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UK Bath shop. A place to shop for family bath tubs or kids bath tub. With a wide range of whirlpool bath tubs, roll top baths and corner bath we have supplied quality bath at discounted rates

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Tivolis Information

This brand use popular modern design and technology to create beautiful and high performance towel warmers and bathroom radiators in an array of styles. These superb rails will add a superb wow factor to any bathroom space, giving it a designer flair while retaining all the function of a traditional unattractive radiator.


XL Information

XL Joinery doors are ISO9001 certified and are testament to the quality and they consistently manufacture quality and modern doors for a long lasting performance.  At QS, we strive to deliver to our customers quality internal and external doors at a competitive price. At our on-line store we stock a full range of XL Doors. You can Save UP TO 43% and more by buying XL joinery products from QS Supplies.

Royce Morgan

Royce Morgan Information

Innovation and creativity to the highest point can now be experienced in your bathroom with the glamorous range of freestanding baths from Royce Morgan. The brilliance of your bathroom could not be described in words at the presence of Royce Morgan Baths. Get ready to please yourself and your family with one of Royce Morgan Bath, as each piece is manufactured to meet the highest of satisfying expectation. Every detail of these baths contributes to deliver mesmerising bathing moments.


Lakes Information

The renowned bathroom products manufacturer, Lakes, was established in 1986 and has built up a huge customer base and good reputation in its almost 30 years in business. Every collection from this company is constructed to the highest of standards and glass is treated with their patented AllClear stay-clean coating as standard.

Franke Steel Sinks for Kitchen

Franke Information

This brand is a well-established swiss company which pioneers in manufacturing high quality sinks, making them a world leader in comprehensive systems for domestic kitchens and professional kitchens alike. The variety available across all the collections ensures that there is a product in their range which would be just perfect for all your style and functional requirements.

Red Dot

Red Dot Information

Give the finishing touch to your bathroom in a ravishing style, with Red Dot, a sensational series of Bathroom Accessories that can be easily fixed at your bathroom wall. All you need is just very little time to fix any of the Red Dot Bathroom Accessory, which features the unique and innovative way of installation without drilling even a bit of your bathroom. The easy-to-install Red Dot Products are immensely durable, and more importantly comes at a pleasing price.


Burlington Information

Suffused with quality and class, Burlington Bathroom range of bathroom products is immeasurably overwhelming. Certainly, all commendations to the marvellous features that reflect elitism in look and finishes in Burlington Bathroom Products. Furthermore, the fixings and curvy shapes, with elegant and modern twists, are the unrivalled features of the Burlington Range.


Flova Bathrooms Information

Ranging beyond expectations
You search for an accomplished ensemble to satiate your fond desires eventually ends. Amidst the swarming crowd of several bathroom utilities that bring in anything into bathroom but class and style, one is often caught in between the horns of a dilemma of either being flustered for having chosen the mundane, or keep trawling for the best, to vain. Enveloped with several of the classy bathroom cynosures, Flova Bathrooms have surpassed the conventional ones, leaving all far behind, absolutely out-of-sight. Their ever-enticing, classy designer ranges of numerous kitchen mixers and showering wonders are par excellence.


Silverdale Information

With, over many glorifying decades, Silverdale has won many hearts and ruled the bathroom industry by creating scintillating, handmade sanitaryware. To achieve timeless luxury in bathrooms, nothing would work better that Silverdale. Every ceramic element of Silverdale has been created using unrivalled skills and selection of top quality, English China Clay, which ensures splendid performance and gleaming beauty for many seasons. The wide range of sanitaryware from Silverdale including basins, WC pans, bidets, and more, allow you to customize your bathroom decor.

Aqualux Shower Enclosures

Aqualux Information

At QS Supplies, we stock a complete range of designer products from this brand and offer them at unbelievable rates. Great prices means one do not need to shop around, which sets consumers free and they can concentrate on choosing the right shower enclosure for their bathrooms. We are an authorised retailer and distributor of Aqualux. Check out their massive range of products, which includes Walk-in showers, Cubicles, Shower Doors and Bath Screens.


