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Designer Showers at QS Supplies

A shower is one of the most functional areas within the home. While accommodating obvious sanitary needs, this modern marvel is just as able to provide a sense of comfort and style. Therefore, it should be no surprise that there are a number of different styles and features to keep in mind. From full enclosures to electrically-operated units, the choices are as varied as the designs themselves. Grab our sale of Designer Showers, which includes enclosures, quadrant doors, electric showers and trays.

Enclosures & Cubicles

Wetrooms & Walk-Ins offer a myriad of benefits both practically and aesthetically, which is why they're a popular decor item in today's modern world. Why not update your bathroom today with a stunning wet room that will enhance your daily bathing routine, add value to your home and bring a sense of contemporary style to your interior design - once you do you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

Corner Shower Cubicles

Shower Cubicles

Walk in shower Enclosures

Walk in Showers


On the other hand, Opting for a shower cubicle is one of the smart choice, espescially if you have a small bathroom, and they are quite popular in UK. The main benefit of a cubicle is that it is perfectly suited for smaller spaces which may preclude the ability to have a bathtub. While some can be defined as "standing room only", others are quite spacious. It totally depends on the sizes you select. Numerous materials such as frosted or patterned glass may be used. Another benefit of the cubicle is that different fixtures such as soap baskets and towel rings can be placed inside. Although a standard shower head can be chosen, overhead devices and multiple spray jets can help to add a touch of luxury and uniqueness to the entire bathroom.

Shower Doors

Sliding Doors


Shower Doors at our online shop features either single door or even double doors made of glass to keep excess water from being sprayed into the surrounding area. We stock quadrant enclosures, which also includes offset sizes. Apart from quadrant doors, you can also shop for Bi-Fold, sliding, and Pivot/Hinged Shower Doors at QS Supplies. Of course, your new shower door would depend upon the ambience of the area in question. For example, a quadrant with chrome highlights will serve to complement nearby fixtures of the same finish. You would not be disappointed by the choices we have here to offer.

Shower Trays

Rectangular Shower Trays

Rectangle Trays


At QS Supplies, we showcase an impressive range with square, rectangle, quadrant and bowed varieties of shower trays. Choose the desired shape to complement shower enclosures of similar orientation and create a seamless fit. Equipped with wastes for maintaining hygiene, these are made from sturdy, lightweight material. Merging beautifully with your bathroom, these bold products make the space truly inviting.

Electric & Power Shower Models

Electric Showers



Electric and Power Showers showcased at our online store exhibit cutting-edge technology which would have been thought fictional only a handful of years ago.

Bath Screens

Bath Screens
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Bath Screens.

Thermostatic & Mixer Showers

Mixer Shower

Mixer Showers

Tower Showers

Tower Showers


We stock the complete range of thermostatic mixer shower with latest technologies and functions. These allow you can personalize your showering experience by pre-setting the water temperature, optimum flow speed, and other features. Some are even remotely controlled making them incredibly luxurious. Besides efficiency, these are economically priced and also save your water and energy bills over a period of use.

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Your Guide to Modern Shower Doors

Interestingly enough, the first type of "shower" (as we know it) can be traced at least as far back as the ancient Greeks and Romans. However, these enclosures were often rudimentary in their nature and cold water was normally used. It would not be until 1767 that a mechanical shower was first patented within the United Kingdom. This gave the population the ability to enjoy warm water while bathing, although such a luxury was normally reserved for wealthy households. However, these modern times have ushered in some truly stunning innovations. Before choosing the correct one for your home, it is first important that we examine a handful of the most common types.

Enclosures & Doors

Pivot Shower Doors
Offset Quadrant Doors
Corner Entry Cubicles

This is one of the most common types used today, and as the name hints, an enclosure will normally contain a door made of glass to keep excess water from being sprayed into the surrounding area. There are numerous sizes to accommodate the bathroom; both traditional and modern styles can be purchased. Of course, this will partially depend upon the ambience of the area in question. For example, an enclosure with chrome highlights will serve to compliment nearby fixtures of the same finish. An enclosure can either be fully enclosed or in some cases, it can remain open at the top and at the sites (such as wetrooms) to allow steam to escape.

Unless you own a very spacious bathroom you will always face the challenge of making the room feel open and inviting as opposed to a cramped space that you can't wait to get out of. The good news is that with the latest shower enclosures even the smallest of bathrooms can be opened up and a sense of minimalist style achieved. In addition, shower enclosures are an excellent way to add luxury to the room, especially in those bathrooms where a bath is simply out of the question. A quadrant enclosure complete with curved front and frameless door and panels will give a roomy feel as well as create a sense of indulgence every time you bathe.

