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Hands-Free Technology for Your Bathroom

Published on: 30/07/2020
Last Updated: 30/07/2020
Hands-Free Technology for Your Bathroom

Hands-free technology refers to electronic parts or accessories that do not require any physical touch to make them work. There are many types of hands-free technology that can be used for the bathroom, activated through either sound or motion, that can create a more eco-friendly and efficient environment.

This technology also brings about a certain kind of ease and simplicity. Imagine being able to control various things in your bathroom with the simple wave of your hand. However, hands-free technology is as much a time saver.

Bathroom items such as the toilet flush handle, faucet and light switches are used multiple times a day by multiple people. These are the types of surfaces that should ideally be cleaned every day to keep their germ count down. However, with hands-free technology, there is much less frequent touching of these objects, which will result in fewer germs being spread and less time needed to spend wiping down the surfaces.

Let’s take a look at the top five types of hands-free technology available to purchase for your bathroom.

Hands-Free Toilet Seat

Hands-Free Toilet

The toilet seat is known to be covered in germs. It is usually where the germs start, and they can easily spread to other areas of the room. These germs can spread when you flush the toilet while the lid is up due to what’s known as an aerosol effect, so it’s important that toilet seats are always put down before flushing. The aerosol effect means that bacteria from the toilet bowl spray outwards during the flushing of the toilet and can land on spaces in the bathroom that are damp, such as a toothbrush holder or soap dish. Areas like these are a haven for bacteria to grow and thrive.

If you tend to forget to close the toilet seat lid before you flush, or just don’t feel like it, a hands-free toilet seat lid option can ensure that it does close, keeping bathroom germs at bay.

These automatic toilet seats use motion to detect when the toilet lid needs to open and close. When you walk toward the toilet to use it, the movement of your body will cause the lid to open, and when you stand back up to flush, your body’s movement will make it close. No more forgetting to close the toilet lid before flushing.

Additional hands-free toilet seat technology includes a motion-detected flushing option, so you don’t need to touch the toilet handle either, as well as an automatic self-cleaning option that is triggered after each flush.

Hands-Free Sink Faucet

Hands-Free Sink

The faucet is one of the most touched spots in the bathroom. When you avoid touching that bathroom accessory as much as possible, you not only cut down on the spread of bacteria, but you also decrease product wear-and-tear that can occur from various people touching the faucet over and over again. This means the faucet will likely last longer, and there will not be a need to replace the piece too soon.

Thanks to hands-free technology, taps can use motion sensors to turn on and off. All you need to do is wave your hand underneath the faucet or wherever the motion sensor is located to trigger its response. This hands-free feature is also good for the environment, as it only allows a fixed amount of water to be poured out each time. When that specific amount has been reached, the faucet will automatically shut off. If you are someone who tends to leave the faucet running while brushing your teeth or washing your face, this can positively influence your water conservation.

QS Supplies has a variety of hands-free sink faucets available. Here are our best sellers:

Hands-Free Soap Dispensers

Hands-Free Soap Dispensers

You are probably used to seeing hands-free soap dispensers used commercially in public bathrooms, but did you ever think of installing one in your home? A hands-free soap dispenser, triggered by the motion of your hands underneath the spout where the soap comes out, is a cleaner and more efficient alternative to soap bars and traditional soap dispensers that require you to pump by hand.

Soap bars can become quite messy if the bar doesn’t dry thoroughly, leaving an unappealing puddle in your soap dish. Traditional soap dispensers can also get messy, due to soap running down the sides and dripping onto the countertops. Using a hands-free soap dispenser is an easy way to prevent this from happening and also keeps your bathroom counter from looking dishevelled or unkempt.

Like hands-free faucets, automatic soap dispensers also only emit a certain amount of soap at a time. This prevents people from using more soap than is necessary when they wash their hands, prolonging the life of the soap product and saving you money because you won’t need to repurchase it as often.

Hands-Free Lighting

Hands-Free Lighting

Installing hands-free lighting fixtures into your bathroom is a great way to conserve energy and electricity. Some hands-free lights are activated by the wave of a hand, while others can be triggered by your voice or an app on your phone, which you can use to program the lights to turn on and off at certain times.

This hands-free technology can reduce the number of times someone may forget to turn off the light before leaving the bathroom. Not only is this ideal for the environment, as you are reducing your carbon footprint, but also switching to more energy-efficient lighting can lower your electric bill, as well.

Are you interested in sensor-activated lighting? Consider our HiB Edge 120 Triple Door LED Illuminated Cabinet, with lighting on both the top and bottom, priced at £572.76.

Hands-Free Cabinets

Hands-Free Cabinets

If you are going through the motions to make all of your bathroom appliances hands-free, you might as well give your cabinets this feature too. These almost completely hands-free cabinet doors and drawers are a new and rising trend.

Simply tap on the door or drawer with your finger, or nudge it with your knee, elbow, or hip, and they will automatically open or close. This kind of technology is useful if your hands are full, and you need to open up the cabinet to place the items you are holding. It’s also another way to decrease the number of germs being spread in your bathroom since there are no handles on the cabinets for people to touch. These mechanical latch devices that allow the doors and drawers to open and close without pulling a handle are becoming more widely available, allowing you to truly make your entire bathroom a hands-free zone.

Hands-Free Is the Way to Be

Hands-Free Is the Way to Be

If you are looking to add more cost-effective, energy-efficient, time-saving and cleaner technology to your bathroom, hands-free products are the ideal way to go. However, before installing this hands-free technology, you want to make sure you are equipped with the essential bathroom appliances needed. For example, you will need a sink into which you can install a motion-sensor faucet that spouts water on its own, and a toilet into which you can install a motion-sensor toilet seat lid that opens and closes, flushes, and/or cleans on its own. When you shop with QS Supplies, you will find all of the bathroom appliances you need for your new hands-free bathroom.

Kylie Wall

Kylie Wall
Kylie Wall is a home decor expert and writer at QS Supplies, where she combines her passion for design with practical advice to help readers beautify their bathrooms and kitchens. Her concise, trend-focused insights make her a valued resource for homeowners seeking to elevate their living spaces.