Xpelair Information

A bathroom or kitchen is never complete without appropriate ventilation system. Xpelair, a leading company, manufactures a wide range of ventilation products that cater any requirement. No matter, if the requirement is for domestic, commercial or industrial purposes, the brand has already set its mark by producing energy efficient, trendsetting products. Using innovative technologies, the Company ensures, the air that you breathe is hygienic and fresh.

Deva Taps

Deva Information

Deva is a brand which is renowned for manufacturing versatile bathroom accessories for discerning homeowners who settle for nothing but the best. Deva’s extensive selection of Bathroom Taps exemplifies its expertise and craftsmanship. Flaunting breathtaking finishes like the chrome and gold, Deva’s gamut of taps is sure to throw some dazzling aesthetics within the bathroom space, along with giving the sanitary-ware a touch of panache.

Grohe Spa

Grohe Spa Information

Enlighten a whole new experience of outstanding distinction in your bathroom by choosing Grohe Spa. Providing massive range of supreme fittings to compliment any bathroom style, the brand exhibits its unrivalled skill, converting an ordinary bathroom into a thrilling spa like space. From bath tubs to basins, and taps to showers, every series feature an enormous collection of bathroom essentials, giving you the chance to enjoy every moment that you spend in your bathroom.


Bette Information

Bette Baths combine antique and contemporary, minimalist and embellished looks that creates sophisticated warm and welcoming bathroom. Bette Steel Baths are not only stylish but is also enriched with high quality steel material, that last long, and long and long. Discover the power to create, your dream bathroom into a real bathroom by installing Baths from Bette.


Smedbo Information

This brand pioneers in manufacturing high end accessories since 1967, and is now a leading manufacturer in the bathroom segment. This brand manufactures contemporary products, which is always distinctly styled. You can place an order for any of the Smedbo product with QS Supplies – We are a premier Bathroom products stockist in the U.K. Their ranges feature an array of functional, wall-mounted and freestanding accessories for making a bathroom space organised, safe and convenient to use, without compromising on style.

MHS Designer Radiators

MHS Information

Metalics is moving into wet areas. Designer Radiators from MHS available in chrome and stainless steel finish looks stunning in any bathroom decor. MHS Manufactures radiators in various finishes and styles including Anthracite finish. Streamlined Radiators from MHS add a contemporary touch in modern bathrooms.

AquaDart Shower Enclosures

AquaDart Information

Precision is everything. Aquadart manufactures shower enclosures and shower cubicles that are of the highest quality and that look stunning in any kind of bathroom. There is a wide selection of enclosures to choose from, all of which can be seen on our web site and every one comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Roper Rhodes

Roper Rhodes Information

Roper Rhodes was founded in 1979 and is now one of the leading supplier and manufacturer of Bathroom Furniture. Roper Rhodes Bathroom Furniture epitomises the ultimo bathroom decor and makes the bathroom stand out from the crowd. So if you want to make your bathroom incredible, install Roper Rhodes Bathroom Furniture. Roper Rhodes is one of the independent manufacturers of Bathroom Furniture and Bathroom Accessories.


Croydex Information

Croydex successfully provides you the best showers, shower accessories, bathroom cabinets, and other bathroom products to give your bathroom a scintillating touch. With top class practicality and wonderful design Croydex bathroom accessories will dominate your bathroom decor.

Apollo Radiators

Apollo Information

The Apollo range has some of the finest quality column radiators and towel rails in the United Kingdom. The have been designed flawlessly with quality and style kept in mind throughout. We have a great variety of different styles and sizes and we are sure you will find the perfect addition to your home or office.

JT Trays

JT Information

JT, a breakthrough series of shower trays, which can not only blend with your enclosure, but will also graciously gratify your showering senses. JT is a brand of innovative, trendsetting shower trays that are available in various shapes, forms, and styles. To make a perfect match with your bathroom decor, you can choose JT Trays from the wide range of colours while the sizing can never be a problem as you will find shower trays in almost all the sizes, which exist.