For medium sized bathrooms, larger shower enclosures work well and are a popular choice, particularly as baths take a back seat when it comes to homeowners prioritising their space. If you choose to omit a bathtub from your bathroom decor altogether that doesn't mean you have to miss out on luxury bathing. There are a wide variety of steam and sauna on offer nowadays for your total indulging pleasure. 

Sliding doors are another fabulous feature of many of today's shower enclosures and these are an excellent way to make the most of the available space in the room. Rather than having to leave room for the door to swing, you can simply install an enclosure with a sliding option that will bring you not only space saving benefits but will also add a little touch of luxury and chic appeal. Of course, shower doors also have the added benefit of preventing water spillage so long as you select a quality enclosure that offers a water-tight seal.

Glass shower panels and doors are the most popular choice for contemporary bathroom enclosures and there is little wonder why given that clear glass brings a sense of spaciousness to the room. Toughened safety glass is an important element so be sure to choose a quality enclosure with thick glass for total peace of mind. For that extra touch of luxury choose enclosures that offer beautifully crafted hinges and handles to complete the perfect showering experience for you and your guests.  

Electric & Power Models

Electric showers do not need to be connected to an existing supply of hot water; an internal heating element will supply the water as is required. Not only will this mechanism substantially lower energy costs, but the user will have much more control over the temperature.

Power showers are able to increase the flow rate of the water substantially. Therefore, a wonderful massage effect can be enjoyed. This strong torrent of water can also be controlled to exacting requirements. Some are even combined with the aforementioned electrical control systems. For those who are searching for a physically stimulating experience, the power shower is not to be missed. But, you need to ensure the doors of a quadrant needs to be tightly fixed to their frame and should contain a gasket to prevent any excess water from escaping.

Shower Accessories

Although the modern shower is anything but typical, we should also note that the levels of comfort and convenience can be enhanced with a number of functional accessories. For example, adding a tray within the enclosure provides an excellent platform to easily store soap, shampoo and other cleaning accessories such as a razor and shaving cream. Wall-mounted hooks and tile attachments will offer similar advantages.

However, many users are just as keen on purchasing a shower head that will suit their individual needs. As may be expected, there are countless variants available. Some will provide the gentle feel of cascading rain, while others can produce pulses of water to relax the muscles. Many are adjustable while they are in use and from low-flow models which conserve water to high pressure fixtures, the possibilities are nearly limitless. It naturally goes without saying that the design of these fixtures should always seek to match the existing decor of the enclosure and room.

Your Modern Style Guide

We should recall that in many cases, enclosures are the focal point of any bathroom. In other words, they will serve to "tie" the other areas together. This is the main reason why choosing the correct type is so very important. So, let us take a look at some factors to keep in mind and then examine each in more detail. Some concerns will be:

  • The amount of space and height that is available.
  • The fixtures to select.
  • The outward appearance.
  • Price range

It is first important to keep in mind the dimensions of modern cubicles. While you want to enjoy adequate space, you should also recall that the unit should never dominate the room entirely. As a general rule, many contractors observe that the enclosure should take up no more than a quarter of the total footprint of the bathroom. For smaller spaces, those which can be inserted into a corner are often the ideal options.

Fixtures are available in finishes such as brushed brass, copper, polished chrome and stainless steel (amongst others). These should match the existing fixtures within the room. Once again, this can help to "punctuate" the overall appearance and provide your space with a sense of personality. Styles from Victorian to contemporary can be selected and tones are able to match virtually any decor of the bathroom.

The "feel" of the enclosure should likewise be addressed. What are the main colours of the room? Does it exhibit a modern appeal or are you searching for a style which reflects a classical flavour? Some enclosures will offer rounded edges and a smooth facade while others boast angular features. As before, these aspects must be noted, for they should match the other fixtures nearby. Thankfully, we provide a large selection of  doors, cubicles and other accessories to achieve such a seamless integration.

Finally, price is also a critical factor.  From a luxury to a more basic model, there are countless designs which are meant to address even the most limited of budgets. Knowing any up-front costs is a good way to avoid a potential headache further down the line.

These are some of the basic facts and considerations when selecting the most appropriate shower for your home. Offering unprecedented comfort, highly accurate temperature control, a host of styles and one-of-a-kind fixtures, finding the right product of your dreams has never been easier. Of course, you may still have additional questions or feel that speaking to a professional is the best option. In either case, we are quite happy to help. Please contact us for further questions or to appreciate the massive selection that we provide to a growing number of customers throughout the United Kingdom.