-to-install Red Dot Products are immensely durable, and more importantly comes at a pleasing price.

HIB Bathroom Collection

HIB Information

The search for designer bathroom mirror and designer bathroom cabinets ends at QS with HIB. With 100's of designer bathroom cabinets and designer basins listed at our on-line store choose the best to suit your style.


Saniflo Information

Saniflo Macerator Pumps can be unobtrusively fit behind the WC. When the pump flush, the unit automatically activates to pump waste. With Saniflo Pumps you can have the comfort of extra wc installed in any part of your room.


April Information

April is an effortless fusion of quality and style that adds life to your bathroom. With a huge range of shower enclosures, shower quadrants, freestanding baths, and baths screens, April makes easier for you to have a luxurious showering or bathing experience.

Carron Baths

Carron Baths Information

Carron Baths are meticulously designed and they look stunning in any modern bathroom decor. In the year 1988 it was the first time, when Carron Baths were first displayed at the international exhibition, and there was no looking back for carron baths. You can save UP TO 30% by Buying Carron Baths direct from QS Supplies.

Adamsez Baths

Adamsez Information

With Luxury comfort and style, choose the perfect bath for your perfect bathroom from Adamez. We stock a full range of Adamez Corner Baths, Large Baths, and Whirlpool baths. Adamsez is a leader in manufacturing High Quality Bath Tubs. Though Bath Tubs from Adamsez are bit expensive than other bath tubs, but they are made from High Quality material, and every penny is worth.


Croydex Information

Croydex successfully provides you the best showers, shower accessories, bathroom cabinets, and other bathroom products to give your bathroom a scintillating touch. With top class practicality and wonderful design Croydex bathroom accessories will dominate your bathroom decor.

Kudos Shower Enclosures and Pivot Doors

Kudos Information

Kudos a company acclaimed for exceptional achievement. Significant and beautiful collection of Shower Doors and Shower Enclosures from Kudos add a touch of beauty with Brains. Kudos manufactures high quality shower enclosures, bi fold doors, Bowed Pivot Doors and Curved Shower enclosures. Spruce up Your Bathroom Decor by Installing Kudos Shower Enclosures that is backed by lifetime guarantee. Home Owner who has installed Shower Enclosures from Kudos feel proud by their right selection which lasts longs and looks beautiful.

Phoenix Bathroom Furniture and Vanities. Vanity Units available

Phoenix Information

Breath Taking Designs and ingenious thinking by Phoenix lead them to manufacture stunning Whirlpool Baths, Bathroom Furniture and Basins. Here we have showcased a variety of Roll top baths, vanity units and bathroom furniture from Phoenix. Hi Gloss White Vanity Units, Sicily double ended baths and screens from Phoenix can be purchased at cheap and affordable rates.

Woodberry Furniture

Woodberry Information

Bathroom Furniture from Woodberry is Robust, functional and crafted with materials that bring life to bathrooms. Create a strong focal point in your Bathroom by adding Woodberry Bathroom Furniture and Bathroom Vanities.

JT Trays

JT Information

JT, a breakthrough series of shower trays, which can not only blend with your enclosure, but will also graciously gratify your showering senses. JT is a brand of innovative, trendsetting shower trays that are available in various shapes, forms, and styles. To make a perfect match with your bathroom decor, you can choose JT Trays from the wide range of colours while the sizing can never be a problem as you will find shower trays in almost all the sizes, which exist.

Bathroom Radiator and Designer Radiator from Aeon

Aeon Information

Chrome Finish Designer Radiators from Aeon have got modern organic lines and have got stunning design and are stylish enough to make an impact in your Bathroom. Designer Radiators from Aeon add warmth and style in bathrooms. Aeon has got the latest technology radiators to turn up the heat in your bathroom or home.

Twyford Bathrooms

Twyford Information

In the year 1999 Twyford was been awarded by The Royal warrant of appointment to Her Majesty, THE QUEEN. Twyford Bathrooms is truly unique in the bathroom industry. With over 150 years of experience Twyford is one of the oldest and reputable brand in manufacturing high quality bathroom suites and bathroom furniture. QS Supplies stocks a full range of sanitary ware from Twyfrod Bathrooms.


Manhattan Information

Just what you'd expect from a Proud UK's foremost manufacturer of Shower Quadrants, the Manhattan brand presents three ultra luxurious ranges, M3, Minimal, M2 Encore. Each of this range from Manhattan offers finest Shower Enclosures, Doors and Quadrants with unmatched features and enhances lifestyle that everyone will enjoy.

Triton Showers

Triton Information

Established in the year 1975 Triton is known for manufacturing high quality Electric Showers, Power Shower and Thermostatic Shower. We have a full range of Triton including Digital Showers and Shower Panels. At our on-line store you can find the perfect shower to suit your bathroom requirements. As everyone’s Showering requirement is different, Triton offers a full range of showers to suit everyone's requirement

Simpsons Showers

Simpsons Shower Enclosure Information

Get Wet in Style is what all Simpsons Shower Enclosures are all about. With Its Extremely Stylish showers Designer Range, Classic Range and Supreme Range, Shower Enclosures from Simpsons are best. Identical with superior manufacturing and designer style, Simpsons' long-established expertise provides shower enclosures and bath screens with a variety

SBH Radiators

SBH Information

SBH manufactures innovative and stylish stainless steel radiators. SBH motto is to keep their end user completely happy with their product. With a huge ware house in Grantham, Lincolnshire most of the stainless steel radiators is available for next day delivery. SBH manufactures excellent quality stainless steel radiators and towel rails using their unsurpassed experience to offer end customer the widest choice in design and innovation.

Armitage Shanks

Armitage Shanks Information

Enliven dreams with charming luxury of Armitage Shanks - a company that is dedicated in manufacturing exceptional bathroom products for domestic, as well as commercial needs. Every element manufactured by Armitage Shanks encumbers remarkable aesthetics and matchless durability. With a prospect of blending in every bathroom Armitage,  Shanks produces bathroom products in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs. Inevitably, Armitage Shanks will prove to be the wisest selection for any discerning bathroom.

Grohe Spa

Grohe Spa Information

Enlighten a whole new experience of outstanding distinction in your bathroom by choosing Grohe Spa. Providing massive range of supreme fittings to compliment any bathroom style, Grohe Spa exhibits its unrivalled skill, converting an ordinary bathroom into a thrilling spa like space. From bath tubs to basins, and taps to showers, every series behoves an enormous collection of bathroom essentials, giving you the chance to enjoy every moment that you spend in your bathroom.

About QS Supplies Branding

At QS Supplies we have a wide range of bath tubs. For standard size bathroom, we recommend you to have a look at our Standard baths which are manufactured with high quality, durable, acrylic material. All baths showcased at QS Supplies are manufactured by top class bathroom brand in UK and Europe, and comes with complete guarantee.

And if you are Looking for a bath which gives a total relaxation to your body and mind we suggest you for a whirlpool bath. Jacuzzi and whirlpool bath system with powerful jets can be purchased online from our site.

To add a dramatic look in your bathroom, we would suggest having a look at our range of free standing roll top baths. And if your bathroom is small and you are looking to save space in your bathroom, we suggest you to install corner bath, it will fit in any corner of your bathroom and will definitely give a free space and relaxing bathing experience. We also stock steel bath, double ended bath, shower bath, shower screen and over bath screen. Steel bath from Kaldewei are strong, heavy and comes with a guarantee of 30 years.