Galaxy Showers Information

Looking to Buy Electric Shower Online, have a look at Galaxy Electric Showers. Excellent in Design and great performance is Galaxy Electric Shower all about. Galaxy Shower is compact in shape and is very easy to use. With Galaxy Showers you can get the best performance at cheap rate.

Phoenix Bathroom Furniture and Vanities. Vanity Units available

Phoenix Information

In the world of interior decoration and bathroom design, Phoenix is synonymous with inspirational design and superior performance. Every product is exquisitely crafted to ensure that it exceeds the expectations of customers both in terms of visual appeal and functionality. This range of bathroom solutions consists of, furniture, and accessories designed to enhance your quality of life, and it includes everything from taps and modular bathroom furniture to whirpool systems, luxury shower baths, sanitaryware, dual fuel stainless steel radiators, and thermostatic mixing valves that incorporate the latest technological features.

Carron Baths

Carron Baths Information

Carron baths were first displayed at an international exhibition in 1988 and there has been no looking back since. Every bath from this company comes with the option of adding their unique, patented Carronite manufacturing process whereby the bath is constructed using a triple layer reinforcement system for added benefits such as heat retention and durability.


Rangemaster Information

Landmarks of perfection
Since 1830, treading the future ahead, as a lineage of traditionalism of crafting perfection and precision, Rangemaster, the well known Kitcheners, have made new inroads in creating merchandises that ensure comfort, class, style and excellence in performance.  The minimalist collections include overwhelming  Sinks & Taps. Exemplary for picture perfect look and flamboyance, every creation has been painstakingly crafted to match limitless necessities and aspirations.


celsi Information

Celsi, manufactures designer LCD Screen Electric Fire places, that features 2KW maximum heat output and can be fully controlled by a remote. Easy to Install Celsi Fire places has a range of built in flame effects. Brightness, flame speed and sound effects volume can be easily controlled in Celsi Fires.

Vogue Designer Radiators

Vogue Information

Excellent Contemporary Designer Radiator of latest fad from Vogue available online at Internet Price on QS Supplies site. Eye catching radiators & towel rails that add wow factors in your room from Vogue are adored by home owners in UK.

Be Modern

Be Modern Information

Be Modern is one of U.K.’s leading manufacturers of Designer Gas Fires, Fire Places and Bathroom Furniture. They manufacture a complete line of heating products that include: Electric & Gas Fires, Wall Mounted and Wall Surfaced Fires.

Salamander Pumps

Salamander Pumps Information

Salamander is a part of Davidson Holding Ltd. Company. Salamander Pumps is committed to deliver innovative and effective water management pumps where pressure of Water is Low. QS Supplies stock a full range of Salamander Pumps. So if you are looking for a real pressure in your Power Shower then, don’t forget to choose Salamander Pumps.

Armitage Shanks

Armitage Shanks Information

Enliven dreams with charming luxury of Armitage Shanks - a company that is dedicated in manufacturing exceptional bathroom products for domestic, as well as commercial needs. Every element manufactured by Armitage Shanks encumbers remarkable aesthetics and matchless durability. With a prospect of blending in every bathroom Armitage,  Shanks produces bathroom products in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs. Inevitably, Armitage Shanks will prove to be the wisest selection for any discerning bathroom.

About QS Supplies Branding

At QS Supplies we have a wide range of bath tubs. For standard size bathroom, we recommend you to have a look at our Standard baths which are manufactured with high quality, durable, acrylic material. All baths showcased at QS Supplies are manufactured by top class bathroom brand in UK and Europe, and comes with complete guarantee.

And if you are Looking for a bath which gives a total relaxation to your body and mind we suggest you for a whirlpool bath. Jacuzzi and whirlpool bath system with powerful jets can be purchased online from our site.

To add a dramatic look in your bathroom, we would suggest having a look at our range of free standing roll top baths. And if your bathroom is small and you are looking to save space in your bathroom, we suggest you to install corner bath, it will fit in any corner of your bathroom and will definitely give a free space and relaxing bathing experience. We also stock steel bath, double ended bath, shower bath, shower screen and over bath screen. Steel bath from Kaldewei are strong, heavy and comes with a guarantee of 30 years.